DU Cheer Team Media Strategy Project


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My media strategy to create and promote an encompassed image of the DU Cheer Team as a team dedicated to
their University of Denver, but also to benefiting the greater Denver area through community involvement.

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DU Cheer Team Media Strategy Project

  1. 1. The DU Cheer TeamBrenda Rohn, #MFJS3160 Spring 2013
  2. 2. What is a "Cheerleader?"Bring It On - We Are Cheerleaders● This is the stereotypical view ofcheerleaders within the media.● However, the DU Cheer Team is NOT thestereotype.
  3. 3. DU Cheerleaders are...The DU Cheer Team is:● Ambassadors for the University of Denver● Community-oriented and highly involved inthe DU Community & the DenverCommunity● A Team with the Desire to Give Back
  4. 4. DU Cheer Teams History● 2004 - DU Cheer Team established by Angel Field○ Created to support the basketball program’s transitioninto NCAA’s Division I athletics.● 2005 - Head coach hired; 12 member team selected.● 2006 - Team grew to 16 members & Universityscholarship assistance awarded to cheer members.● 2007 - Community service projects; support for otherDU athletic programs.● Present - Continued growth in team membership,athletic talent, community service & student outreach.
  5. 5. DU Cheers Role on Campus● Primary purpose: Promote athletic programs on DUcampus, encourage development of cheerleading skills& promote character development & leadership training● Beyond cheering for DU athletics: be active in thecommunity & participate in numerous service andoutreach activities that benefit surrounding Denvercommunity.○ 9Cares Colorado Shares, The Polar Plunge, SalvationArmy Bell Ringing, Diversity Summit, Denver YouthCheer Camps, etc.
  6. 6. DU Cheer Teams GoalsOrganizational Goals● Increase awareness of athletic events on DU campus● Improve the DU Cheer Team to increase awareness ofDU Cheer & promote competition with other collegiatecheer teamsSocial Media Goals● Better manage posts & monitor appropriatecommunications to best support their mission as agroup● Create a larger social media presence● Promote the image of the DU Cheer Team as acommunity service driven team
  7. 7. Social Media as a Tool to:Change the DU Cheer Team’s portrayedimage from one devoted solely to DU athleticsto one of a cheer team devoted to not only theiruniversity, but the greater community as well
  8. 8. DU Cheers Current Social Media● Facebook● University of Denver Athletics Website● Both the DU Cheer Teams Facebook & DUAthletics Webpage Profile highlight the DUCheer Teams involvement in supporting DUAthletics, but do not portray their highlevel of community involvement.
  9. 9. Social Media StrategyCommunity-Centered Campaign could use:● Facebook - post pictures of DU Cheer and Check-Insof the DU Cheer Team at the community involvementevents with the #DUCheerGivesBack● Twitter Hashtag - #DUCheerGivesBack● LinkedIn Profile for the DU Cheer Team - professionallyposition DU Cheer as a group dedicated to benefitingthe greater Denver area through communityinvolvement○ List previous partnerships with community groups, non-profits, businesses,○ Detail their involvement in community events
  10. 10. Ultimate Goal for DU Cheer● Promote a year-round image of DU CheerTeam in their three sectors of involvement:■ DU Athletics■ DU Events■ Community Involvement in Denver Community● Create an encompassed image of theDU Cheer Team as a team dedicated totheir university, but also to benefiting thecommunity for a greater good.