Social Media Marketing for Automotive Dealers

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SOCIALDEALER is the Automotive Social Media Management Platform for Automotive Dealers, for Facebook, Twitter,YouTube and Reputation Management

SOCIALDEALER is the Automotive Social Media Management Platform for Automotive Dealers, for Facebook, Twitter,YouTube and Reputation Management

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Social Media will Contribute to Your Success
    • How Big is Social Media?
      • 1/3 of US Population Logs into Facebook Every Day
      • 6 of the Worlds Top 10 Busiest Websites Fall into the Social Media Category
    • Social Media Impacts Your Business:
      • 76% of Consumers Use a Combination of Search and Social Media as Their First Step (Research) before Making a Purchase
      • 70% of Consumers Consult Reviews or Ratings Before Purchasing
  • 3.
    • Social Media Expands your Reach:
      • Social Media Increases the Number of Prospects that Interact With Your: Inventory, Service, Finance and Specials (Over 20% of Web Site Traffic is Driven to You by Social Media)
    • Social Media lets you Engage:
      • Improve Relationships With Your Customers and Prospects
      • Generate More Prospects for You to Engage With
    Social Media Creates More Conversations and Therefore More Sales Opportunities Social Media in Your Dealership
  • 4.
    • Manage Your Reputation:
    • Social Media is Where the World Discusses and Evaluates Your Brand
    • Dealers Need to Monitor and Get Involved In the Discussion (90% of Online Consumers Trust Recommendations From People They Know, 70% Trust Reviews From Unknown Users)
    • Being Proactive Protects Your Brand and Controls the Messaging
    Build Buyers ’ Confidence Through a Strong Brand and Reputation Social Media in Your Dealership
  • 5.
    • SOCIALDEALER is a social media management company that helps automotive dealers to create, manage and monitor their social profiles, reputation, content, and engage with consumers through one centralized web application.
  • 6. Brand Your Facebook pages…
  • 7. … with a Custom Facebook Page
  • 8. Post Your Inventory on Facebook
  • 9. Brand your Twitter page . . .
  • 10. … with your custom design
  • 11.
    • The Number of Channels in Social Media is Very Large and Complex
    • Requires a Single Platform to Efficiently Manage All Aspects of Social Media
    • SOCIALDEALER Provides a Suite of Tools that Allows Dealers to Effectively Manage Their Social Media Strategy
    Dealers Need a Complete Solution
  • 12.
    • Interact With Customers and Prospects in Real-Time
    • Increase Customer Retention
    • Engage With In-Market Prospects
    • Monitor and Control Your Reputation
    • Easily Access Relevant Content
    • Plan, Schedule, Publish and Manage your Social Media Campaigns
    Platform Benefits
  • 13. Enterprise Solution for Dealer Groups
    • Manage Social Marketing efforts across entire network
    • Manage All Dealers with One Login
    • Access Reports at Enterprise Level for the Group
    • Drilldown and View Results at Individual Dealership Level
    • View all Dealer Activity
    • Compare and Contrast Dealers within your Group
    • Message Syndication Posts to Network or Regions quickly
    • Post to all Social Networks simultaneously
    • Filter Rooftops and only Post to specific locations
  • 14. Thank You Tony Nilles 815.482.8380