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High impact-prospecting v15

  1. 1. THIS IS H-I-P High-Impact-Prospecting is a New York-based firm providing agile, single-vendor and high-outcome B2B demand generation services for technology-centric clients. Community participant …and Socially engaged. Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  2. 2. WHAT DO WE DO? H-I-Ps key differentiators include ownership of our own email service platform, Platform-SVS™, our own virtual call center, a 65+ million-strong B2B contact database, and a tight-knit team of deeply experienced professionals. Our B2B demand generation. Our services include:  Email Marketing & Lead Nurture  1:1 Lead Generation, Prospecting  B2B Social and Media Engagement  Trade Event ROI Enhancing  Content Creation  Branded eNewsletters  B2B Contact Data and Data Services  Marketing Automation Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  3. 3. HIGH-IMPACT-PROSPECTING™“Simply put, the origin of High-Impact-Prospecting™ began in satisfying the unique needs Bret Smith Principal & Senior Consultant of our clients... …clients faced with challenges like:” Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  4. 4. CLIENT CHALLENGES LIKE: Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  5. 5. HIP SAMPLE CLIENTSComplete Customer List Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  6. 6. WHAT CLIENTS SAY - 1 "Bret Smith is a master of both the science and art of business development and solution selling. His proven analytical "by the numbers" prospecting methodology maximizes productivity and results when combined with his innovative and creative messaging approach. Bret has an amazing talent for translating abstract product features into meaningful, laser targeted value propositions that resonate strongly with prospective C-level customers. He shows tireless dedication to delivering results and is continuously looking for new ways to leverage technology to deliver new business.“  Jason Koeferl, Sr. Marketing Manager at CORESense, Inc. "Bret is a stellar lead generation expert. He knows his stuff inside and out. Hes worked with us to spearhead many successful lead gen campaigns. As a startup, we have no margin for error when it comes to sales and marketing. Every dollar and minute we invest must come back with a tangible ROI - that always happens when we invest in Brets work. We consider him to be a very important member of our team, and look forward to partnering with him to grow our business!“  Brett Owens, CEO, Chrometa Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  7. 7. WHAT CLIENTS SAY - 2 "Bret simply takes care of his clients - we have worked with him via two different businesses he runs. His H-I-P program to help organizations to generate leads is second to none! We have acquired new business instantly as a result of his guidance and prospecting services. What sets Bret apart is not just the service but his creativity to come up with solutions to meet specific demands of clients. We literally had instant success as a result of using his guidance and services. If you are a firm looking to extend your marketing reach for prospect generation do yourself a favor and contact Bret."  Tim Hagen, President, Webinar Tracks "I searched for an email marketing expert on Linked-In and thats exactly what i found in Brett and High Impact Prospecting. The project came together quickly and was well executed. Its clear to see why his technique works so well in developing high quality prospects. Im already planning my next project with him. A true professional. Thanks for the great job Brett!“  Chris Moore, Founder & President, Zeroed-In Technologies LLC Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  8. 8. WHAT CLIENTS SAY - 3 “There is no other way to say this. Bret is amazing at what he does and the work that his team accomplishes. Bottom line: he gets results. He is directly responsible for driving highly qualified executive level prospecting meetings. These meetings have turned into millions of dollars in revenue. Bret is extremely valuable and I highly recommend him.”  Doug Shaddle, Senior Director, Predictive Analytic Sales, Pitney Bowes Business Insight “A few years ago, we launched a very complex strategic partner and sales initiative that was dependent on developing leads for engaging our sales teams as well as those of a few key partners. Delivery of solid leads was not an option, it was a must have, or wed loose the credibility of our own sales organization as well as that of our partners. Bret blew me away with his ability to quickly understand our objectives and then use his best practices to deliver some solid appointments that ended up generating real revenue. I considered him "my secret weapon" and would highly recommend him and his skills to any organization that is interested in increasing their ability to generate highly qualified leads to their sales organization.”  