Hemrick Unit 8 post assessmentlive wimba session powerpoint

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  • 1. Unit 8 Post Assessment A Doll’s House
  • 2. ToonDoo or Powerpoint
    • Let’s pretend that at the end of the play, Nora decides to see a psychologist.
    • She is going through this very big life change, and let’s face it, she may need some help processing what she is going to do next.
  • 3. You Decide
    • Your job in this post assessment is to use either ToonDoo or powerpoint to create what that counseling session between Nora and her psychologist may have looked like.
  • 4. Directions
    • You will have a total of three scenes (3 frames to the cartoon or 2 PowerPoint slides)
  • 5. First Scene
    • In the first scene, the dialogue between Nora and the psychologist will convey what issue she would like to address 9her marriage, her new independence, her need to learn more about herself, etc.)
    • Think carefully about the play and what you think is the biggest issue Nora faces.
  • 6. Second scene
    • In the second scene, the psychologist will make a recommendation for Nora to successfully resolve/manage the issue. You will need to be familiar with the play to make this recommendation. You are the psychologist, so what do you think Nora needs most? For example, does the fact that Nora has children affect what the Dr. you) recommends?
  • 7. Third scene
    • In the third and last scene, Nora will react to the psychologist's
    • recommendation, and explain how she will apply it to her own life moving forward.
  • 8. Remember to call, text, pronto, or message me if you have any questions.