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Manufacturing dilemma
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Manufacturing dilemma


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Published in: Business

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  • Rationalization of Unethical Behavior is directly related to Maslow’s Theory of Human Needs. Self-Actualization, Esteem Needs, Social Needs, Safety Needs, and Physiological Needs.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Manufacturing Dilemma by Steven B. Shook
    • 2. Manufacturing Dilemma Page 2O Management informed me that the product was “New”. Sold as “NEW”O VERY well Established CompanyO Occurred for many years before I arrivedO I was informed by a customer that the product I sold them was NOT “New”O Informed Management immediately and they replaced the product with something New.
    • 3. Manufacturing Dilemma Page 3O I worked for the Company approximately 7 years before I was informed by a Customer that they product I had been selling as new, was remanufactured.O I worked for the Company another year before we parted waysO Very difficult environment for meO I was very careful not to sell the product as “New”
    • 4. Manufacturing Dilemma Page 4 Internal dilemma for departing Internal dilemma for stayingO Keep quiet: Keep O Morally very difficult my job O Misrepresentation toO Need job to provide the customer for family O Poor for return businessO Sold as “new” O Opens Civil Suits before (legality?)O Warranty is the same
    • 5. Manufacturing Dilemma Page 5 Rationalizing of Unethical Behavior Justify Self- Need for Income CONFUSION Preservation Security
    • 6. Manufacturing Dilemma Page 6
    • 7. Manufacturing Dilemma Page 7 Views of Ethics Explained1 Individualism: Does decision or behavior promote one’s self-interest 2 Utilitarian: Does decision or behavior do the greatest good for the most people 3 Justice: Does decision and behavior show fairness and impartiality4 Moral Rights: Does decision or behavior maintain fundamental rights of all humans
    • 8. Manufacturing Dilemma Page 8 LinksJeffrey Seglin: Associate Professor at Harvard University. Heis a Lecturer and Director of Communication Program atHarvard Kennedy School. Bruce Weinstein: Also known as “The Ethics Guy”.He is the Creator and Host of 60 Seconds Ethics. Alsothe Author of the recent book “Ethical Intelligence: FivePrinciples for Untangling Your Toughest Problems at Workand Beyond”. (New World Library, 2011).
    • 9. Manufacturing Dilemma ConclusionO The Company and I parted ways December 2010.O Many other Unethical situations discovered not related to my direct position.O This has lead to many other competitors in the area. Originally only 2 in the area.O More sense of self-esteem and purpose for myself. Returned to finish my Education.