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  • <br />
  • Renters Warehouse currently manages over 115 million dollars worth of rental property and growing monthly. <br /> <br /> Renters Warehouse also places over 1000+ tenants every year for the past 3 years. <br />
  • (INSERT GLENN BECK PHOTO) <br /> <br /> Radio show is behind Rush Limbaugh #1, and Sean Hannity #2. <br /> <br /> T <br /> <br />
  • Whether you have a condo or town-home, single family or multi family and even apartment complexes, Renters Warehouse can handle them all. COMMERCIAL PROPERTY? We can help there too, discuss PINK BLUE with client. <br /> <br /> <br />
  • Non-Exclusive allows you to continue to market property on your own and even list the property for sale/lease with another firm. <br /> <br /> Most cities do require a rental license, over 70%. However St. Paul, Edina to name a few dont. <br />
  • Not only are we on over 227 websites, but typically when on those websites, we are the first to come up as we are most commonly each advertising firms largest customer in Minnesota. We call this a premium exposure. <br /> <br /> According to one advertising we get over 1.4 million views a month, this translates into 1000&#x2019;s of calls and emails. Thus why we are able to rent properties faster and for more money than almost anyone in Minnesota. <br /> <br /> GOAL: Example if we were seeking $1000/mo and didn&apos;t get it, we could have taken $915 the whole time and came out the same, rather than 1 month vacant, utility cost, break in prevention, etc. Price is crucial on the internet with price searching tools, many can determine their own rental analysis quickly making renters more educated than ever on price. <br />
  • Only exclusion is if they leave because you as a landlord or property owner are in default and not the renters. <br />
  • Reviewed by former Atty General Mike Hatch, and constantly being updated to stay on top of local trends and clauses. <br />
  • This fee is non-refundable and unable to be pro-rated. On the Lease Option or Rent to own, we will successfully bring you to closing for 1% real estate commission. <br />
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Renters warehouse Services Slide show Renters warehouse Services Slide show Presentation Transcript

  • PRESENTATION Why Choose Renters Warehouse?
  • Renters Warehouse www.RentersWarehouse.com Minnesota’s largest residential property manager. (more properties under management) Minnesota’s largest residential tenant placement co. (fill more vacancies than any one company)
  • Renters Warehouse www.RentersWarehouse.com Officially endorsed by Glenn Beck. 3rd most listened to radio host in America. 2nd most watched television show in America. (behind Oprah) Voted top 10 most interesting people in America 2009 by Barbara Walters. NOTE: Renters Warehouse does not always agree nor share the same interests as Glenn Beck, however value Mr. Beck as a credible special interest spokesperson.
  • Renters Warehouse www.RentersWarehouse.com SERVICES: Tenant Placement: This service assists all type of property owners in successfully filling vacancies. (cont’d on next few pages) Full Service Property Management: A monthly service in which Renters Warehouse is the designated landlord.
  • Renters Warehouse www.RentersWarehouse.com TENANT PLACEMENT No fees upfront. (Only if and when Renters Warehouse prepares all we find a tenant approved by you the leases, crime free addendum's, owner a commission is earned) and other lease related documents. Cancel anytime & No cancellation fees whatsoever. Renters Warehouse warranties all tenants for 6 months, with Non-Exclusive representation. no fine print of exclusions! Renters Warehouse pays for all Renters Warehouse aides advertising & marketing property owners becoming expenses. (no monthly compliant with local cities advertising dues ever) regarding the rental license process. Renters Warehouse handles all phone calls, all showings.
  • Renters Warehouse www.RentersWarehouse.com MARKETING & ADVERTISING All at the expense of Renters Warehouse. Online advertising on over 227+ websites. (largest exposure in Minnesota) Its been calculated that Renters Warehouse properties are seen over 2 Million times a month. GOAL: Rent your property in the shortest amount of time for the most money possible. *REMEMBER: 1 month vacant and you could have very well have accepted substantially less.
  • Renters Warehouse www.RentersWarehouse.com Tenant Warranty Good for 6 months (180 days) from the date they move in. No fine print or exclusion. In the event a tenant is in default or subject to eviction, Renters Warehouse will aide in the removal of said tenant and help you find a new tenant at no additional cost. PROMISE: “Renters Warehouse is so confident we place better tenants than any other firm, we guarantee them for 6 months!” -CEO Brenton Hayden
  • Renters Warehouse www.RentersWarehouse.com STRENGTH OF RENTERS WAREHOUSE LEASE Renters Warehouse lease is designed to protect you the landlord. Nearly 17 pages long. Late fee clause increases rent by 5% after 1 late payment. Partial payment clause, crime free addendum, lead based paint addendum, maintenance responsibilities, and so much more...
  • Renters Warehouse www.RentersWarehouse.com TENANT PLACEMENT FEES: In the event Renters Warehouse finds a well qualified tenant approved by you, the following commission is considered earned; Note: This commission is deducted from 1st month rent and deposit collected from tenant at the time of lease signing. 0-17 month lease: 1 months rent 18-35 month lease: 1.5 months rent 36+ month lease: 1.75 months rent Lease Option & Rent to Own: 2 months rent.
  • Renters Warehouse www.RentersWarehouse.com FULL SERVICE MONTHLY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Aide in obtaining rental property license. (Renters Warehouse will also be present for all inspections by inspectors) Collection of monthly rent. Coordination of maintenance requests Enforce all lease provisions Provide monthly & year end statements. Random and Routine inspections of premises. Handle all Certificates of Rent Paid (CRP’s) on your behalf.
  • Renters Warehouse www.RentersWarehouse.com Rent Collection Many ways to pay, less excuses... General mailing of rent to our office Rent Drop box for after hours payment Cash acceptance at our office with receipt. ACH- auto withdrawal from pre-designated bank account. Via our website online, accepts both checks and credit cards. Via Credit Card, we accept VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover.
  • Renters Warehouse www.RentersWarehouse.com COORDINATE OF MAINTENANCE REQUESTS Available 24/7 - late nights, holidays, and weekends...even make requests online via our website... No markup of maintenance whatsoever! State, County, City compliant contractors. Licensed, Insured, Bonded and or Accredited. Discounted Vendors, few listed below, savings passed right along to you. 55% off at Coit Carpet Cleaning 10-15% off at Best Buy 20% off at Rainbow Pest Experts 15% off at Deans Plumbing and Roto Rooter.
  • Renters Warehouse www.RentersWarehouse.com Monthly, Yearly & CRP Statements Monthly Statement provided with every rent disbursement. Year end profit and loss as well as 100’s of other financial reports available to you. CRP’s will be processed and mailed on your behalf to the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Cash based accounting
  • Renters Warehouse www.RentersWarehouse.com FULL SERVICE MANAGEMENT FEES Fees are charged monthly from the collected rents. The following is a break down of our flat management fees; Single family, condo, town-house: $79/month Duplex: $69/unit/per month Triplex: $67/unit/per month 4-7 units: $65/unit/per month 8-12 units: $59/unit/per month 12+ unit : Varies, as low as $37.95/unit/per month.