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Resume 2010

  1. 1. Denise S. Breheny<br />32208 Cedar Crest Ct., Temecula, CA, 92592<br />704-584-9373 •<br />Lactation Consultant-RNC-MNN<br />Professional Summary<br />I am a dedicated RN, IBCLC with over 15 years of experience as a certified lactation consultant. I am currently working on my MSN as a clinical nurse leader and working towards a career transition into a clinical leadership role. I offer a solid foundation in lactation and the skills, knowledge and interest to promote breastfeeding. I offer extensive knowledge of cultural, psychological psychosocial, nutritional, and pharmacological aspects of breastfeeding. I have a solid understanding of current breastfeeding practices and research findings. I am able to work with adult learners and have an understanding of adult learning principles. I have the ability to provide leadership for activities to promote breastfeeding in the community.<br />PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE<br />Carolinas Medical Center • Charlotte, North Carolina 28205• January 2007 – January 2011<br />CMC is a Tertiary care center with the largest free standing children’s hospital between Washington DC and Atlanta. CMC has over 7000 births per year with a breastfeeding initiation rate of 80%. The NICU has 85 beds. Up to 70 outpatient patient consults are competed each month along with a 24 hr. telehealth breastfeeding helpline. <br />Lactation Consultant, IBCLC, RNC-MNN<br />Position Description – This position was allocated at 0.5 FTE outpatient consultations and 0.5 FTE with NICU inpatient consultations. Objectives included increasing cost center revenue generated through an increased number of clients choosing the facility because of customer satisfaction with enhanced services.<br />Developed, implemented, and evaluated breastfeeding programs for patient and family education both prenatally and postpartum<br />Provide breastfeeding assessment, support, and counseling to both inpatients and outpatients<br />Conduct daily rounds/appointments of breastfeeding mothers<br />Revisit mothers who are experiencing problems<br />Perform physical breastfeeding assessments<br />Develop plans of care with mothers<br />Provide problem-solving advice and support<br />Provide anticipatory guidance<br />Document teaching and progress on patient’s charts (CERNA)<br />Coordinated and provided home follow-up through phone calls and appointment scheduling<br />Made appropriate referrals to physicians, breastfeeding support groups and other services<br />Coordinated with mothers providing breastmilk for a donor milk bank and NICU<br />Provided a drop-in clinic for weight checks and to discuss problems and give anticipatory guidance to mothers and families<br />Collaborated on the development, implementation and evaluation of teaching aids<br />Regularly consulted with and attended rounding with physicians and nursing staff on breastfeeding protocols and standards of care<br />Maintained a file and reviewed current information and research data on breastfeeding- Facilitated a monthly Lactation Journal Club<br />Served as a resource for parents, staff, physicians, students and volunteer support group counselors<br />Established, reviewed, and revised policies, procedures and standards of care that impact breastfeeding<br />Developed, reviewed and revised breastfeeding policies, care plans, patient literature and staff scripting<br />Maintained statistics to assess the effectiveness of IBCLC services<br />Conducted prenatal breastfeeding classes<br />In hospital breastfeeding classes<br />Postpartum classes after babies are discharged<br />In-service education for staff<br />Orientation of staff<br />Teaching of staff through a mentorship/preceptor program<br />Novant Presbyterian Medical Center • Charlotte, NC 28204• April 2003 – July 2009<br />Presbyterian is a tertiary care center with over 6000 annual deliveries and a 85% breastfeeding initiation rate. <br />Lactation Consultant<br />Worked for both in-patient and outpatient as a lactation consultant at the Charlotte Main hospital as well as the satellite hospital in Huntersville, NC. This was a PRN-Per Diem position.<br />Provided lactation care and clinical management through systematic problem solving to breastfeeding mothers.<br />Conducted and performed bedside lactation rounds daily.<br />Planned, organized and delivered lactation management services to all breastfeeding patients, both in-patient and outpatient<br />Lake Norman Regional Medical Center• Mooresville, NC 28117• January 2002 – September 2007<br />LNRMC is a comprehensive regional hospital with 123 beds. LNRMC averages 2000 deliveries annually and maintain a breastfeeding rate of 85%. They have a 10 bed Level II NICU that uses donor breastmilk. <br />RN-Lactation Consultant<br />Assessed, implemented and evaluated lactation support services to expectant, new parents and hospital staff. Applied specialized knowledge and skills to assist new mothers and families towards maximizing their success in breastfeeding. Demonstrated leadership skills, learning theories, flexibility, receptiveness and the ability to instill self-confidence and motivation.<br /> <br />Provided lactation care and clinical management through systematic problem solving to breastfeeding mothers.<br />Conducted and performed bedside lactation rounds daily.<br />Planned, taught and evaluated classes for expectant and new breastfeeding mothers<br />Created a milieu that promoted learning for staff and patients<br />Planned, organized and delivered lactation management services to all breastfeeding patients, both in-patient and outpatient<br />Developed a marketing plan to increase revenue by generating increased numbers of patients choosing lactation services from the facility<br />Shared Governance Practice Committee <br />Heart to Heart/Mother’s Helper Home Health• Fayetteville, NC 28304• January 1995 – December 2002<br />Self-employed joint venture with Mother’s Helper Home Health consultant in Cumberland County in private practice. <br />Owner-Partner/Lactation Consultant-Childbirth Educator<br />Services include by not limited to: Private home visits; counseling and management of the nursing dyad from birth to weaning, community lecturer/educator and maternal/child referral source for Cumberland County. Heart to Heart offered personalized instruction for breastfeeding products including Hollister Ameda/Egnell or Medela. Offered Labor Doula contract, home health services (RN intake to CAP program) and Lamaze Childbirth Classes. <br />Participation in the committee developing: ILCA Evidence Based Guidelines for Breastfeeding Management during the first 14 days<br />Founding member of Cumberland County Breastfeeding Task Force<br />Participating Childbirth Educator provider in the practitioner network for American Whole Health, Inc. for participation in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Network<br />Contracted provider of services with TRICARE insurance<br />Medicare-Medicaid DME equipment service provider<br />EDUCATION<br />BSN, Nursing, Queens University of Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina<br />MSN-Clinical Nurse Leader Track, California State University San Marcos, San Marcos, California <br />(In progress expected date of graduation, 2012)<br />RNC-MNN, IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultant with 15 years’ experience in breastfeeding management • Good understanding of diverse emotional, and psychological response to lactation, and parenting • Skilled in providing lactation instruction and support • Excellent customer service and effective listening skills Exceptional ability to perform physical tasks • Strong written and oral communication skills<br />Lactation Consultant • RN • IBCLC • RNC-MNN Lactation Consultant • BSN • Registered Nurse • Clinical Nurse • California Registered Nurse License• CPR• NRP • Bilingual • Board Certified Lactation Consultant •Breastfeeding Education • Breastfeeding Educator • Teaching • In-service education • Perinatal Educatorinterpersonal, written & verbal communication skills • group facilitator/process skills • computer literacy • CERNA • Adult Learning knowledge • Critical Thinking •NOMAS® Certified • Home Health • Telehealth<br />