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  1. 1. REVERSE Cher sang about it. Joan Rivers jokes about it. Deep down in, we all have probably thought about it on some level. Wouldn’t it be great to turn back time? Take a look at the pictures to the right. Above is what many of your customers see when they look in the mirror. A few freckles and dark spots, but certainly not anything to be overly concerned about. The photo below tells the rest of the story. In this UV photo, which allows us to take a look at the skin’s sub-layer, we get a picture of what will start to show in the months and years to come. While we can’t change the facts, there is plenty we can do to address what your customers will call age or “liver” spots, brown patches (melasma), dullness, post- acne marks and sun damage. The REVERSE Regimen by Rodan + Fields is formulated with What we see (Polaroid photo) over-the-counter medicine plus botanicals to treat and help prevent hyperpigmentation What’s really there (UV photo) such as freckles, dark marks, uneven skin tone, and dull, lackluster skin. This is what normal young skin looks This is sun-damaged skin demonstrating a like without excess pigmentation. The thick layer of dead skin cells. Collagen skin is radiant, clear and reflects light strands are thin and shorter. Dark marks are evenly. The dead skin cells are minimal on the surface and wait silently beneath the and skin layers are plump. Collagen is in surface gradually working their way to the large thick pieces. As we are exposed to top layer. Eventually this is what we will UV rays and if we do not take care of our see in the mirror. skin, this will change. HOW DOES RODAN + FIELDS ADDRESS THESE SKIN ISSUES? REVERSE Regimen combines the following ingredients in its 4-step system that, when used as directed, helps you turn back time to when you could go confidently without foundation or concealer. REVERSE has been tested on and is proven safe for all ethnicity types, too.
  2. 2. 1. Deep Exfoliating Wash 3. Skin Lightening Treatment Alpha hydroxy acids loosen dull cells so Layering more hydroquinone (OTC) that polishing beads can whisk them away increases efficacy while retinol renews the skin to accelerate results 2. Skin Lightening Toner 4. UVA/UVB SPF 15 Sunscreen Hydroquinone (OTC), the only FDA Zinc Oxide reflects light and heat, recognized skin lightener, suppresses protecting the skin from damaging excess production of pigment to rays that cause discoloration lighten stubborn spots TWENTY MINUTES WILL GET YOU TWO WEEKS Did you know that 20 minutes of unprotected exposure to Zinc oxide the sun every day can do as much damage to your skin as Physical screen; reflects UVA and two weeks lying in the sun for 8 hours a day? Allowing UVB rays and heat your unprotected skin to be exposed to the sun is the most Octinoxate damaging thing that you can do to the health and Chemical screen; appearance of your skin and causes up to 80% of skin Sun Burn aging. The sun emits two types of rays, Ultra Violet A (A Protection Factor ingredients absorb is for aging) and Ultra Violet B (B is for burning). Below is UVB light to a picture of the rays and corresponding ingredients that reduce screen them. sun burn As you can see, the UVA rays penetrate all the way to the dermal layer, causing damage that will not be visible for years and, if left untreated, will result in severe hyperpigmentation and damage to the dermal tissue where collagen resides. Rodan + Fields REVERSE Regimen contains effective sunscreen ingredients to help protect skin from the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays. TIPS FOR MINIMIZING SUN DAMAGE Avoid being outdoors between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. when UVB (burning) rays are at the most intense. Wear protective clothing / broad-brimmed hat and sun glasses when in the sun. Be aware of UVA (aging) rays which are a little trickier. They are present year round, from sun up to sun down in any kind of weather, increasing excessive pigmentation and can penetrate deeply into the skin and break down the collagen. Unlike UVB rays, UVA rays can penetrate glass. Reapply sunscreen liberally (about 1 tablespoon for your face and one ounce amount to your body) every 2 hours when exposed to the sun. For the best protection, make sure your sunscreen contains at least Zinc Oxide or Avobenzone and an SPF as all Rodan + Fields suncreen products do. Remember that UVB and UVA rays are the leading contributors to premature aging. Additionally, exposure to these rays cause abnormal cell reproduction that leads to skin cancer. FROM THE DOCTORS’ OFFICE THE BEST WAY TO TREAT AND PREVENT SUNBURN BY DR. KATIE RODAN, CO-FOUNDER OF RODAN+FIELDS Ouch! Not only does a sunburn hurt, but it is one of the most damaging things that can happen to your skin. Alas, it happens to the best of us. Even my daughter returned from a camping trip with a fiery red burn across her chest. Here are some tips to avoid getting burned while enjoying the beautiful weather ahead of us. APRIL 7, 2008 2
  3. 3. HOW TO PREVENT A BURN Always use sunscreen. Apply it generously 30 minutes before stepping into the sun. Pick a sunscreen that lists zinc oxide or avobenzone as “active ingredients” for the best overall UVA and UVB protection. If you are swimming, playing tennis or hiking, reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours. You cannot over use it. Sunscreen does not provide total blockage so I encourage you to wear a broad-brimmed hat and sit in the shade or under an umbrella. Your skin has a memory for every burn and tan. The damage is cumulative and reveals itself in wrinkles, brown spots and sometimes skin cancer. HOW TO HANDLE A BURN If your skin has a burn brewing, take 2 aspirins immediately to interrupt the inflammatory cycle and prevent a burn from appearing*. Once the skin is red, this treatment is too late. Cool water compresses, aloe vera gel, and loose clothing will give you some relief. If blistering occurs, contact your physician. Never pop a blister but if it breaks on its own apply an antibiotic ointment to the raw skin at the base of the blister every day until it has healed. Our 3-step SOOTHE Regimen is a gentle treatment that has calming botanicals to reduce redness and irritation while strengthening the barrier to hold in moisture. Apply the ‘as needed’ lotion to the sunburned area then layer on the Soothe Anti-Redness Skin Protectant Cream. Once you have a sunburn, try to stay out of the sun. But if for some reason you can’t, apply SOOTHE Protect with zinc oxide which is mild and shouldn’t cause further irritation. As I tell my daughters, be smart, be safe and use sunscreen! * This treatment is contra-indicated for people with gastric ulcers or bleeding disorders. If you have a preexisting medical condition or take prescription medications, check with your doctor before taking aspirin. APRIL’S EDUCATION ANNOUNCEMENTS The New PowerPoint presentation is completed and will be available on the Please download the sections to your computer. You may also make paper copies. DATE TOPIC Webinar: Module II Brown Spots, Dullness, and Sun Damage and the REVERSE Regimen Learn about April 16, 2008 these skin issues and the effectiveness of REVERSE Regimen and helpful tips. Space is limited. Reserve 5:00–5:45PM PST your Webinar seat now at: The archived information will be available in the following INSIDER SCOOP. Conference call with Guest Speaker Dr. Katie Rodan answering prepared questions and, as time allows, April 22, 2008 an open forum for inquiries. Call in number: (616) 712–8000 participation code: 994359# Playback 5:00–5:45PM PST (641) 715–3429 access code: 994359# Conference call on REVERSE Regimen Combinations and Transitions Learn how to introduce other Rodan April 30, 2008 + Fields products to address skin issues and when to transition your customers to other regimens. Call 5:00–5:30PM PST in number: (616) 597–8000 participation code: 558687# Playback (641) 715–3443 access code: 558687# APRIL 7, 2008 3