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Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
Battle of midway
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Battle of midway


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Project for History

Project for History

Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. The Battle of Midway Island
    Presented by Claire Cappelle
  • 2. Midway Island
  • 3. Back Story
    • Previous battle: The Battle of Coral Sea (American Victory)
    • 4. Yorktown Aircraft damaged from previous battle
    • 5. Commander-in-Chief (Japan): Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
    • 6. Commander-in-Chief (USA): Admiral Chester W Nimitz
  • Before the Battle
    Wanted to Capture Midway Island as a base for taking the rest of the Pacific Islands
    Planned to take Midway on June 3
    Wanted to meet at Midway to destroy US Fleet
    War Planners Careless
    United States
    US Naval Officers found out Japanese were planning to bomb Midway Island
    Adm Nimitz carefully planned planes carefully according to the code that was broken
    Force led by Rear Admiral RaymonSprunace
  • 7. A fighter plane in the midst of the Battle of Midway
  • 8. Information
    Task Force 16 led by the Enterprise left on May 28
    Japan had 6 aircraft carriers, 11 battle ships, 13 cruisers and 45 destroyers
    US had ¼ supplies of Japanese
    Aircrafts (US)
    USS Enterprise
    USS Hornet
    USS Yorktown (Damaged from previous battle)
  • 9.
  • 10. Morning of June 4
    USS Enterprise, USS Hornet, and USS Yorktown main aircrafts, led by USS Enterprise
    Japanese launches air attack with 108 planes
    US saw planes on Radar & went into position
    US failed on brutal Japanese attack
    Japanese destroyed most American torpedoes
    Skies became very dark because of constant shooting
  • 11. USS Yorktown is being attacked by a Japanese torpedo.
  • 12. Afternoon
    Japanese destroyed USS Yorktown but Nimitz places the rest of the ships correctly
    Skies were set up for American dive-bombers
    American aircraft caught Hiryu and damaged it
    3 main flyers dropped bombs and torpedoes on 3 of four Japanese carriers
    Within 5 minutes US killed 3 of 4 Japanese ships
  • 13. VT-8 TBF at Midway Island
  • 14. After Five Minutes…
    All Japanese torpedoes shot
    Japan lost ½ of its carrier force
    Japanese greatly damaged Midway, but could not capture the field
    Japanese lost its frontline aviators and 250 aircraft
    Japanese retreated and reversed the tide of the war: Japan was on the defense
  • 15. Battle of Midway Memorial
  • 16. The Importance of the Battle of Midway
    Japanese code broken
    Displayed that the USA could win something
    Proved the stamina of the USA
    Japan could not advance further
  • 17. Midway Island Today
  • 18. Significance of World War II
    Japan was now on the defensive side
    Japan’s best naval officers were wiped out
    Japan was not able to advance anymore
    USA was the one who Japan watched out for
  • 19. Sources
    American History Textbook
    Battle of Midway: World War II in Color s