Green 2.0


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The Green 2.0 Revolution on planet earth.

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Green 2.0

  1. 1. A planetary repair initiative by A planetary repair initiative by Humanitad Energy Organization (IREO) in association with Humanitad the Intergovernmental Renewable Foundation & Alliance Partners
  2. 2. A planetary repair initiative by Humanitad Foundation & Alliance Partners
  3. 3. Green2.0 Gustodial Trust Humanitad earth sanctuaries annual concerts corporate the local custodial partnershipscommunity the global carbon trading community
  4. 4. BackgroundDeforestation is responsible for almost 20% of the Hundreds of organizations are doing vital workworld’s carbon emissions – that’s more than all of addressing virtually every level of the problem.the cars, planes, ships, trucks and trains on earth Yet, our rainforests continue to fall, estimates byput together. On top of this, forests and other bio- some at the rate of 10 million trees per day.logical systems are the only viable way of remov-ing the CO2 from our atmosphere. Despite our best efforts, the disappearance of our tropical rainforests, like many other globalStopping deforestation is one of the most obvious economic, social and environmental crises, seemsand immediate solutions to address the pressing to lie beyond our ability to control.issue of human climate change. Obviously something more is needed.The Amazon River Basin is the home to our largestrainforest on Earth representing over half of the We believe that the Green2.0 initiative can andplanets remaining rainforests. As the Green2.0 will contribute in a meaningful way towards thatInitiative focuses the world’s attention toward the ‘something’...Amazon (phase 1) and thereafter Equatorial Afri-ca and Asia (Phase 2 & 3), a critical impact shouldbe achieved in reversing the destruction that weare now witnessing.
  5. 5. ‘The Green 2.0 Concerts Countdown to a model ‘Green’ event... - All concert energy to originate from renewable sourcesu Inaugural Concert: Autumn 2011 - Vendors to use recycled or biodegradable productsu Location: Amazon (TBD) - Venue offices and walkways to be energy optimized - All signage produced from recycled materialsu Audience: 200,000 tickets - All event air travel offset through carbon creditsu Broadcast: 150+ nationsu International Talent: 7-10 major International starsu Domestic Talent: 7-10 major Brazilian music artistsu Broadcast reach: Over 1 Billion viewersBroadcast Production by Hal Uplinger ( Live-Aid/ The Millennium Broadcast etc..)Broadcast Direction by Lou Horvitz ( Live-Aid/ The Oscars/ The Emmy’s etc..)
  6. 6. The Amazonic InitiativePhase 1 of Green2.0 is focusing on the Amazon. The platform is embracingthe nine countries across which the Amazon Forest exists: Brazil, Bolivia,Peru, Ecuador, Colombia,Venezuela, Guyana, and Suriname, as well as FrenchGuiana (France)These nations are being invited to come together to ‘bequest’ areas of theirunder-protected rainforest to Green2.0 for a minimum period of 20 years.Green 2.0 will utilize this bequest as a lever to deliver the following benefits:u A multi billion dollar Rehabilitation, Conservation, Sustainability & Economic Development Program* in partnership with local communitiesu To raise global awareness around the issues of reforestation and to engage the global population in reversing this trendu To host annual concerts in each of the Amazonic nations year on year which will promote each Amazonic nation in turn - via global telecast events Annual concert datelines to be confirmed with Amazonic nation partnersBrazil Ecuador Peru Bolivia Colombia Venezuela Guyana Suriname Fr Guiana* See supporting documents: ‘Rehabilitation, Conservation, Sustainable & Economic Development’
  7. 7. The Movementu The Governmental Custodial ConsortiumComprising of supporting international nation states and multi-national corporates committed to fast-tracking a robust modelfor sustainable preservation of the rainforestsu The Green 2.0 Corporate Custodial PartnershipsAligning like minded organizations, corporations and individualsthat subscribe to the objectives of the Green 2.0 initiative andwish to support its creation. Green2.0 patrons will be affordedvarious benefits. (Please supporting document)u The Green2.0 Global CommunityComprising of millions of engaged citizens from around the worldconnected through a powerful web2.0 enabled platform whosesupport will be channelled and nurtured for mutual benefitu The Green 2.0 Carbon TradingWorking with international investment bank BNP PARIBAS - weare financing a significant proportion of the Green2.0 Programthrough the voluntary carbon-trading market. This will not onlyensure rainforest protection but will contribute toward fundingmultimillion dollar community projects throughout the regions
  8. 8. u The Green 2.0 Local CommunitiesCitizens throughout the nine Amazonic nations coming together toembrace and benefit from bespoke programs and initiatives which willgreatly benefit their communitiesu The Humanitad Earth SanctuariesDesignated areas which will serve as a permanent exposition forinnovation and ‘best practices’ in sustainable and conscious living,hubs of ethical-trading & green commerce (please request supportingdocuments: Humanitad Earth Sanctuaries)u The Green2.0 ‘ConcertsAnnual Concerts are to be staged as a global telecast two-dayfestival , featuring a mix of AAA international talent. One majorstadium concert will be staged each year - rotating between theparticipating Green2.0 Nations. Global telecasts will aim to reach1 billion viewers.The Humanitad media team are responsible for some of thegreatest and pioneering broadcasts in history including Live-Aid,Sport-Aid, Net-Aid, The Millennium Broadcast and The Oscars.
  9. 9. Stakeholder Benefitsu The Planet..- The conservation and preservation of millions of hectares of critical rainforest translating into less extinction of species, less pressure on our climate system, less poverty and the preservation of indigenous culturesu The Green2.0 Government Custodial Consortium..- Position themselves as global thought leaders and doers in the sustainability space- Address the development needs of local communities, freeing up resources whilst promoting themselves as proactive & responsible eco-tourism destinationsu The Green2.0 Corporate Custodial Partnerships..- Position their CSR agendas at the planetary centerstage of environmentalismu The Green2.0 Global Community..- Launches as a dynamic and meaningful movement enabling people to make a real difference directly whilst enjoying some benefits for themselvesu The Green2.0 Local Communities..- Secure fully funded sustainability & conservation programs to neutralize risks they might otherwise face - providing them with positive revenue sources
  10. 10. Revenue Streamsu voluntary carbon trading u corporate sponsorships u annual Green2.0 Concert(s) revenues u broadcast media-licensing & sales u album-sales and residuals u Green2.0 merchandise & licensing u Humanitad u Green2.0 sustainability programs u Tribe Management u eco tourism initiatives u BNP Paribasu community trading initiatives u Deloitte & Touche Key Delivery Partners
  11. 11. Please Contact:Tribe Management: Neill DuffyTelephone: +44 (0) 7546675565Email: neill.duffy@tribemanagement.euTribe Management: Andrew DentTelephone: +44 (0) 7796947114Email: