‘Face Lift In a Jar’, ‘Fountain of Youth Cream’. Does it seem like you’re
constantly bombarded with so-called mir...
    As described in biological and environmental aging above, the multiple c...
    ANTI-AGE Night Renewing Serum renews and plumps your skin whi...
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Anti Age


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Anti Age

  1. 1. ANTI-AGE ‘Face Lift In a Jar’, ‘Fountain of Youth Cream’. Does it seem like you’re constantly bombarded with so-called miracle creams that pop up weekly? Do you have a drawer full of half-used bottles and jars of broken promises? Before you can address what your skin needs, you must first understand how your skin ages.  WHAT CAUSES YOUR SKIN TO LOOK OLDER? Biological changes: As you age, the number of epidermal surface skin cells becomes fewer and fewer and less dense. In youth, you have 8 layers of live skin cells, and with age and a decrease in cellular metabolism, the number of layers is reduced to just 2-3. Your skin begins to appear thin and fragile. With less epidermal density, the delicate barrier weakens and less moisture is retained. Small, fine lines begin to appear and your favorite moisturizer is no longer keeping up with your skin’s increasing supplemental moisture needs. At the same time, dead skin cells do not shed as efficiently, resulting in a rougher texture and a dulling appearance. The production of collagen, a major component of your skin’s architecture, decreases at an estimated rate of 1% per year after age 30. Environmental aging: Cumulative effects of the sun’s penetrating rays and free radical assault become progressively more obvious as you age. As a result of repeated collagen breakdown and repair, pore structure weakens, resulting in an enlarged appearance, wrinkles form, and most noticeably, your skin loses firmness.  DESPERATELY SEEKING COLLAGEN Youthful Collagen is a major component of skin’s structural architecture. At it’s youthful looking skin has thick long best, skin is producing collagen at a robust rate and appears firm and smooth. collagen bands As skin ages and collagen production slows, skin begins to lose firmness and lines and wrinkles appear, especially where there is constant wear and tear associated with facial expressions or sleep creases. Collagen is too large of a molecule to penetrate through skin topically, so supplementing collagen in skin can only be achieved in one of two ways; injections or signaling the skin to step up its natural collagen production. Older looking Today, we understand that peptides, small chains of amino acids, are naturally skin has used by our skin for cellular communication. Peptides are naturally produced by broken, thin collagen bands the skin as old collagen breaks down or in response to injury. Such peptides signal the need for more collagen to be produced. Because peptides are small enough to penetrate the skin, the addition of these collagen-signaling peptides to a skincare regimen can step up collagen production and result in a smoother, firmer appearance.
  2. 2.  HOW DOES RODAN+FIELDS ADDRESS AGING SKIN? As described in biological and environmental aging above, the multiple causes of skin aging require a multi-pronged attack to slow and even reverse the visible effects of time and the environment. No single cream or ingredient can address all the needs of aging skin on these multiple levels. Our ANTI-AGE Regimen Plus exfoliates, moisturizes, boosts collagen, helps protect the skin from on-going environmental assault, and restores skin’s resiliency and radiance. The right ingredients, in the right formulations and in the right order, will give real results. Before using After 8 weeks of using ANTI-AGE Regimen ANTI-AGE Regimen 1 Twice daily: cleanse 3 Morning: treat Gentle Exfoliating Wash Skin Protectant Cream SPF 15 Sunscreen Kaolin clay refines pores and helps firm your Peptide technology helps boost natural skin. Soft, round polyethalene beads release a collagen production, while moisturizers skin protectant when massaged in the skin. hydrate your skin. Dimethicone, an over- This cleanser sheds not shreds the skin’s the-counter mediation (OTC), protects skin surface. Leave it on the skin for 2-3 minutes and strengthens the barrier. Avobenzone, as a pore-refining and firming mask. in a broad-spectrum sunscreen, defends against future sun damage. 2 Twice daily: tone 4 Evening: treat* Hydrating Toner Night Recovery Cream Energizes skin with Creatine and hydrates and Night time is recovery time for your skin. further exfoliates to prepare skin for the next Ultrasomes help repair damaged cells. vital step. Peptide technology helps increase collagen production and rich moisture locks in hydration for up to 8 hours. * During sleep the skin’s temperature increases leading to dehydration. During this cycle, your skin is at its greatest potential to receive moisturization and penetration of beneficial ingredients.
