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WiConnect Technology Support

  1. 1. WiCONNECT technology support & solutions About Us At WiConnect customer service sets us apart from the rest. With so many IT outsourcing solutions to choose from in Canada it’s hard to tell the good from the great. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff have been working with technology for over 10 years and we’ve pretty much seen it all. We know what small to medium sized business technology needs are, enabling us to keep your technology and your business running smoothly. Easy to talk to. We can supply hardware at great rates. If technology isn’t your thing that’s ok, we won’t fill your head We’ll also repair your hardware with same day service in most with a lot of techno babble. Instead, we will speak in a language cases and we’ll even give you a loaner so you can keep you can understand and answer all your questions. working. Flexible customized maintenance plans 24 hour service at 1 hour notice. Not only do we create an effective strategy to keep your There are lots of people who can remedy technology issues, technology in ship shape, we’ll also show you how to get into but how many can be at your door in 1 hour guaranteed to get the Clouds with the latest in office productivity and communica- the job done? We can. Reliability and customer dedication are tion software at very cost effective plans. the foundations of our business. Our Trusted Suppliers and Partners130 Adelaide St. West, 30th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5H 3P5 | Tel 416.548.5999 Fax 416.548.8604 24hr 416.943.9434 | www.WiConnect.ca
  2. 2. WiCONNECT technology support & solutions WI Support We offer more than just IT outsourcing. Your business is unique and so are your requirements. Here’s what sets us apart: We’re there when you need us. We stay up to date. We offer 24/7 service with a one hour guarantee on-site or Many businesses don’t know the passwords to their own remote response. We know that some business finish at 5pm servers or are unaware of potential security threats. Relax; and others at 5am, so we customize our service agreement to WiConnect monitors your system remotely. If we see an issue the rhythm of your business. we’ll take care of it and we’ll let you know via an email report. We back up your data. 24 hour service at 1 hour notice. If you haven’t done this recently then you definitely need to We offer the most flexible and customized preventative main- contact us. We offer the best in online data backup through tenance plan because we sit down with you and actively Mozy and we take care of the scheduling and the monitoring. If discuss your business operations and come up with a plan you need access to your data just go ahead and get it, no that’s tailor fitted just for you. Our wealth of experience on special procedures required and we’re always there to help. Mac, PC and Blackberry servers can handle whatever And if we see something isn’t right we’ll contact you right away. technology requirements you can toss at us. Take a look at our Maintenance Plans, Pay per Use Tiers and Pre-Paid Packages.130 Adelaide St. West, 30th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5H 3P5 | Tel 416.548.5999 Fax 416.548.8604 24hr 416.943.9434 | www.WiConnect.ca
  3. 3. WiCONNECT technology support & solutions WI Backup If it’s worth keeping, it’s worth backing up It doesn’t matter what size your company is or how much data you have. In today’s marketplace information is the lifeblood of your company and you should keep it safe. We don’t think we need to tell people why it’s important to back-up their data, but we do think you should know that many businesses don’t do it. And that’s not good. In fact ask yourself right now if you know what your company’s data backup plan is. On-Site Back Up services Off-Site Back Up services Our online data backup service lets you transfer and back up WiConnect offers off-site storage services through Mozy (an your important files to our secure online server via a high- EMC Company) who we believe are the most knowledgeable speed internet connection. Use your password to access your and trusted online backup service around. In fact we use files from anywhere. Share large files easily, without clogging Mozy for our own data backup and we’re an accredited up e-mail accounts. Files are stored off site, so your data is certified Mozy affiliate in Canada. You always have easy protected from theft, fire, flood, or other natural disaster. If access to your data at Mozy without difficult procedures to requested, WiConnect backup specialists can also visit your get it back. You’ll be able to access your data 24/7 and moni- site and back up your data on DVD or external HD. We’ll also tor the health of your backups from the convenience of a help restore the data back on your system as well. single web-based admin console. Not sure what method to use, we can help you with that. Give us a call and we’ll find out about your back up needs and recommend the most effective solution.130 Adelaide St. West, 30th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5H 3P5 | Tel 416.548.5999 Fax 416.548.8604 24hr 416.943.9434 | www.WiConnect.ca
  4. 4. WiCONNECT technology support & solutions WI VoIP Harness the power of the Internet into your phones and save on costs. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol... This is a fancy way of saying “phone calls over the Internet” VoIP phones have a plethora of features available from Some people call it “Internet phone”. It works the same way onscreen menus. You can even use your VOIP system to your DSL line uses traditional phone lines for high speed unlock the office’s front door. Internet connections. We offer both a hosted solution and a server solution so VoIP phones take advantage of the same technology. By businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the savings. combining telephony and the Internet together, you can WiConnect makes it easy for you: we’ll even come in and train make your phones do some pretty neat stuff. Like have your your staff on how to use your new phones so you can get voice mail delivered to your inbox in the form of an email, or going right away. dial out using your CRM or Enterprise software. So let’s talk. Call us and we’ll fill you in on WiConnect’s VoIP features, services, and of course cost savings.130 Adelaide St. West, 30th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5H 3P5 | Tel 416.548.5999 Fax 416.548.8604 24hr 416.943.9434 | www.WiConnect.ca
