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Game Thinking In Project Management
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Game Thinking In Project Management


A powerpoint I made for my project management class

A powerpoint I made for my project management class

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Game Thinking in Project Management By Brendan Nash
  • 2. Main Topics Properties of games Qualities games bring out in people Challenges in the current PM environment Applying game qualities to Project Management Using games in Project Management
  • 3. Properties of Games All games have 4 defining traits:  Goal  Rules  Feedback system  Voluntary participation
  • 4. Properties of Video Games Video games have been refined to enhance these four traits, especially feedback Big additions with video games:  Global connectivity  Realistic/believable environments with no real life consequences
  • 5. Qualities Games Bring Out In People Main qualities discussed:  Problem solving  Motivation to learn  Management  Social interaction
  • 6. Qualities Games Bring Out In People - Problem Solving Game rules limit available ways to approach a situation This causes the player to have to think in a certain mindset that would not normally be used Games encourage learning through failure They also reward quick thinking
  • 7. Qualities Games Bring Out In People - Motivation To Learn Many games take tens to hundreds of hours to master Mastery can be accomplished in two ways:  Playing the game (obviously)  Learning about the game (important) Gamers have created huge knowledge bases for many games that bring collective knowledge to a higher standard
  • 8. Qualities Games Bring Out In People - Management Many games require skills to manage:  Resources  Objectives  Time  Oneself  Others
  • 9. Qualities Games Bring Out In People - Social Interaction Players in large-scale games meet and interact with new people daily Players also form long term groups with people they might know in and/or out of a game These games promote three major qualities:  Trustworthiness  Empathy  Team Building
  • 10. Challenges in the Current Project Management Environment Constantly changing environment with seemingly unclear direction Outdated (reactive) practices/mindsets used Requires PMs to constantly learn many soon- to-be obsolete ideas Proprietary standards/software usually required to stay on top
  • 11. Challenges in the Current Project Management Environment (cont.) 2/3s of projects fail Most companies stick with long-standing practices Projects are not static and predictable, they are almost always unique
  • 12. Applying Game Qualities to Project Management Failure can foster learning and growth for a person and a company Encouraging creativity can potentially lead to radical new ideas and greater success Being empathetic and trusting of others will strengthen the quality of the project and the bonds between those involved Collaborating on a massive scale to streamline PM techniques and ideas would improve the industry as a whole
  • 13. Using Games In Project Management Why integrate actual games?  Games are used in other fields to train users and give them a platform where failure is allowed  Feedback in the workplace can be lacking  They could make a job feel more meaningful  Games and game thinking have been implemented in other companies and are being used heavily in marketing
  • 14. Using Games In Project Management (cont.) What kind of games would benefit projects?  Team-based games could strengthen groups  Games could be custom made to address different aspects of an organization  Some areas that could be improved with games: − Productivity − Group participation − Following guidelines
  • 15. Conclusion Due to the rate of improving technologies, the workplace is moving at a faster pace than ever before Game thinking is being used to increase productivity and involvement As this trend gains momentum, project management would benefit from adopting a similar strategy
  • 16. References Castel, R. Game Based Learning for Project Management. Athabasca University, Athabasca, 2011 McGonigal, J. (2011). Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World. New York, The Penguin Press.
  • 17. Game OverQuestions?