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History141ass3 History141ass3 Presentation Transcript

  • Assignment 3 New York City: The Crossroad of World Trade Breanna Wise
  • Film-Episode One The Country and the City
    • New York was founded by the Dutch
    • Creating the city was an “experiment” to see if everyone could live in the same area
    • It became the most diverse city and had more languages than any other city
    • New York had the first harbor in the Atlantic
    • Was the first capital of the United States
  • The Country and the City (cnt’d)
    • 1763- New York fell into depression in
    • 1775- American Revolution began
      • New York came out with the most debt
      • Government took on debt
    • 1789- Washington became first president of the United States in New York City
    • 1792-New York Stock exchange began
  • The Country and the City (cnt’d)
    • People revolted against tax reforms
      • Was repealed
    • Hamilton started a powerful economy
    • New York became the most man-made artificial space in the history of the planet
    • Erie Canal
      • Clinton
      • Paid for itself
  • Film-Episode Three Sunshine and Shadow
    • 1870
      • Fighting over control of Central Park
      • Central Park became a democratic meeting place
    • 1865-1898
      • Greatest concentration of wealth in history, and greatest division of poor and wealthy
  • Sunshine and Shadow (cnt’d)
    • Poverty was a “personal problem”
    • East River
      • Busiest water in the world
    • Brooklyn Bridge plans began
      • Opened 1883
        • The People’s Day
  • Sunshine and Shadow (cnt’d)
    • 1873- Financial crisis struck New York
    • Wall Street
      • Needed order
      • J.P. Morgan
    • Brooklyn Bridge began the “vertical city”
    • 1890- half the millionaires in America moved to New York City
    • 1898- consolidation and immigration mass
  • A Merger That Puts New York on Top
    • New York’s best quality is the ability to capture economic gains that came from other regions
    • America Online bought Time Warner, neither have contributed to any technological innovation
    • New York has faced many challenges to maintain its status as the national metropolis
    • New York needs to unite on its vision to overcome rivalries
  • America Compared: The City in the Land of the Dollar
    • Chicago
      • Grew quickly
      • New technologies attracted people to the city
        • Railroads
        • Breweries
        • Shopping
        • Jobs
  • America Compared
    • Skyscrapers
      • Created in Chicago
      • Made land more expensive and changed the way people lived
    • Downtown vs. Suburbs
      • New concept
      • Live in one place, work in another
    • Chicago is the face of American architecture and design
  • America Compared
    • The World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893
      • Intended to bring culture, inventions and travelers
      • Included fair grounds, new buildings, theatres, exhibitions, and a grand train station
      • Also included landscaping and parks
      • The idea was to combine the new exciting city and beauty and an “oasis”