  5. 5. WiCONNECT technology support & solutions WI Cloud Do you want your business to be enterprise level productive? Then stop dreaming about it and get your head into the clouds. What is cloud computing? What’s the benefit? Cloud computing simply means that you are using the Internet If you run a business, you already know the cost of productivity to serve up your software applications and store your data. and communication software can be pretty high. Add to that Wherever you have an Internet connection, you’ve got your the cost of an office server and now you’ve got an enterprise whole office with you. Work from home, the neighborhood cafe sized price tag. With cloud computing those costs are virtually or your client’s office. Eliminate the capital expense of costly eliminated as your office applications such as mail, calendar, servers and software and enjoy the same level of enterprise presentation software and more can be accessed through a level productivity. web browser, no server needed. Your data is also collected and saved in the cloud too so you don’t have to keep massive amounts of data on your computer. Call us today and let us show you how much money you can save by using Google apps.130 Adelaide St. West, 30th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5H 3P5 | Tel 416.548.5999 Fax 416.548.8604 24hr 416.943.9434 | www.WiConnect.ca
  6. 6. WiCONNECT technology support & solutions Maintenance Plan “You take your car in for regular maintenance - what about your IT infrastructure?” Our maintenance plan is a practical and integral technical support for your servers, network and workstations. Whether you’re an organization of over one hundred or a one room office, we are your dedicated IT department. Our qualified IT professionals and support staff are dedicated to keeping your technology running at peak performance. A WiConnect Preventative Maintenance Plan gives you + Available 24/7/365 for emergencies: 1 hour turnaround time more than worry-free technical solutions. It gives you + Preventative computer care peace of mind, allowing you to get on with your business without the anxiety of a failed network or printer when you + Continuous server and backup monitoring need it most. Preventative maintenance services are vital to the life cycle of your hardware. Get the most value from + Online access to all network and support information, your technology investment by maintaining your assets including comprehensive maintenance checklist and and stop the cycle of break-replace. documentation + Hardware servicing with usually same day service and loaners to keep you going Why do you need a maintenance plan? Your computer is performing trillions of calculations every + Review and management of Firewall, virus and spyware second using hundreds of parts and wires, and is under protection needs on a monthly basis regular attack by processing needs, unwanted viruses, and spyware.At WiConnect we like to say “It’s never if you + Resolve network issues that occur through daily use of have technical issues, it’s when.” Want more reasons why servers and workstations Prevent storage issues & data every small business needs regular and proactive server loss through management of hard drive resources and workstation maintenance and optimization? Take a look at what we’re already doing for our clients. + Apply critical software security updates at least once a month. + Monitor regular scheduled data backup130 Adelaide St. West, 30th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5H 3P5 | Tel 416.548.5999 Fax 416.548.8604 24hr 416.943.9434 | www.WiConnect.ca
  7. 7. WiCONNECT technology support & solutions Pre Paid Support Don’t have a maintenance plan with us? We can still help. The pre-paid support is primarily developed and catered for small to medium sized businesses and can be purchased at any time. One of the benefits of purchasing pre-paid support is the discounted rates. The pre-paid support can be then used based on an as needed basis. The Pre-paid support packages is great for those companies that don’t Call us today at 416 548-5999 for more need heavy IT management oversight but would rather have a company information we can also customize your that will be there when they need help. This way you will have control of own pre-paid package. the level of IT needed and at the same time maintain a cost effective IT budget through our discounted rates.130 Adelaide St. West, 30th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5H 3P5 | Tel 416.548.5999 Fax 416.548.8604 24hr 416.943.9434 | www.WiConnect.ca
  8. 8. WiCONNECT technology support & solutions Pay Per Solutions 1 150.00 Desktop/Laptop Support $ Regular Hours, Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm TIER Generic 1 - 1.5 hour labor Software install Virus removal Software updates Spyware removal Hardware upgrade Data backup (up to 20 GB) Wireless network setup/troubleshooting Device Setup (i.e. iPad, Blackberry, iTunes, appletv, printer, fax...) Add-ons $70.00 (assuming technician is already on site for a service) Emergency after Hours and Weekends $199 2 200.00 Server Related $ Regular Hours, Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm TIER Server troubleshooting (exchange, file sharing, BES troubleshooting) Advanced network troubleshooting (vpn, router config) Email/Blackberry Setup and config (outlook setup, archiving, backup, restore...) Data cabling troubleshooting (toning wires, running cables, fixing jacks...) Windows configuration or installation (include 5 GB backup/transfer) Add-ons $90.00 (assuming technician is already on site for a service) Add-ons $90.00 (assuming technician is already on site for a service) Emergency after Hours and Weekends $250 Audio / Video TV Install $250.00 with concealed Wiring Setup and Configuration of Amplifier with Video Equipment $150.00 (up to 4 devices) Harmony Remote Setup $120.00 Gaming Console Setup $120.00130 Adelaide St. West, 30th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5H 3P5 | Tel 416.548.5999 Fax 416.548.8604 24hr 416.943.9434 | www.WiConnect.ca
  9. 9. WiCONNECT technology support & solutions Talk To Us General Questions or Comments: Marketing & Sales Department: Office Email: info@wiconnect.ca Email: sales@wiconnect.ca 416.548.5999 24/7 Support Billing/Customer Service Department: Open a helpdesk ticket at: 416.943.9434 Email: cherissa@wiconnect.ca wiconnect.ca/support Email: support@wiconnect.ca Fax 416.548.8604 Remote Assistance Head Office Vancouver 604.630.9906 Go to https://www.skyfex.com 130 Adelaide Street West, to link online to help answer 30th Floor Toronto, ON Web your questions faster. M5H 3P5 www.wiconnect.ca130 Adelaide St. West, 30th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5H 3P5 | Tel 416.548.5999 Fax 416.548.8604 24hr 416.943.9434 | www.WiConnect.ca