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These are the slides that I showed during my thesis defense last April at Emily Carr University. It went very well, with some great questions at the end from my panel.

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MAA Defense Presentation

  1. 1. SARAH HAY ECI MAA design candidate Thesis presentation SLOW DESIGN April 24th 2008. 15:00 PT. Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  2. 2. AGENDA • background: Industrial Design to Communication Design to Slow Design and Creative Strategy • timeline: ongoing project / the last 2 years made visual • thesis paper: slow design: the lost art of shifting gears festina lente, seven generation theory and creative collaborations • thesis project: RAFT: slow process and outcome driven Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  3. 3. WHY TIME? There is a correlation between velocity, and the health of the environment. Time is perceived as a barrier to more sustainable modes of living and working. Explorations are informed by long term, cyclical thinking. Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  4. 4. TIME Time is fundamental to our understanding of the world. It is simultaneously a structure, a dimension, a quantity, a concept, infinite, and finite. It is rhythmic cyclical linear sequential. Our lives could be thought of as successions of events of various durations of various scales. Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  5. 5. T I M E L I N E (the last 2 years) Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  6. 6. time line (september 2006 to may 2008) snow storm lunar eclipse meteor lunar eclipse spring rainbow perfect double rainbow rain rain rain rain big sur phosphoresense solar eclipse perfect rainbow georgia strait strange weather forest fires news light house park interior BC Gossip Island Vancouver Civic Strike practice sail winter sailing moved apartments 39th annual 39th annual southern straits southern straits activities 26birthday sail mad max planning and website Gossip Aboriginal Front Door Island RAW recycled art works board meeting Conscientious Innovation arts n crafts RAW recycled art works ARC ARC rhizome rhizome board meeting Lund collage cards puppets finding home cardboard BC CBE nests centre for breakfast excellence San Francisco is formed! 1 day design charrette NYE 2008 Design Nerd Jam Push festival > Scarface identity exchange VAG Fred Herzog Burning RAFT Light House 8 hours / week 3 day design charrette panama turtles internship Seattle field trip farmboy fine arts Man Buntzen Lake waiting spaces seed was planted Kaos Pilots charrette my 27 studen hiring committee student sick-o birthday CIRS / Stantec meeting RAFT moon calendars VAG Paint CIRS meeting @ Stantec Van Isle sailing Amanda Mitchell biggest barrier is social False Creek mini practicum studio visit @ LCS and Mithun 360 fraser lightships SPACES magazine > wind water time energy The Hidden City EATart work party EATart fundraiser end of term soropta beach panama energy awareness through art presentation to class turtle conservation design drawing g GLOBE conference Ethical Progressive Intelligent Consumer experience EPIC BC Home + Garden Show community development morphology half insect / half machine bicycle sustainable living expo Vancouver Home and interior Design Show field recording 202 F002 Colour School Vancouver City Series time praxis s (the practice) SSHRC blurring boundaries research methods paper weaving words conscientious innovation internship Deleuze - 1000 Plateaus on Beautification september m october november m december m january a february u march c april l may june july august september october november december january february march april ma ay influence research methods seminar research methods seminar intro presentation internship paper thesis proposal / presentation (the theory) the long tail spanish moving radical art festina lente Interactivity interactivity paper the bottle is a cat Fluxus creative class maps Tools For Conviviality thesis social process social innovation sound walk (listen) biomimcry self reliance to make haste slowly psychogeography mash ups Regenerative Building slow design the lost art of shifting gears new genre public art Happenings design intervention applied arts brand planning necker cube art intervention shared responses to the soundwalk leatherbacks creative strategy relational aesthetics John Cage performances spime = space + time community social software mangroves festina lente RAFT begins concepts inter trans multi disciplinary accidents community phenomenology talks VanCity Speaker La Commune Discussion Group Helen Goodland Alex Stefan field research Bill Moggridge Ann Thorpe Metaphor Light Resource Lecture Van Jones Amanda Mitchell Net Zero Building Janine MacCleod World Changing interactivity Designers’ Atlas James Bond Forgotten But Not Gone Maurice Blanchot Green Guide slow Blessed Unrest The Essential Solitude Vantage Point VPL > Public Spaces Karim Rashid Carl Safina 7 generation Paul Hawken William Rees Topology and Learning about Learning Ezio Manzini E. Grosz, Business of Beauty BBC Blue Planet reads Thinking the New: Virginia Wolf Post Design Voyage of the Turtle theory Eternally Yours Ecological Perspective BBC Planet Earth Enabling solutions the myth of