Mike Agron, Managing Principal, WebAttract former executive at Apple Computer, Oracle, and DeCarta Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  9. 9. INDUSTRY/VERTICAL EXPERIENCE Computer Software and Applications  Logistics, GPS, Remote Sensing & Computer Hardware and Networking Device Management Online Publishers and Internet-  Energy, Power and Green Initiatives Based Services  Insurance and Healthcare Cloud Computing Platforms  Sales Training and Reinforcement Banking, Securities  Human Capital Management Telecom, Mobile Computing, Business Class Cable Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  10. 10. EMAIL MARKETING & NURTURE - 1 Webinar Audience Recruitment  Drive standard-setting registration counts for your webinar by having H-I-P recruit a demographically-matched target group via email and via hundreds of LinkedIn discussion groups. We can source virtually any type of B2B audience from our contact database containing over 65 million records and then deliver your invitations on our proprietary email service platform. We provide all list management and assurance of CAN-Spam compliance. We can also assist with message development, graphic design, browser/email client compatibility testing, spam scoring/adjustment, and more. Guaranteed 18% of your webinar registrants become qualified sales calls within 2-3 weeks following your event - CONTACT US for more information. Whitepaper/Ebook Downloads  Generating thought leadership through case studies, whitepapers and ebooks, but want more of the right “eyeballs” on your content? H-I-P can drive significant numbers of downloads for you by leveraging your creative to recruit a highly targeted audience to your landing page. We can build virtually any B2B target group from our contact database containing over 65 million records and then deliver your messaging on our proprietary email service platform. Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  11. 11. EMAIL MARKETING & NURTURE - 2 eNewsletter/Analyst Report/Research Result Broadcasts  Need to regularly and reliably deliver eNewsletters to your subscriber base? H-I-P can cost- effectively manage your ebroadcasts, whatever the volume, on our proprietary email service platform. We take all the pain away, handling not only your email delivery but also providing additional services including message development, graphic design, browser / email client compatibility testing, spam scoring / adjustment, and more. Want to enhance your subscription counts? Have us recruit a net new audience from our B2B contact database of over 65 million-count. Web-Based Surveys, Online Tools, Demo Offers and Free Trial Requests  Want to drive a targeted B2B audience to a hosted form so they can request a demo or a trial of your solution or service? H-I-P’s single vendor solution, combining targeted data with our proprietary email service platform, is highly effective for this purpose. To “cut through the clutter” in your recipients’ inboxes, we add in bleeding-edge personalization of your creative to ensure maximum engagement, from Personalized URLs to Variable Image Personalization. Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  12. 12. EMAIL MARKETING & NURTURE - 3Our new URLTracker™ - TRIPLE your total outcomes from allemail marketing effortsFor any campaign we conduct for you, using our highly accurate B2B contact data of over 65million and proprietary email service platform, we can tell you EVERYONE that visits yourregistration page, regardless of whether or not they complete your form.And H-I-P holds one out of every 4 B2B email addresses in the U.S. and one out ofevery 5 in the U.K.Now you can have the same deep view into suspects and prospects originating from our "netnew to you" logos as you do for your house list using your own marketing automation tool,including email addresses and all related contact data.We know that, on average, only 1/3 of those who visit a typical registration page actuallycomplete the hosted form. The other 2/3 of the visitors are little more than IP addresses orreferring URLs. Think of the endless possibilities for re-marketing, cross-marketing, enhancingyour own house list and intra-campaign efforts to drive those visitors back to your offersregistration page, if you had their contact data!Contact us today for more information about this singular and highly valuable new offer Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  13. 13. 