A Silver Monkey Love Story (Of Doom) Part 2
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A Silver Monkey Love Story (Of Doom) Part 2

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My Sims 2 Cinderella Challenge. Originally here:http://boolprop.prophpbb.com/topic1695.html at boolprop. Enjoy!

My Sims 2 Cinderella Challenge. Originally here:http://boolprop.prophpbb.com/topic1695.html at boolprop. Enjoy!

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  • 1. A Silver Monkey Love Story (of Doom)
  • 2. Gosh darnit, I saw the hat and thought you were Shenene.By the way, welcome back!
  • 3. There we go, some pictures. Of course they aren’t to hang on mysimself’s wall, are you crazy? Psh…Hey Prince, I’m gonna need those.
  • 4. So he heads to bed after an unsuccessful night of Princess-hunting.
  • 5. Please tell me how leftovers that have been in the fridge for a week canstill be steaming?
  • 6. This old guy is named Berjes! *name-nerd*
  • 7. And the vampire is named Count River something-or-other. SO marryingyou in!
  • 8. The waiter’s named Knut.
  • 9. Ever seen a vampire stay at a community lot too late and burn?
  • 10. I have.Curious, can sims die on community lots? What about townies?
  • 11. Hey look, Knut’s here too!
  • 12. And the hostess is named Kenya. Too bad you’re old.
  • 13. Ah Shannon, we meet again. I saw him at about every community lot Iwent to. Le sigh.
  • 14. I see the gypsy at one lot, so I greet her. Might as well try!
  • 15. I give her a kind of low amount, because apparently he and Shenenehave negative chemistry.
  • 16. Prince’s face says it all. Not my Cinderella.
  • 17. I ended the date right away, but then the lady lectured him.“You didn’t even talk to me! Meh!”Oh, just go away.
  • 18. Another low amount, and Karen Gast falls. *End date*
  • 19. Ellie Alioto or something. *End date*
  • 20. Next date? Vyn something-or-other. What?
  • 21. I swear these two are twins. Is it because I had two dates right after eachother? I might do a storyline later where they’re identical twins.
  • 22. Nobody wanted to see that.
  • 23. And then…HEY! THAT’S MY CINDERELLA!
  • 24. But she rejects his flirts anyway. Le sigh.
  • 25. And then he takes love potion, but she gets a table before he can flirtagain. Grr.
  • 26. So he just waits and stalks her while she eats.
  • 27. Simultaneous primping.
  • 28. Finally!
  • 29. Another dose of love potion…and she sits down again. GRR!
  • 30. But finally, a flirt is accepted!
  • 31. I love this couple.
  • 32. And a first kiss. Glad I nuked all of those mystery sim memories.
  • 33. Oh dear. Here comes Crumplebutt.
  • 34. …And getting purse-beaten.
  • 35. I just ignore her anyway.
  • 36. I determined if you have actions lined up in the queue she wont hit you.Unfortunately she will still hit your date.Prince: Hey, call me!They have two bolts with love potion.
  • 37. Another beating.
  • 38. How sweet. I love you guys!
  • 39. Another beating.
  • 40. Now they’re best friends!
  • 41. Another beating.Crumplebutt’s motto: The beatings will continue until morale improves.
  • 42. …Le sigh…Another beating…
  • 43. And then…He rolls THE WANT!
  • 44. So he proposes immediately.
  • 45. She, of course, accepts.
  • 46. Crumplebutt: Grr, those darn kids, getting married…
  • 47. Good memories all around! Good, no surprise romance sim. I’ve had thatbefore.
  • 48. Crumplebutt is not amused.
  • 49. Ahh! It’s the ghost of Crumplebutt!Jk. But that would be cool. *downloads playable crumplebutt*
  • 50. And I think we all know what this means.For those who don’t, *cough* WOOHOO *cough*
  • 51. With Shenene moving in (first she moved in with 10K, then my gamecrashed. Second time it was only 3K) I remodel. This is now Shenene’soffice. She moved in with a typewriter the first time, so now she’s awriter. BTW, she’s a fortune sim.
