Breathe Easy Coalition Annual Meeting Overview Presentation


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Overview presentation about the Breathe Easy Coalition of Maine from the 2010 Annual Meeting on June 28, 2010.

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Breathe Easy Coalition Annual Meeting Overview Presentation

  1. 1. Breathe Easy Coalition of Maine
  2. 2. Agenda Breathe Easy Coalition overview Tina Pettingill Advocacy Award Maine Tobacco-Free College Network Lauri Sidelko, University of Maine, Orono Maine Tobacco-Free Hospital Network Nate Morse, Healthy Community Coalition, Farmington Smoke-Free Housing Coalition Sarah Mayberry, Breathe Easy Coalition Legislative and Policy Opportunities for Smoke-Free Environments Amy Olfene, Health Policy Partners Adjourn
  3. 3. • Assess your population- don’t assume you know what they want/need.• Become the experts.• Be strategic- inform landlords and then empower tenants.• Make and keep friends.
  4. 4. • Focus on voluntary policy implementation.• Be passionate- its contagious!• Community coalitions, ‘champion’ housing professionals and others have had a huge impact on Coalition success.• Use the press whenever possible.
  5. 5. Major Accomplishments to Date• Perseverance and follow-up is key.• Focus on Series most important to our population. Webinar factors -Financial impact, market-niche, ease of enforcement, etc.• Work with state housing authority and larger developments to set a precedence around smoke- free housing.• Make it easy—always provide the resources to make the process as effortless as possible.
  6. 6. Simple concepts replicated•An internationallyrecognized & successfulmodel in which to replicate.•We have added experts toour Committees.•More participation needed!
  7. 7. Major Achievements in 2009/2010 •18 of 20 Public Housing Authorities & 44% of private multi-unit landlords are smoke-free! •SFH webinar series- 5 sessions/55 -80. •Creation of BEC umbrella, newly formed Executive Committee and Advisory Committee. •The establishment of and •Re-creation of Gold Star Standards of Excellence for Hospital campuses.
  8. 8. Challenges in 2010/2011•Registry merger with MaineHousing.•100% of PHA’s and 3/5 tribal HA’s to be smoke-free.•Smoke-free to be a threshold requirement for QAP.•Work with the Maine Asthma Council Homes Workgroupto implementation a comprehensive Healthy Housingtraining program and initiative.
  9. 9. Challenges in 2010/2011•Creation & dissemination of Enforcement Kit.•Best practice guidelines/handbook for adopting andenforcing tobacco-free policies on hospital campuses.•Host at least two webinars on the adoption andenforcement of tobacco-free policies on hospital campuses.
  10. 10. Challenges in 2010/2011•Create and disseminate survey of college campus staff todetermine their needs from MTFCH.•Develop best practice guidelines/handbook for adoptingand enforcing tobacco-free policies on college campuses.•Create awards program for grading and recognizing Mainespost-secondary educational institutions on the state of theirtobacco policies.
  11. 11. BEC Executive Committee Sarah Mayberry Tina Pettingill Carol Coles Bethany Sanborn Bonnie Irwin Nate Morse Barbara Perry Bill Primmerman Linda Christie Robin Mayo Bethany Fortier Amy Olfene
  12. 12. Mark your calendar!Tenant recruitment in 2010- the free and easy way to list your multi-units in MaineSeptember 16, 20102-3pm EST