1:1 LEAD GENERATION Using Email/Voice Prospecting  There’s no more effective means of 1:1 lead generation that converging email marketing with voice prospecting. Email provides a cost-efficient education channel for communication which enables recipients to self-select and “Voice Prospecting” then leverages the data you collect and employs the natural, human voice to extend the dialogue you’ve begun. It is NOT telemarketing and it doesn’t involve sales “tricks” and scripts. It is the logical extension of your efforts to engage prospects and create warm conversations for your sales people, and leads to stickier, longer-term business relationships with the prospects, without the possible loss of continued access caused by a salesperson who doesn’t make a timely and informed follow up. We can help you justify ROI for both your current efforts and our addition to them and ensure you get that budget back again for 2012. Increase the outcomes of your marketing efforts, dollar for dollar, by up to 60% by adding “voice prospecting”. Using Email Prospecting  H-I-P leverages a time-tested email prospecting methodology to secure qualified 1:1 interest for its clients. We employ "peer to peer" techniques which engage key executives inside target organizations of specific industries, is driven by role-based segmentation within your target group and is expressed compellingly through highly-informed appeals that connect with them in their “language”. Combined with our single vendor approach that includes a living, breathing contact database of 65+ million B2B contacts and delivery of all emails on our proprietary email service platform, it’s hard for our prospective clients not to pilot this exclusive service from H-I-P! Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  14. 14. B2B SOCIAL & MEDIA ENGAGEMENT Drive Genuine Demand from LinkedIn, Facebook, PRWeb, other B2B Social Media  High Impact-Prospecting has long experience in leveraging LinkedIn, Facebook, PRWeb and other B2B social networks for its clients’ benefit. Collectively, our social media experts are connected to over 29,000 1st degree contacts on LinkedIn with some 6,000,000 connections in our aggregate network. To be effective, activity needs to be content-driven, regularly recurring, consistent in messaging, and received as genuine. We know B2B social media engagement can add 20% or more to your registrant volume for whitepapers, webinars and newsletters. Our capabilities in B2B social engagement include, but are not limited to, the use of:  1,000+ LinkedIn Discussion Groups  Interactive, search-optimized press release with "Quotable" section distributed to all major search engines, all major online news sites like Yahoo! News and Topix, premium online publishers like Entrepreneur.com and Media Digests, more than 250,000 press release subscribers and 30,000 journalists, “Share This” enabling readers to send your news to others through blogs, PRWeb, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and more  Automated message broadcast to Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo, Technorati, Digg, AIM and dozens of other social media sites  Tweets in any volume or frequency on Twitter  Your message content converted to PDF and posted in Box.net, Slideshare, Google Presentation and elsewhere.  LinkedIn Surveys and Polls, “Answers”, “Events” and Network Updates Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  15. 15. TRADE EVENT ENRICHMENT Fill Your Seats at Road Shows, Summits and User Group Meetings  H-I-P leverages a time-tested email prospecting methodology to secure net new or existing customer commitments/RSVPs for its clients’ physical events. We engage key contacts inside target organizations and, combined with our single vendor approach including a living, breathing contact database of 65+ million B2B contacts and delivery of all emails on our proprietary email service platform, we deliver solid and consistent results. Prescheduled Booth Meetings @ Your Trade Show or Conference  Why rely only on passive booth traffic when H-I-P can schedule qualified meetings to take place right at your exhibit? Organizations from Pitney Bowes to SPE to Intalytics and others have found this to be an excellent means of enhancing the ROI on their events while more deeply engaging their sales reps before, during and afterward in the outcomes. Convert Booth Traffic into Meetings  By converging email marketing with voice prospecting, we enrich and develop the contacts you capture at your exhibit booth into sales engagements. We can help you justify ROI for your current efforts and help ensure you get that budget back again for next year. Increase the outcomes of your marketing efforts, dollar for dollar, by up to 60%, by adding “voice prospecting”. Recruit Exhibitors  Imagine what H-I-P can do to secure new exhibitors for your own trade event by recruiting the right prospects from its 65+ million B2B contact database? Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  16. 