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Healthy iaq measures in residential settings october5,2010
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Healthy iaq measures in residential settings october5,2010


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  • 1. What is Healthy Housing? • Dry • Clean • Pest-Free • Safe • Contaminant Free • Ventilated • Maintained
  • 2. Today’s Agenda • Asthma • Smoke-Free Housing • Carbon monoxide poisoning • Radon
  • 3. Asthma in Maine (BRFSS Data) •Maine has the 3rd highest adult current asthma rate in the US at 10.3%. Nat’l avg. 8.5% •Maine’s current child asthma rate is 9.4%. Nat’l avg. 9%. •In 2000, Maine’s current adult asthma rate was 8.9% - highest in the US. Nat’l avg. 7.2%.
  • 4. Indoor Environmental Asthma Triggers •Oil & Wood heat– ME has the highest rate of oil heated homes in the Country •Old Homes = dust and mold •Cockroaches & Pests •Pets: fur, hair & dander •Secondhand smoke •Other - idiopathic
  • 5. Healthy Maine 2010 Asthma Objectives  Reduce the # of school/work days missed due to asthma.  Reduce the # of ED visits due to asthma.  Reduce the # of hospitalizations due to asthma.  Increase the proportion of persons with asthma who receive formal patient education.  Establish a surveillance tracking system for asthma.
  • 6. Asthma Action Plan
  • 7. Secondhand Smoke & Asthma •Children exposed to SHS in the home are 44% more likely to suffer from asthma. •SHS can trigger asthma episodes and increase the severity of attacks. •SHS is a risk factor for new cases of asthma in preschool aged children who have not already exhibited asthma symptoms. •Many of the health effects of SHS, including asthma, are most clearly seen in children because children are most vulnerable to its effects.
  • 8. Secondhand Smoke is Deadly • Surgeon General says there is NO safe level of exposure. SHS is a Group A carcinogen– a substance known to cause cancer in humans for which there is no safe level of exposure. • No ventilation system is effective in removal of toxins ~ up to 65% air exchange between units. • Just as deadly than vehicle exhaust, arsenic, lead, asbestos and a host of other toxins.
  • 9. Smoke-Free Policies…crucial to a Healthy Home • Take a pledge to not smoke in your home or car. • Never let caregivers smoke in or around your children. • Create smoke-free policies for all your properties. •HUD and MaineHousing support smoke-free policies. •It saves you time and money. •You have resources to help
  • 10. Successes in Smoke-Free Environments o No smoking in Foster Homes o No smoking in cars with children under 16 o State Beaches o All indoor public places o School grounds- 365/24/7 o18 of 20 Public Housing Authorities & 44% of private multi-unit landlords o Outdoor dining
  • 11. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning ED Visits 2003-2006 Detectors - 2004
  • 12. How Mainers get Poisoned • 49% Poisoned at home, 10% at work • 35% Poisoned from exhaust • 19% poisoned from generator • 13% each from furnace or propane fridge • 60% of those poisoned by exhaust were poisoned in garage or barn
  • 13. Sex Differences (2002-2006)
  • 14. CO Detectors • Battery powered or battery backup • Change batteries at Daylight Savings Time • Maintain combustion sources and chimneys • New Law: Maine Requires CO Detectors in Apartments and new renovations
  • 15. Success stories • Family of 7 woken up by CO alarm. Faulty propane stove. • Residents evacuated from Apt. building. Faulty propane furnace vent.
  • 16. Resources
  • 17. Radon in Maine 50% 30% Of Maine homes Of Maine homes report may have indoor air levels of radon above 2 pCi/L that they have tested their indoor air for radon
  • 18. Magnitude of the risk – what is safe? PERC Radon in Water 5 in a million 3 in a thousand less cancer risk more MTBE Chlordane Radon in Air 3 in a million 70 in a million 2 pCi/L 1 in a hundred to 1 in a thousand
  • 19. Resources – click on radon
  • 20.  Machais – April 5th  Presque Isle – April 6th  Auburn – April 12th  Waterville – April 13th  These daylong health homes trainings are funded by the Maine Asthma Program
  • 21. Contacts Eric Frohmberg – 287-8141 Sarah Mayberry– 874.8774 Fire Marshall’s Office - 626-3873 Maine Radon Program – 800-232-0842 Maine Asthma Program – Jim Braddick - 287-7302