  3. 3.  WHAT ARE THE OTHER RODAN + FIELDS ANTI-AGE PRODUCTS? ANTI-AGE Night Renewing Serum renews and plumps your skin while also reducing collagen breakdown. Packaged in 60 individually dosed capsules, it contains a potent, proprietary blend of peptides and retinol. Peptides boost natural collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase skin firmness and elasticity. Retinol, favored by dermatologists for decades, enhances cell renewal to improve skin texture and minimize the appearance of pores. Patented time-release technology increases skin’s receptivity throughout the night while reducing potential irritancy. Who Is It For? Anyone who wants ensure that they look as youthful tomorrow as they do today, or noticing fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores or dull skin. Retinol has been recommended for acne-prone skin and dark marks. Those with oily prone skin may prefer to use the ANTI-AGE Night Renewing Serum in place of the Night Recovery Cream. ANTI-AGE Multi-Function Eye Cream Because in your 20’s your eyes are the first place to show the signs of aging, we recommend applying the ANTI-AGE Multi-Function Eye Cream every morning and night. Supported by clinical studies, it’s proven to minimize crow’s feet, dark under eye circles and puffiness.  ‘STACKING THE DECK’ WITH PEPTIDES From R+F President, Lori Bush Countless numbers of peptides exist in nature. In the most simple of terms, peptides are specific sequences of amino acids…they’re a type of protein. In our skin, some peptides signal certain cellular activities while others serve to block various types of cellular response. For instance, there are peptides that support the proliferation of fibroblasts, the skin cells that produce collagen. There are other peptides that signal the production of collagen by the fibroblasts. And there are yet other peptides that interfere with the breakdown of collagen in the skin. Our Rodan + Fields ANTI-AGE products incorporate several different peptides to deliver a layering of all of these benefits to support the overall desired outcome: firmer, smoother, more youthful looking skin.  TIPS: 1. Try ANTI-AGE Mutli-Function Eye Cream for lip lines, as well as crow’s feet. Wear your sunglasses for extra protection and to minimize squinting which reduces future eye creases. 2. ANTI-AGE products can treat neck, chest and hands, too. Apply generously to these areas for smoother skin. 3. Aging UV rays (Ultraviolet A) are present from sun-up to sun-down, 365 days a year, rain or shine. Reapply ANTI-AGE Skin Protective Cream or a broad-spectrum sun screen every two hours throughout the day. 4. Use the ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, an oil-free salt/sugar based facial scrub 1-3 times a week to enhance skin and smooth skin.  RF CONNECTION
  4. 4. Your source for professional information and expert advice from highly trained nurses and product experts trained. Available for you and your customers every day: or (415) 273–8006.  FROM THE DOCTORS’ OFFICE You’re turning into your mother. Is this biological destiny? Yes. It can be, but then again… Sure it’s a compliment to look like your mother, but not when she’s 30 years older! The majority of you visiting our offices are concerned with facial aging. Often, the tell-tale signs are obvious, such as ‘crow’s feet’ by the eyes, vertical lip lines, frown and smile lines, and sagging skin. You do your research on fillers and Botox, and generally have great results. But this usually isn’t enough. Dry skin sends you flocking in for peels, lasers, and Microdermabrasion treatments. And to think that it starts off innocently enough; your once faithful moisturizer becomes undependable and useless. The skin seems insatiable, nothing is ever enough. Why does this happen? As we age, skin cells become thinner and less dense. Dead skin cells build up as a result of slower cell turnover; the skin looks dry, and surface damage becomes more visible as moisture leaks out. There are other more subtle changes that are not so obvious. When it comes to dull skin, it’s not what you see; it’s what you don’t see. All of a sudden you notice that your skin has lost its youthful radiance. Or you find that you need to use more and more foundation and concealors to even out your skin tone. You watch helplessly as the once “cute freckles” grow to become age spots, or you notice that after a few hours in the sun, brown patches seem to suddenly appear on your cheek and upper lip. Did you know that brown spots can make you look older than wrinkles? According to a recent study, when asked to estimate the age of a female face with uneven color and brown spots from a photograph, study subjects guessed 20+ years older than the actual age! So in summary, there are really 3 significant signs of aged skin: • The buildup of dead, dry skin cells and surface water loss • Lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin • Subtle dullness and age spots from excessive dark pigment We realize that because you are so busy, it’s hard for you to find time to visit the dermatologist. So, if you can get similar results at home, why not? The good news is that you can significantly address all of these skin issues with Rodan + Fields targeted regimen solution systems. We use Multi-Med Therapy; our smart skincare is clinically developed and includes effective, safe, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and carefully chosen cosmetic ingredients. We have the right ingredients, in the right formulations, and in the right order to produce real results. We guarantee it. If your concerns include dryness, surface damage, and lines and wrinkles; we suggest Rodan + Fields ANTI-AGE Regimen Plus. This 4 step system Refines skin texture, Signals collagen building, intensely moisturizes, and Protects against environmental assaults. If your skin appears dull and lacks luminosity; we suggest REVERSE Regimen to Exfoliate excess dead skin, Lighten and Brighten uneven color, and Protect with the right sunscreen to help prevent future discoloration. Would you like to reduce your dull skin and dark marks, lines and wrinkles? You may use the ANTI-AGE Regimen in the morning and REVERSE Regimen in the evening. We invite you to contact the RF Connection for more precise
  5. 5. instructions: This highly trained team of nurses and product specialists are available daily to answer your product or skin related inquiries. In the near future we will have our Solution Tool available on our website to give you a customized skincare routine. Have a wonderful summer! Dr. Katie Rodan