16. CONTENT AND CREATIVE SERVICES - 1 Content for Your Whitepapers and Case Studies  Want to generate thought leadership content through case studies, whitepapers and ebooks? H-I-P and its partner, Rock The Deadline, a network of expert content producers, can create vertical-specific and compelling marketing content efficiently, reliably and affordably. H-I-P can also drive significant numbers of downloads for you by leveraging your creative to recruit a highly targeted audience to your landing page. We can build virtually any B2B target group from our contact database containing over 65 million records and then deliver your messaging on our proprietary email service platform, Platform-SVS™. Content for your eNewsletter  Need to regularly and reliably create and deliver eNewsletters to your industry group, prospects or subscriber base? H-I-P can take all the pain away, handling not only your email delivery but also article development, graphic design, browser / email client compatibility testing of your template, spam scoring / adjustment, and more. Want to enhance your subscription counts? Have us recruit a net new audience from our B2B contact database of over 65 million-count. Content for your B2B social Media Assets  To be effective, social media marketing communication needs to be content-driven, regularly recurring, consistent in messaging, and genuine in its engagement of like-minded individuals. High-Impact- Prospecting has long experience in leveraging LinkedIn, PRWeb and other B2B social networks, both for its own benefit as well as for its clients. Collectively, High-Impact-Prospectings social media experts are connected directly to over 20,000 contacts on LinkedIn, with more than 4,000,000 connections in our aggregate network. Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  17. 17. CONTENT AND CREATIVE SERVICES - 2 Graphic Design and Testing  We provide full service HTML graphic design for your webinar invitations and registration pages, newsletters and email marketing. H-I-P’s Graphic Design and Testing service includes browser/email client compatibility testing, spam scoring/adjustment, and more. Custom PowerPoint Templates, Slide Creation and Slide Makeovers  Templates brand your business presentation. They are essentially PowerPoint stationery and are the foundation of every slide in your PowerPoint presentation. We can design slides for a new PowerPoint or make over an existing PowerPoint. Hosted Forms and Landing Pages  Have great content like a whitepaper or ebook that you want H-I-P to promote, but don’t have your own soft landing page? We can build and host a form for you which completely automated the process for you … not only capturing the contact data you desire, but delivering the related collateral and reporting that information to you in real-time. Contact us for more. Personal URLs and Variable Image Personalization for Emails  Creativity, interaction and personalization are key components of successful email-based webinar recruitment campaigns. Our optional multi-channel applications include a personalized landing page for each respondent as well as Variable Image Personalization for each individual email. Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  18. 18. BRANDED INTERACTIVE ENEWSLETTERS- 1Transform Your B2B Marketing with Deep Customer Engagement viaBranded "Interactive Marketing" eNewslettersWith H-I-Ps Branded "Interactive Marketing" eNewsletters, you can drive 24% more revenuethan other emarketing endeavors while also cutting the cost of traditional market research by50% and realizing significant savings in annual marketing costs.Our Newsletters have two elements in common, with prepopulated content: 4-6 thought leadership whitepapers from brands such as yours, SAP, IBM, SuccessFactors, SugarCRM, ReturnPath, Hubspot, Zurich, Paychex, Gartner and Aberdeen Group and 4-5 "offers" which can be trial magazine subscriptions, complimentary demos, price guides, branded research and more. Both elements afford you the opportunity to capture form completions and create Marketing Qualified Leads within a highly cost-effective, easily repeatable process. Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  19. 19. BRANDED INTERACTIVE ENEWSLETTERS- 2We presently offer 3 high-circulation Branded "Interactive Marketing" Newsletters:CFO Best Practices Community (weekly audited circulation: 184,785)Human Capital Management Experts ((weekly audited circulation: 89,962)Operations Management Thought Leadership ((weekly audited circulation: 91,060) Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  20. 20. B2B CONTACT DATA - 1 Target Group Provisioning  High-Impact-Prospecting possesses 1 of every 4 B2B email addresses in the U.S. and 1 of every 5 in the U.K. Our proprietary list provisioning process converges our 65+ million count B2B database with other credible contact data sources and with social media for the most accurate and cost-efficient method in use for list builds today. We feature:  Only professional BTB email addresses: no AOL, Hotmail, Gmail domains.  Deep segmentation capabilities  Pricing often at 20-50% of most of our competitors.  