everyday life hannah arendt and jean baudrillard Margeret Atwood participatory ecological design pedagogy in the consumer Of Futures Yet Unthought secret life of things Driven to Distraction Ti-Fu Tuan Ayn Rand Oryx and Crake Time in Design Six Memos for the Next Conscious Strategic Design Piloting Ornamental Knots Earth From Above Ed Van Hindte Millenium Edgar Morin Topophilia Atlas Shrugged as a Strategic Tool Chapman MoMA Elastic Mind Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus The Curious Incident Italo Calvino Kamille Friis Seven complex lessons for future of education Earnst Haekel Nicolas Bourriard David Abrams The Weather Carol Becker death of environmentalism of the Dog in the Night Time Art Forms in Nature Relational Aesthetics Spell of the Sensuous Robertson Lonely Planet’s Subversive Imagination: Harvest Emotionally Durable Design The Weathermakers Visualizing Research Experimental Travel Artists, Society, and Social Responsibility Janine Benyus Ethnographers Toolkit Future Farmers Chapman Gaston Bachelard Easy to Make Furniture Biomimicry Malcom Gladwell Amy F. i books Susan Lacy Strangely Familiar Poetics of Space Storage Ideas Blink The Golden Spruce Outside Architecture Mapping the Terrain Liam Gillick Smart Architecture Design and the Everyday Literally No Place Spiral Dynamics Italo Calvino Diana Forsyth Jane Jacobs Invisible Cities Studying Those Who Study Us Slow Thinking Ed van Hindt Paul Virilio Aalvar Alto Open Sky Nature of Economies TOP Lightness, Smart Janine Benyus Architecture for Humanity Le Corbusier Ed van Hindt Biomimicry Design Like You Give a Damn Joe Columbo Slow Design Design: Fuad Luke 8’ Eternally Yours history theory and practice of product design Shigeru Ban John Thakara visions on product endurance The Secret of Culture In the Bubble 8’ Geography and Imagination World Changing Olafur Eliason Ed van Hindt Daniel Birnbaum Take Your Time Chronology Stuart Walker @ SF MOMA Smart Architecture FRONT SIDE Sustainable by Design Bruce Sterling RAFT Shaping Things design evolves
  7. 7. I N T E R N S H I P (summer 2007) Playa Soropta, Panama – sea turtle conservation Light House Sustainable Building Centre – communication design Conscientious Innovation – creative strategy + design Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  8. 8. THESIS PAPER • slow design and the lost art of shifting gears • reprioritization of time in the design / decision making process • festina lente, seven generations and sustainments • defining a process / method for slow design • emotional durability / beyond ‘green design’ • use the thesis project RAFT as a vehicle to test the theoretical, to manifest slow design. Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  9. 9. SLOW DESIGN A theoretical framework (Fuad-Luke 2004) • process: holistic, inclusive, permits evolution • desired outcomes: reduce resource flow and therefore consumption individual, socio-cultural, environmental well being • overlapping themes: tradition, ritual, experiential, evolved, slowness, eco-efficiency, open source, technology Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  10. 10. LOCATING SLOW DESIGN Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  11. 11. THESIS PROJECT>RAFT 1. process driven: built of salvaged and/or sustainable material improvisation and subjective preferences and intuition each material has a narrative, slow design exposes these through the act of making - together they build in layers of meaning to the object 2. outcome driven: floating platform for peaceful enjoyment and informal education participatory design requires people to help assemble and disassemble hands on learning – rope tying, lashing techniques Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  12. 12. Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  13. 13. MATERIALS • timber pallets > Steveston Marine (free) • 200L HDPE barrels > (purchased) • 3” bamboo > ID students, bamboo world (purchased) • rope > Steveston Marine (purchased) • inner tube > Wreckless bikes (free) • oars > (purchased) • netting > Fishermen’s Wharf (free) Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  14. 14. ASSEMBLY Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  15. 15. T E S T L A U N C H – False Creek Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  16. 16. E X P E R I E N C E – Buntzen Lake Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  17. 17. E X P E R I E N C E – False Creek Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  18. 18. V A N T A G E P O I N T – perceptual shifts inspire change Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  19. 19. CONCLU SION I believe that sustainability can emerge out of the celebration of slowness, with rigorous sensibility towards the environment, quality of life and temporal rhythms which can be integrated into the designing of objects, structures and spaces over time. Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  20. 20. THANK YOU Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  21. 21. FURTHER QUESTIONS • what would I do differently? • what I will take away with me? • what’s next? • a new research question? Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
  22. 22. SLOW DESIGN TEMPLATE Sarah Hay MAA Design Candidate Thesis Presentation
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