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Kealie int safe



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Internet safety Safety on the internet is your choice Huntington Middle school From: By: Kealie Bjerke Next stop, internet safety.
  • 2. What are predators trying to do online? They are trying to get information out of you but you don’t know it can hurt you if you give them like your Birthday. It takes a predators 20 minutes or less to find a lot about you like where you live, your name, your siblings names, and how old they are, your parents name, and how old they are.
  • 3. What are the biggest mistake kids make online? The biggest mistake are accepting a stranger into your social groups. If someone you don’t know wants to join your social group block it. Kids that aren’t watched on the internet may become a predator.
  • 4. How should you handle personal information online? Don’t use a photo of yourself. Use something else. Never give personal information about yourself online. Predators can track you just by you putting your Name, Birthday in 20 min.
  • 5. Why do kids feel safe online? Kids feel safe online because they are at home on the computer. Kids don’t think about the people out there On the internet wanting to hurt them. Many teens think its easier to talk On the internet then in person.
  • 6. Sexting Is when you are sending gross and inappropriate pictures of you to other people. Sexting is illegal and also wrong!! You will get your phone taken away if a teacher Sees you sexting.you will be in BIG trouble f you are caught!
  • 7. What is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying is saying something bad or untrue things about other people online. YOU CAN’T TAKE IT BACK!! A lot of people are into Cyber bullying are you one of them?
  • 8. safety on the internet - what more could you want? Use the internet wisely and thank you for watching.