  • 52. I’m quite proud of my clutter pile.
  • 53. See how massively awesome it is???
  • 54. We also have the silver monkey statues.
  • 55. A printer and scanner….(only deco)
  • 56. And some other stuff. There’s the potion thingy to change turn-ons andoffs, because Shenene had red hair as a turn off and other things Princedidn’t have as turn ons. After that, they had 2 bolts.Also, her predestined hobby is sports, hence the volleyball.
  • 57. Shenene’s so awesome and gorgeous.I realize I could have made this a charming love story about how looksaren’t everything, but seeing as I had to extensively use love potion (10bottles) to make them fall in love, I figured it wouldn’t work.
  • 58. I also set up for a wedding.
  • 59. Shenene also prepared for the wedding.
  • 60. While waiting for Prince to get home from work, Shenene begins her firstnovel.
  • 61. It was supposed to be a murder mystery involving sports, but Shenenemade it her own.
  • 62. Poor Manny had to get all of Prince’s “awful date” notes out of the mail.
  • 63. I put them all on display in his office.
  • 64. I’d like to point out all that Shenene had in her inventory. There’s akaraoke machine, a TV, a gaming system, and three (yes, three) dancespheres.
  • 65. Shenene also changes her aspiration from Fortune to Popularity. Hersecondary aspiration is knowledge. She moved in with 15 friends, so Ifigured Popularity was fitting.
  • 66. And then, Prince arrives home from work with the flu. REALLY? I kind oflike it when my sims get sick, because it mixes up gameplay a bit, but thelast THREE times I’ve had sick sims it was on the day of their wedding.Luckily he’s family and can make comfort soup. Fixed!
  • 67. The wedding party starts, and Brandi comes in with her posse.Seriously, they were walking in sync and everything. Creepy!
  • 68. Some chatting goes on….The key to a good party is fulfilling social wants and making friends/bestfriends with someone.
  • 69. But Amin just views the monkey statue. Can you please step off of theflowers?
  • 70. But it’s soon time for the wedding. Shenene’s absolutely gorgeous.
  • 71. …Maybe I should have thought this through. The people who actuallywanted to watch the wedding came up to the top. Whoops.
  • 72. What better place for a prince and princess to wed than in front of anangry monkey?
  • 73. Where are you going, Melissa?Melissa: Home.But the wedding’s going on right now!
  • 74. As I predicted, Prince is a cake-feeder. He’s nice, so it makes sense.
  • 75. And it’s a roof-raiser, so the limo arrives.
  • 76. And Manny’s left alone after he lights the fireworks.These are amazing. I think they’re downloaded from Simlogical.
  • 77. The Prince, his Princess, and his Protector.
  • 78. Final Thoughts• This challenge was fun, but fairly easy.• I think a lot more could be added to this challenge.• I ended up with four points. I got 3 points from three friends, one point from flirts accepted, 3 points for completing the challenge, -1 point for flirts rejected, and -2 for sims who refused to come.• Now, on to the epilogue!
  • 79. Shenene sold two novels, Woohoo with Prince and Silver MonkeyWoohoo.
  • 80. One was a flop, but the other was average.
  • 81. I panicked when the delivery truck came, because I hadn’t orderedgroceries, until I realized he was delivering the book.
  • 82. Prince continued to help around the house.
  • 83. I used InSim to speed up the pregnancy.
  • 84. I also induced twins. The first, a boy, was named Little Prince.
  • 85. The second, a girl, was named Princess.
  • 86. The parents hold a book club in the babies’ room.
  • 87. Next up…Toddler spam!
  • 88. I’ll just let you enjoy these next pictures.
  • 89. And with this picture of the toddlers playing with their monkeys, I bidyou adieu.Peace, love, and silver monkeys!