100mph: Our Approach to Digital Marketing


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Listening for actionable insights - 3
Strategic activation - 15
Flipping the switch - 23
Why choose us - 30
Appendix: Case Study - 33

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100mph: Our Approach to Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Creating Market Leadership in the Social Age
  2. 2. Listening for actionable insights - 3 Strategic activation - 15 Flipping the switch - 23 Why choose us - 30 Appendix: Case Study - 33
  3. 3. Stage 1: Listen for Insights
  4. 4. What does your customer want? At what point along their journey do your customers realize that they need you? When this realization occurs, how do they react - and where do they go to look for answers and take action? ! What behaviors do they exhibit when they are ready to make a decision? Who and what influences their decision? ! What does your audience say before, during and after their experience? How can we strategically influence what they share? How can we find out?
  5. 5. We start by listening… ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Online conversations are abundant with your audience’s perceptions about: Their lifestyles, wants, & needs Your brand and your products & services Your competition
  6. 6. Social listening tools are great at capturing that conversation. They tell you: Sentiment index Conversation volume Trending conversations Top influencers Keyword trends Often, however, these stats are “nice-to-know” but not necessarily actionably insightful.
  7. 7. Through 100mph’s process, we tell you: 1. Why is your brand struggling or succeeding? 2. How can you build deeper relationships with your audience? 3. What are their preconceptions of your brand? 4. Where are the untapped opportunities that can help you achieve your marketing objectives? 5. What kinds of campaigns should you be considering to address these factors?
  8. 8. It comes from our unique approach. We start by listening to you. Before we begin, we sit down with you and your team to understand your brand, your business objectives, and your pain points. We create a listening framework that describes your unique business situation.
  9. 9. And only then do we begin using the tools… …yet we recognize their limitations. Tools cannot deliver crucial qualitative or quantitative insight on their own. They only give us the raw material for the insights - the actual conversations.
  10. 10. We apply the listening framework to the raw conversations. We review thousands of only the most relevant conversations, while applying the lens of your unique business situation. And through this process uncover deep insights on how best to connect your value proposition with your customers.
  11. 11. Comments Mapping the audience journey We gauge precisely when, where, and with what content to engage and influence your audience. With a comprehensive overview of your audiences’ lifecycles, we identify themes & key contributors throughout their media journey.
  12. 12. We determine optimal channel, content, and budget prioritization by stage - across the customer lifecycle. Media spend: 10% 20% 30% Building on our knowledge of the specific media habits and needs at progressing stages throughout the customer lifecycle, we determine the highest-priority media opportunities and content gaps we should fill.
  13. 13. Finally, we inform keyword, content, and ad copy using deep audience insights. Personas, their concerns, & their media habits emerge: Patient $ ! 65%$male$ ! 50%$between$50.75$yrs$ ! 75%$of$talkingis$on$ Facebook$ ! 60%$complain$of$bloa;ng,$ 20%$high$cost$ Audience Profiles$ Caregiver $ ! 75%$female$ ! 50%$between$30.50$yrs$ ! 50%$of$talking$is$on$ Facebook$ ! 60%$feel$helpless$ Healthcare Provider $ ! 55%$female$ ! 50%$between$50.75$yrs$ ! 50%$of$talking$is$on$$ YouTube,$20%$TwiCer$ ! 60%$discuss$therapies,$$ 20%$upcoming$trials$ Relevant audience discussion volume: Identifying customer segments and the stages of their cycle enables us to improve content relevance and ad focus, more effectively responding to the needs of your audiences.
  14. 14. Result: The roadmap needed to guide your brand through the Social Age !
  15. 15. Stage 2: Strategic Application
  16. 16. Proactively evolving marketing efforts toward stated audience concerns, you can strategically proactively influence them.
  17. 17. To enable you to adapt to the new media landscape, we carefully consider your audience. Customer Needs Customer Media Habits Digital Brand Approach
  18. 18. We develop your Digital Identity ..by combining listening outputs with deep research and analysis of brand objectives. Social Listening Insights Competitive Audit Stakeholder Interviews Brand Analysis Digital Identity
  19. 19. Shifting to a deeper stakeholder orientation: “____ delivers a quality experience Easily Mimicked at a fair price” “____ is the right brand for me because they reflect who I am” Unique and personal Current Orientation: to Future Orientation: This approach leverages your brand’s assets to connect with stakeholders in a more meaningful way.
