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SFH Webinar Session 3
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SFH Webinar Session 3


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Published in: Real Estate

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  • Emphasize use of registry!!
  • Emphasize use of registry!!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Language and Provisions: Guide to Drafting a Smoke-Free Policy in Multi-Unit Housing
    • 2. For Today… Once you have decided to go smoke-free, it’s time to begin thinking about what type of policy you want, and how to put that policy into words. This webinar will address everything from where in your lease a smoke-free policy can reside, rules for adding such a provision to a lease, and tips for communicating policy change to tenants and prospective tenants.
    • 3.
      • 1. Make a plan. 2. Hold a Meeting. 3. Inform Tenants.
      • 4. Amend New Leases. 5. Promote Your Status.
      Steps Involved in Policy Adoption
    • 4. Step One: Make a Plan
      • First, evaluate your property.
      • Determine what is best for:
        • Your property (designated areas)
        • Your tenants (grandfathering)
      • Review the policies of properties with similar geography and demographics.
    • 5. Step One: Make a Plan
      • Set a date
      • Determine parameters of your desired policy
      • Determine how you are going to communicate your policy to a) staff, b) tenants, c) guests
              • Letters
              • Signs
              • Advertisements
              • Newsletters
    • 6. Step One: Make a Plan
      • Prepare your message (key examples)
          • “ It’s about the smoke, not the smoker”
          • “ A smoke-free policy does not require that anyone quit smoking, rather take their smoking away from the property for the health of all occupants and the safety of the property”
          • “ Smoke-free policy adoption can save up to $3000 on the turnover of a single unit by eliminating the damage and cleanup caused by smoking in an apartment unit.”
    • 7. Step Two: Hold a Meeting
      • Meet with your board and executive staff to discuss the implementation plan.
      • Meet with all property staff to outline the rules and responsibilities of the new policy.
      • Hold a meeting for tenants to discuss the details of your proposed policy and encourage questions and feedback.
    • 8. Step Two: Hold a Meeting
      • Provide information on the benefits of smoke-free housing
          • Financial
          • Health
          • Safety
          • Legal
      • Provide tenants with information on the Maine Tobacco HelpLine, a no-cost program for quitting tobacco use 1-800-207-1234
    • 9. Step Three: Inform Tenants
      • Send a letter to all tenants outlining your policy
          • Include justification
          • Definition of policy
          • Date of implementation
          • Implications of policy violations
      • Sample Letter
      • Allow tenants to respond, in person or in writing, to the policy intent.
    • 10. Step Four: Amend New Leases
      • Add a smoke-free policy to your house rules
        • This should occur no sooner than 30 days following
        • the written announcement of your intent.
            • For private properties , add to the lease of all new and renewing tenants a lease provision
            • For public housing , add the smoke-free clause to the house rules and have each new or renewing tenant sign the provision.
    • 11. Step Four: Amend New Leases
      • ABOVE ALL, follow the rules of your existing lease!
          • Your current lease should explain:
          • a) The amount of notice tenants are to be provided before changes are made.
          • b) Enforcement of lease provisions and rules
    • 12. Step Four: Amend New Leases
      • Sample Policy #1 (House rules)
      • Sample Policy #2 (PHA)
      • Sample Policy #3 (Addendum)
    • 13. Step Four: Amend New Leases
      • Sample Policy #4 (Addendum)
      • Sample Policy #5 (Condominium)
    • 14. Step Five: Promote Your Status
      • Change all applications to include information regarding your smoke-free policy
      • Notify all wait-listed tenants of the policy change
      • Add to all newspaper and other detailed advertisement that your building is smoke-free (assuming it is 100% smoke-free).
      • a) “Smoke-free”
      • b) “Non-smoking”
      • c) NS or N/S
    • 15. Step Five: Promote Your Status
      • Post signage and provide tenants with reminders .
      • Register your apartment on the free Smoke-Free for ME online registry .
    • 16.
      • FREE smoke-free housing registry for landlords & tenants in ME
      • Landlord brochure, fact sheets, packets, training video- all downloadable from site
      • Tenant fact sheets in several languages-downloadable from site
      • Magnets, key chains & window clings for Maine landlords
      • Call (207) 874-8774 or [email_address] for TA
      • Copies of this presentation available on
      You Have Resources
    • 17. Smoke-Free Housing Webinar Series: Session 4 Thursday, May 6, 2010 2:30‑3:15pm Host: Amy Olfene Ensuring Compliance: A Guide to Enforcement of a Smoke-Free Policy and Reporting Violations Next Webinar