How to use brain whispering to re wire your


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How to use brain whispering to re wire your

  1. 1. Brenda McCreight Ph.D.
  2. 2.  What behaviors in your child trigger you to react ineffectively? Consider these triggers – make them conscious Have a plan to manage them when they occur
  3. 3.  You don’t have to become entangled in the mood of others – you can pull back and disengage Use your mirror neurons to over ride the other person’s brain chemistry and influence
  4. 4.  Rick Hanson asks “Are you making your client do more laps in hell?” Types of neuroscience based therapies – EMDR, biofeedback, neurofeedback, EFT, brain integration therapies, many somatic based therapies, dyadic developmental psychotherapy (Arthur Becker Wiedman)
  5. 5.  Many post trauma children don’t breath correctly = lack of 02 to the brain = lack of efficient cognitive processes Aerobic exercise of any kind Weight training (if old enough) Biofeedback, yoga
  6. 6.  Our children don’t generally learn from consequences Their brains expect punishment and have a behavioral repertoire to deal with it (negatively) Surprise the brain and notice every good thing and comment on it Say “You’re a good person”
  7. 7.  Know that when you yell you are both functioning in your amygdala Your child isn’t hearing you and is not learning anything positive in that moment You aren’t noticing any non-verbal messages from you child
  8. 8.  The consequences you use and the changes you expect to see actually feel the same to the child as the past abuse/neglect Therefore your consequences are re- enforcing the same negative wiring
  9. 9.  Find an activity or interest that allows success Get creative and accepting in this endeavor Actively support it – be as involved as your child will let you Don’t expect to see the results of this in the present
  10. 10.  When you consequence by taking something away – yourself, a toy, an activity etc the result will be either an emotional shut down or an activation of the fear circuitry which will cause negative acting out
  11. 11.  Touch or be physically close in a way that your child can accept it Teach how to hug Use eye contact as much as possible Be calm as much as possible Smile as much as possible
  12. 12.  Talk to a naturopath or physician about the benefits of vitamins and the best strength and type of the age and diagnosis
  13. 13.  Necessary for learning and many other complex cognitive processes including the capacity for attention Lack of sleep decreases cognitive processes and leads to obesity and other health related problems
  14. 14.  Please check out Brenda’s other powerpoints at Slideshare, courses at, books, and web sites. Email Online courses at