Quiz 3


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Quiz 3

  1. 1. Colegio San Patricio 3rd Reading Quiz 4th Period Exam School Year 2009-2010Name:____________________________________________________________List No. _____Date: _________________________________________________6th___________ I. - Read the selection. Then answer. (7pts each)I Immigrants at workIn the past ten years, most immigrants have come from Latin America, theCaribbean and Asia, to the United State. Some immigrants are educatedand work in technology or business careers, others come with few skills.Unskilled workers sometimes take farm jobs.Immigrants who come to work in the U.S. meet many challenges. Employersdo not always pay fair wages. In addition, sometimes the living conditions ofworkers are not good. They also can suffer if they don´t speak English, andsometimes they feel homesick for the country they came from. Because theyare from another country they customs and traditions are different.Find two facts and one opinion in the above passage.Fact 1 .____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Fact2._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Opinion___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Write a valid opinion based on the above passage.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. VOCABULARY Find the word or words with the same meaning as the underlined word. Choose the correct answer. (6pts)____ 1. After a while, the plants began to wilt. a. blossom b. recover c. wither____ 2. Aunt Laura felt nothing but torment. a. pain b. fatigue c. uneasiness____ 3. Lush fields came into view. a. fertile b. complete c. ugly____ 4. Do you expect to encounter any obstacle? a. help b. trouble c. accident____ 5. Who has authority here? a. confidence b. power c. permission____ 6. The truck paid a toll. a. fee b. parking ticket c. credit____ 7. The students had no access to the library computers. a. admittance b. reservoir c. control
  3. 3. COMPREHENSION Read each question. Choose the correct answer. (5pts)____ 8. What happened that made Cesar’s life turn “upside down”? a. He had to start working on his family’s farm. b. His family had to leave their farm. c. His brother could no longer play with him.____ 9. What happened in Cesar’s childhood that was an influence on the way he worked with people as an adult? a. His grandfather built a large house that would last forever. b. His mother told him to use his mind and words to settle conflicts. c. He spent every day with his brother, who was his best friend.____ 10. As a teenager, what was most important to Cesar? a. going to school b. helping his family c. organizing farm workers____ 11. What caused the farm workers to finally go on strike? a. receiving a cut in pay b. having to work with dangerous chemicals c. not getting rest periods____ 12. The most likely reason that Cesar was a better organizer of farm workers than outsiders was that a. he already knew what it was like to crisscross California. b. he had experienced what the farm workers had. c. he had not graduated from high school.____ 13. Which of the following was an important character trait for Cesar both as a child and as an adult? a. being stubborn b. being easily embarrassed c. easily trusting people