  20. 20. With this new differentiating identity, we develop a strategy that addresses specific business objectives. Digital Identity Awareness Retention Conversion Content Strategy Digital Programs
  21. 21. We uncover the path, develop the content, build the brand assets that meet audience needs. Customer Education Path: Brand Marketing Opportunities: Join Groups Content Ranking Search Results Problem Product Service Search Social Inquiry Content Posted / Shared Inquiry Problem Service Brand Site: • Relevant Content • Landing Pages • Assets Search Results Content Ranking Display Ad Sponsored Content Content Posted / Shared SMO Join Groups Forum Answers Social Ads SEO SEM Product
  22. 22. will take this precise marketing strategy and apply it expertly through program execution. Content Strategy Digital Programs ๏ Describes how content will support each business objective ๏ Identifies content themes for each channel (e.g., website vs. social media site) ๏ Identifies content to be developed for each channel ๏ Lead creative brainstorming sessions to create marketing ideas that align with content strategy ๏ Develop ideas into full programs across multiple channels ๏ Develop creative executions to support programs ๏ Project manage and execute programs
  23. 23. Stage 3: Generating Demand
  24. 24. amplifies your impact through targeted digital media programs. We work to identify your audience’s specific demographic (e.g., age, employment, and geographic location) and psychographic (e.g., online behavior, attitudes and values) tendencies. ! We do not waste ad messaging and dollars on the wrong audience; we will find the people most likely to fit our client’s prospect’s characteristics, and we will market only to these people. ! Upon engaging them, we “re-target” ads to them throughout their decision cycle, ensuring they see our messaging as they hit key points along their journey.
  25. 25. The Demand Generation Cycle 1: Awareness Develop a targeted audience based on educated assumptions. 2: Prospecting Grow the population of the qualified audience who have shown intent. 3: Acquisition Close the conversion efficiently with an interested prospect looking to take action. Targeted Audience New Clients
  26. 26. We start with a focus on efficiently converting prospects actively searching for your product or service. Awareness Leads Desired Audience Leads New Customers
  27. 27. Then we layer in targeted media campaigns to attract your specific audiences where research has determined we’re most likely to find them. Desired Audience Prospecting New Clients
  28. 28. We target audiences whose behavior suggests that they are in market for your product or service. Desired Audience Building Awareness Prospecting Search data Billions of search engine (e.g., Google) queries help us understand the search terms prospective audiences are using Contextual data Terabytes per day of relevant site visit data helps us identify your audience Browsing behavior Data from the websites hundreds of millions of individuals’ are visiting helps us build the prospect pool Behavioral historical data Thousands of audience segments with characteristics that fit prospects from key publishers enable us to narrow the target New Clients
  29. 29. Who is ? We are passionate professionals who left senior-level big agency jobs to do the work we believe in.
  30. 30. And why should you choose us?
  31. 31. Because we care about making a meaningful difference for your business. And we have the experience, knowledge, agility, and motivation to do it.
  32. 32. Thank you for listening. Contact us: brent@100mph.us
  33. 33. Appendix: Case Study
  34. 34. Existing websites lacked basic information about a very important topic for our client’s audience. The need existed for a digital resource “hub” for this audience. ! Providing information to parents could motivate a qualified group to ask our client for help.
  35. 35. ! ParentsAgainstToxins.org answers questions parents have about what happened to their children. ! Call to Action Interactive Toxic Map Common Toxins Birth Defects Resources Parent Forum
  36. 36. ! The interactive map enables parents to find all toxic sites in their local area: !
  37. 37. ! Upon realizing that a toxic site might have influenced their child’s birth defect, parents take the next step.
  38. 38. client spotlight: 100mph developed a hyper-targeted marketing campaign which we proved profitable within 30 days of launch. ! We then rolled out 25 targeted campaigns, optimizing each for performance. ! 8-months after launch, program ROI had jumped to 20:1, converted customers had increased by 700%, and cost per lead had dropped by 62%. ! To date, our program has generated millions of dollars in value for our client.