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Reading comprehension

  1. 1. 1 Good morning, boys andgirls. This is Russ Reed withNature News. This morningwe have Shamu, the killerwhale, with us. He hasagreed to answer somequestions. Shamu, theseboys and girls are in Mr. Smalls class. Lets see who hasa question for you.2 Shamu: Okay.3 Russ: It looks like Samantha has a question for you.Go ahead.4 Samantha: How did you get your name?5 Shamu: The people at Sea World gave me my name.It means "friend of Namu" or "She-Namu." It is the stagename for all killer whales that work at Sea World parks.6 Russ: Did I hear you say "killer whale"?7 Shamu: Yes, you did, but you are safe. We dont killhumans.8 Tony: What do you eat?
  2. 2. 9 Shamu: Seals, walruses, sea lions, fish, and thingslike that. Sometimes we eat whales. My favorite thing toeat is squid. Squid is so juicy!10 Beth: That is so yucky!11 Chris: You said you eat whales! Arent you a whale?12 Shamu: No, not really. We are dolphins, the biggestdolphins in the world. We are related to whales, though.13 Alexis: Will you get any bigger?14 Shamu: No, I wont. Im an adult. I am twenty-two feetlong.15 Dan: How much do you weigh?16 Shamu: I weigh thirteen thousand pounds. They saysome killer whales get a bit bigger, but not much.17 Abby: Where do you live?18 Shamu: We live in all the oceans of the world. Most ofus like the colder parts of the world. We travel a lot.
  3. 3. 19 Ethan: Why do you travel so much?20 Shamu: We travel to find food.21 Olivia: Can you breathe underwater?22 Shamu: No, but I can hold my breath for up to twentyminutes. My blowhole has to be out of the water for me tobreathe.23 Joe: Whats a blowhole?24 Shamu: Its a hole on the top of my head. I use it forbreathing when I am on top of the water.25 Hannah: Does water get in it when you dive?26 Shamu: No. There is a flap of skin that covers it whenI dive.27 Andy: How fast can you swim?28 Shamu: We are really fast. I can swim up to thirtymiles per hour. Most of the time, I just cruise, though.Then I swim about two to six miles per hour.29 Russ: Whoa! Those were some good questions, boys
  4. 4. and girls. We are out of time now. Shamu has to get readyfor his show. Thank you all for watching our show.Goodbye!30 Shamu: Goodbye, boys and girls.
  5. 5. The Shamu Show1. Who is the host of Nature 2. What does "Shamu" News? mean? Russ Reed Killer whale Shamu Big whale Donna Friend of Namu Abby Raven Ocean traveler3. About how long do male 4. About how much do adult killer whales get? male killer whales weigh? Two hundred feet Twenty pounds Twelve feet Two hundred pounds Two thousand feet Two million pounds Twenty-two feet Twenty thousand pounds5. Where do killer whales 6. Killer whales prefer to live live? in warm water oceans. False True7. Why doesnt water get into 8. How fast can a killer whale a killer whales blowhole swim? when he dives? Up to forty miles per hour Up to fifty miles per hour Up to thirty miles per hour Up to twenty miles per hour