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Be Agile Rather Than Do Agile
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Be Agile Rather Than Do Agile


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Presentation at Agile Tour in Chengdu 2009, providing another look at why agile works with deep insight.

Presentation at Agile Tour in Chengdu 2009, providing another look at why agile works with deep insight.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Another look at why Agile works Be Agile rather than Do Agile Agile Tour 2009 in Chengdu
  • 2. Agenda
    • Another look at the software development
    • The nature call for Agile
  • 3. Difference between building a… And a Bridge… A Software…
  • 4. Design vs. Construction
    • Design
      • Difficult to predict
      • Require expensive and creative people
    • Construction
      • Easy to predict
  • 5. Design in software
    • Can you get a design that is capable of turning the coding into a predictable construction activity?
  • 6. The Base for Design
    • Civil Engineering models
    • Engineering Code
    • Mathematical Analysis
    • Software Design
    • Peer Review…
  • 7. Design effort for building a bridge is about 10% of the job Building a software for a large project , design is at least 50% of the work By Steve McConnell
  • 8. In fact
    • The source code is a design document and that the construction phase is actually the use of the compiler and linker.
    • -- Jack Reeves
  • 9. Conclusion
    • Software development is a creative process, which is not easily planned.
    • Predictability may well be an impossible target.
  • 10. Software Development: A Stochastic System
    • Requests arrive at different times with different effort
    • Test or programming effort take variable time
    • People work faster or slower, get sick, or work longer or shorter
    Even if the initial condition (or starting point) is known, there are many possibilities the process might go to, but some paths are more probable and others less.
  • 11. Queues – A way to manage a system
    • Detailed requirements specifications waiting for design
    • Code waiting to be tested
    • Components waiting to be integrated
  • 12. A Stochastic System with Queues
  • 13. As utilization goes up in a system with lots of variability, average cycle time gets worse
  • 14.
    • Nonlinear
    • Delay and overload does not start at 99.99%
    • Clearing the queue takes longer than making it
    Observations for highway
  • 15. Analogy to Traditional Product Development with big batches
  • 16. Throughput can get slowed by…
    • High utilization levels
    • Size of requirements
    • Variability
    • Queue size
  • 17. So, Queues are a Problem
    • Impact on cycle time
    • Inventory with no ROI
    • Allow defects
    • Affect the cost and ability to respond to change
  • 18. Queue management in Agile – 1
    • Change the system to utterly eradicate queues
      • Feature teams, Acceptance TDD …
    Sequential parallel
  • 19. Queue management in Agile – 2
    • Learn to see remaining queues with visual management
      • Product backlog
      • Sprint backlog
  • 20. Queue management in Agile – 3
    • Reduce variability
      • Clear-fine user story
      • Limited size of tasks
  • 21. Queue management in Agile – 4
    • Limit queue size
      • Time box
  • 22. Go towards Agile
    • Agile: ready ability to move with quick easy grace
    • Deliver value fast with high quality and morale
    • Constant improvement
  • 23. Next…
    • What’s the most important factor?
      • It’s all about People!
  • 24. Agile vs. discipline
    • Scrum & XP use and require a high level of disciplined people
  • 25.
    • Better to teach people and risk they leave, than not and risk they stay.
    • - anonymous
  • 26. Traditional management for people
    • Plug Compatible Programming Units
    • Resource utilization level 95%
    • Cost Control ….
    Lower Morale Good people will leave
  • 27. How will good people stay?
    • Be recognized as competent professionals
    • Allowed to decide on
    • how to conduct their
    • technical work
  • 28. Management in Agile
    • Boundaries and self-organizing
      • accepting the process rather than the imposition of a process.
      • make all technical decisions.
  • 29. Hierarchies in Agile
  • 30. Specialization in Agile
  • 31. Be Agile rather than do Agile
    • No matter how much agile practices you are using…
    • Are you adapting your process?
    • Are you putting people first?
  • 32. References
    • “ The New Methodology” of Martin Fowler
    • “ Scaling Lean & Agile Development” of Craig Larman and Bas Vodde .
    • “ What (Else) Can Agile Learn from Complexity?” presentation given by Jurgen Appelo at Agile 2009.
  • 33. Agile in System thinking
    • Today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions.
    • The harder you push, the harder the system pushes back.
    • Behavior will grow worse before it grows better
    • The easy way out usually leads back in
    • The cure can be worse than the disease
    • Faster is slower
    • There is no blame
    • Cause and effect are not closely related in time and space
    • Small changes can produce big results… but the areas of highest leverage are often the least obvious
    • You can have our cake and eat it too – but not all at once
    • Dividing an elephant in half does not produce two small elephants
  • 34. OutSofting introduction
    • In China, based in Beijing.
    • Agile development training (public and in-house)
      • Scrum introduction, CSM, CSPO.
      • Test-Driven Development.
    • Agile development consulting
      • Agile coaching for development organization
      • Agile coaching for executives.
      • Coaching on Engineering practices
      • Chinese-speaking ScrumMasters for project kick-off and team coaching.
      • Impediments identifications and solutions finding
    • Distribution of Agile development related tools in China
      • Such as Atlassian (has all the pieces of the puzzle) : Issue tracking, Agile project management, CI, Enterprise wiki.
  • 35. OutSofting’s mission in China
    • Actively contribute to the improvement and expansion of Agile development in China.