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Zero Point Feild Energy

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http://www.zeropointdream.com This is a home based business that actually does 90% of the work for you using a simple easy step by step process.

http://www.zeropointdream.com This is a home based business that actually does 90% of the work for you using a simple easy step by step process.

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  • 1.  
  • 2.
    • Formed by a Business Consortium in 2004.
    • Launched in February, 2006
    • Combining Over 30 Years Experience in Business, Finance, Manufacturing and Personal Development
    The Company
  • 3. A Professional Management Team, Supported by Dedicated Executives AMEGA GLOBAL LLC Management Arun Kemer Group CEO Rick Fleshman Vice President, US Operations & Marketing Calvenn Starre Vice President, US Business Development Eric Banks Chairman
  • 4. AMEGA WORLDWIDE INC A Wellness Technology Company operating in 128 Countries, and supported by 17 worldwide offices
  • 5. We manufacture & distribute wellness products using cutting edge technologies. Our Products
  • 6. AMized TM Fusion Technology
    • Aids in clearing distortions in our Bio-Energy Field resulting in Homeostasis
    • Energized with Zeropoint Energy to support Bio-Energy Field
    • Aids in clearing distortions in Bio-Energy Field to improve physical condition
    • Aids in reducing physical, mental and emotional stress
  • 7.
    • Helps to protect the body from E-smog Radiation and EMF’s
    • Increases metabolism and boosts energy levels
    • Helps to detoxify your body
    • Contributes to reducing physical stress and pain
    Bio-Energetic ION Technology A Combination of Ancient Magnetic Therapy and the latest Far-Infrared Technology
  • 8. 3 Major Worldwide Trends Internet/E-commerce Wellness Industry Network Marketing
  • 9. The Wellness Industry is a Trillion Dollar Industry! Network Marketing: “ The World of Direct Selling & Network Marketing helps promote each and every day, that if you work hard and play by the rules, take responsibility for yourself and your family, then you should have all the opportunity that you need for a better future. Network Marketers strengthen our country and our economy, not just by striving for their own success, but by offering opportunity to others . -President Bill Clinton Leveraging On the 3 Biggest Trends Health & Wellness & Internet / E-commerce: “ Ten million new millionaires will be created between 2006 – 2016 and you can become one of them – especially if you are in direct selling, technology, home-based business, product distribution, or an emerging trillion-dollar industry like wellness. ” -Paul Zane Pilzer, World-Renowned Economist
  • 10. • Achieve Financial Freedom • Own Your Own Wellness Business • Earn Residual Income • Create Your Ideal Lifestyle Amega Provides You a Global Opportunity To: Simply by helping others to achieve Wealth & Wellness!
  • 11. www.eamega.com/ Your BA Name Cyber Office E-commerce System
  • 12. • A Proven and Generous Compensation Plan • Reserve Positions For Maximum Earning Potential • Personalized Website with Marketing Tools • Integrated Online Management System • Worldwide distribution and Network System 5 Powerful Features of the Amega System:
  • 13.
    • Retail Profit
    • 2. Preferred Customer Program
    • 3. Fast Start Bonus
    • 4. Team Binary Commissions
    • 5. Team Generation Bonus
    • 6. Mega Matching Bonus
    • 7. Leadership Bonus Pools
    • 8. Builders Bonus Pool
    Amega Global Compensation Plan
  • 14.
    • Purchase Wholesale - Sell Retail
    • Up to 10% Retail Profit
    • Additional 10% Commission in Team Generation Commission
    Retail Profit
  • 15. • PC’s Purchase at BA Wholesale Cost • Monthly Auto-ship • You Receive a 10% Commission! • Earn 10% On All Initial Product Purchases When You Enroll New BA’s! • You Receive a 10% Commission on your PC’s in the Team Generation Bonus Preferred Customers: 10% Fast Start Bonus: 10%
  • 16. *Must be Active and Qualified Active: 60 PV Monthly Qualified: 1 Personally Sponsored BA Right and 1 Personally Sponsored BA Left Minimum Payout is $20, or 200 BV on lesser leg; or the payout will carry forward to the next day. Team Binary Commissions Personally Enrolled Associate Business Associate
  • 17. Team Binary Commissions *USD PLATINUM Business Associate $8,400* Weekly | $36,000* Monthly MAXIMUM $1200 US Per Day / Center MAXIMUM $400 US Per Day / Center TITANIUM Business Associate $2,800* Weekly | $11,200* Monthly SILVER Business Associate $2,100* Weekly | $8,400* Monthly MAXIMUM $300 US Per Day / Center
  • 18. With Dynamic Compression Team Generation Bonus
  • 19. 350 BV YOUR BA 190 BV 250 BV 250 BV 7 Generations based on Line of Sponsorship with Dynamic Compression Team Generation Bonus 1 st Generation 2 nd Generation Personally Enrolled Associate Business Associate Retail Customer C C C C C
  • 20. Mega Matching Bonus
    • Based on Line of Sponsorship
    • Matching on BOTH Team Binary Commission and Team Generation Bonuses
    • Paid on Level of Current Qualification
  • 21. Mega Matching Bonus YOU C introduced by A A & B introduced by YOU • Receive a Check Match of all Business Associates in Your Line of Sponsorship up to 7 Generations! • Check Match is Calculated on BOTH Team Binary Commission & Team Generation Commission Left Right A C D EXAMPLE : A & B Earn - $5,000 C Earns - $2,000 Your Bonus from A & B - $500 Your Bonus from C - $100 B D introduced by C Up to 7 Generations
  • 22.
    • Special incentives for all Levels of Leadership
    • Travel, Car and Home Vouchers
    • Cash Bonus Pools!
    Become a Leader Today with Amega! Leadership Bonus Pools *Reward Vouchers, Travel Vouchers, Car Vouchers and Ideal Home Vouchers are paid during the first month that you qualify for the incentive only. They are one time bonuses.
  • 23. Builders Bonus Pool • Exclusively for New, Aggressive Business Builders • Receive 1 Share for every $1000 increase in your lesser leg, over and above your lesser leg in the month prior. • Only available to Active & Qualified Business Associates and Diamonds • 1% of the Total Country Pool Commission Designed for New, Aggressive Business Builders
  • 24. This is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!
    • • Immediate Results Almost Every Time!
    • Cutting Edge Technology with Contemporary Products
    • Lucrative and Seamless Compensation Plan
    • A Global Opportunity
    • Easy, Fun and Effective Marketing Strategies
    • Robust Support System
    Build Your Business by Sharing
  • 25. How to Start … Upgrade to Any Enrollment Option Within 21 Days
  • 26. Amega Global… Where Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Incomes and Live Extraordinary Lives!
  • 27. Is this You?
    • • Ambitious and Aspiring
    • Prefer Bonuses & Commissions to Wages
    • Committed, even if it’s only Part Time
    • Willing to Learn and Grow
    • Confident in Yourself
    • Genuine Desire to Help Others
    Then Amega is For You!
  • 28. With Amega, You May...
    • • Reach a Balanced State of Health
    • Enjoy a Prosperous Lifestyle
    • Create a Residual Income
    • Help Relieve Suffering in Others
    • Thrive in a Positive and Supportive Environment
    • Achieve your Dreams by HELPING OTHERS achieve theirs!
  • 29. Join the Self-Care e volution Live the e nergized life … And begin to build your dreams!