90% Deliverability guarantee.  Data sample prior to purchase.  Unrestricted, unlimited license – you own the data!  Coverage for U.S., Canada, U.K., Latin and South America, Australia, India and other geographies. Custom List Acquisition/Build  H-I-P recognizes that not all desired contacts may reside within our database. We offer custom target group development for those clients who have the most specific and discriminating business needs. Contact us for more details. Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  21. 21. B2B CONTACT DATA - 2 CRM Data Enhancement  For data appends and CRM refreshes, High-Impact-Prospecting uses a proprietary process which sources diverse and reputable contact data and then converges it with business-to-business social media. The result is the most accurate and cost-efficient output in use for list builds today. Pricing for our standard data append/enrichments service, entitled List-Enrich™, is based on the total count of the contacts to be enhanced, the desired time frame for delivery, and the quality and format of the client data provided to us. Our output provides the most current information for each identifiable contact, striving for 80% match or better. It can be delivered in comma-delimited text, Microsoft XLS, CSV or in an Access database. It can also be formatted in terms of data dictionary, columns, rows and cells for easy import to most major CRM and marketing automation solutions, including Salesforce.com, Pardot, Eloqua and others. Segmentation and Targeting  Want to “size your market”? As a precursor to your next marketing campaign, whether H-I-P delivers it for you or not, we can determine the total count of companies and desired contacts which you could source by targeting and segmenting against your demographic profile within our B2B contact database of over 50+million records. Reporting includes counts by SIC, NAICS and/OR NACE classifications as well as their accompanying textual descriptions, geography, department, keyword title and more. Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  22. 22. MARKETING AUTOMATION SERVICES - 1 Operating/Managing Your Marketing Automation Tool  We can fill your marketing automation tool with logic and business rules and then assure it runs smoothly and effectively nurtures new and existing leads. H-I-P enables automated lead nurturing using drip marketing programs, deploys autoresponder emails as completion actions for your forms, includes dynamic content into your emails to add a personal touch, provides you the flexibility of scheduling your emails, and automates CAN-SPAM compliance for messaging sent from your MAT.  We support 5 of the top 10 Marketing Automation apps: Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  23. 23. MARKETING AUTOMATION SERVICES - 2 Content Creation for Your Marketing Automation Tool  The first true step in building out a lead nurture program in a marketing automation solution is to create the content which will drive the ongoing “conversation” with the prospect. High-Impact- Prospecting prides itself on what we call our “peer to peer prospecting” skills and our communications, whether written or spoken, are driven by role-based segmentation and targeted towards prospects’ areas of responsibility. We author impactful and relevant messaging intended to communicate effectively to the right contacts for you, “in their language”. The process begins by collaborating with you on creation of messaging and content, and then we synthesize, distill and express your offerings in conversational style, though in industry vernacular designed to "cut through the clutter". All of this will be driven by your business rules and from within your own marketing automation solution. Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  24. 24. KEY PLAYERSSteven A.C. Kirschner Chuck Messina Julia Wagner Dan O’Neill Marcia Morrissey Emily Wright Senior Managing Managing Director, Managing Director, Director, Platform Accounting, People Director of Director Prospect Engagement Client Support Operations and ISP Resources and Vendor Creative Services Relations Relations Director and Marketing Cate Miller John Martino Alicia Ramirez Sophie Benoit Bob Christiansen Georgina Harvey Shared Services Voice Prospecting Data Support Client Support Client Support Client Support Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager - Enterprise Manager - Europe Americas Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
  25. 25. CONTACT USHigh-Impact-Prospecting, LLC High-Impact-Prospecting, Ltd90 State Street, Suite 700 2 Lansdowne RoadAlbany, NY 12207 Croydon CR9 2ERUnited States-Canada United Kingdom-Benelux MAIN 1.518.591.4665 Bret Smith sales@high-impact-prospecting.com Principal & Senior Consultant Copyright © 1996-2012 High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC
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