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Published in: Education, Technology, Sports
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  • 1. The Finer Points of an Effective Presentation
  • 2. Having spent the last 10 years as a U.S. History teacher, I used to dread student presentations because despite my directives to say more than what was placed on a PowerPoint slide, students would list a plethora of information, much of it unnecesary and irrelevant, leaving me frustrated, and feeling that PowerPoint has destroyed the skill of being able to effectively communicate one's topic, essentially doing exactly what I am doing right now. So....
  • 3. this
  • 4. is far more effective in commuicating this point rather than a barrage of words on the page that I can say rather than have the audience read, and thus, bore my audience. Also, by having the audience read such lengthy text, they are no longer listening to what I am saying, essentially negating the relevance of standing in front of an audience and communicating an important message. So, again, what better communicates the above point? ...
  • 5. Perhaps this
  • 6. Point One Say more than you have written. The visual expresses your point and allows you to elaborate.
  • 7.
    • colored pencils
    • pen
    • books
    • albatross
    • science jar
  • 8. Point Two Avoid too many visuals on a page , especially in concert with unnecessary text.
  • 9. Have you ever had a student use some annoying font such as the one I am typing with right now. It makes me feel like doing this...
  • 10.  
  • 11. Point Three Avoid font that distracts from your message. Text should be clear and pleasant to the eye
  • 12. This
  • 13. leaves you like this
  • 14. Here is another great way to lose your audience...
  • 15.  
  • 16. Point Four Presentation slide is not a teleprompter. Make eye contact with audience
  • 17. I love Seth Godin's quote... "Communication is the transfer of emotion."
  • 18. I taught his son...
  • 19. nice kid.
  • 20. Smart too.
  • 21. Do not expect your audience to do this
  • 22. when you are doing this
  • 23. Point Five Credit your sources Students need to be taught the nuances of plagarism and copyright violations.
  • 24. Thanks to the following photographers for sharing their work on FlickrStorm: Daniel Y. Go (Creative Commons License) notemily (all rights reserved) tigerebel3 (all rights reserved) filmmakersinc (all rights reserved) minusequalsplus (Creative Commons License) extraverage (all rights reserved) inanna_the_fey (all rights reserved) dmangust (all rights reserved)