A Silver Monkey Love Story (Of Doom)


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My Sims 2 Cinderella Challenge. Originally here:http://boolprop.prophpbb.com/topic1695.html at boolprop. Enjoy!

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A Silver Monkey Love Story (Of Doom)

  1. 1. A Silver Monkey Love Story (of Doom)
  2. 2. Welcome to A Silver Monkey Love Story (of Doom), a Cinderellachallenge. The rules are…uh, somewhere. I’ll link to them on boolprop.Basically, your sim finds three other sims and tries to romance them.
  3. 3. This is the floor plan of the house, downstairs and now upstairs. Ibasically engineered this house really stupidly (lots of empty space, reallybad layout) but it looks cool!
  4. 4. Here’s what it looks like from the outside.
  5. 5. Here’s the “prince”, Prince Silver Monkey. And man, I hope he choosesmy simself! *swoon*
  6. 6. And because every prince needs a faithful and loyal servant, here is hisprotector and guard, Manny Silver Monkey. And the first want he rolledas soon as I got on the lot was “Get a job in dance.” I haven’t played thedance career yet, so I obliged. (Note the dance bar in the background)
  7. 7. With this lovely pic of Prince exercising, I’d like to point out that I madean effort to keep walls up and plumbbobs out of pictures. Some peoplehate it and some people don’t mind, but I tried anyway…
  8. 8. I’m kind of keeping Manny on free will here, but I helped him get a job indance. Cha-ching! It isn’t his lifetime want, but it’s so perfect.
  9. 9. And immediately after, he gets on the dance sphere. On hard, I may add.It didn’t work out too well.
  10. 10. Mr. Humble came and left the computer. For all of those legacy/challengeplayers who don’t want the money but also don’t want it in yourinventories, if you sell it before it’s opened it doesn’t give you money.
  11. 11. Ah, I love this guy already. Cleaning toilets with his butt through a doorftw!
  12. 12. Oh gosh. I’d forgotten that I chose this as his athletic. Sure, no doubt,that he’d never use it. Thank you free will!
  13. 13. He’s actually better at this than me. I took dance for like 2 whole years!(when I was five…)
  14. 14. To find prospective spouses, I send Prince to a community lot.
  15. 15. Here is the Mun-keh temple, downloaded from MTS and modified a bitby me. All of the silver monkey stuff was downloaded from MTS.
  16. 16. Prince: I kneel to your feet, oh lord Monkey.Silver Monkey: I eat plumbbob!
  17. 17. Gosh darnit, everyone here is either a. a teen or b. from my uglacy! Idon’t want to stoop that low!
  18. 18. On the bright side, everyone’s buying silver monkey stuffs.
  19. 19. Le sigh. He finds Lyra (from my uglacy) most attractive. NO!
  20. 20. So we head to the big banana. Let’s see if I get more luck here.
  21. 21. He birdwatches to save time.
  22. 22. Abhijeet and someone from my uglacy. NO! I want townies, goshdarnit!
  23. 23. So I pull out the trusty summoner to get some downtownies. This isn’t*really* cheating, because I could go downtown and find them. Exceptmy computer wasn’t letting me load downtown lots…It’s a good thing Ifixed the problem before he had to go find his Cinderella ;)
  24. 24. Here we talk to Lilly Kalson, the diva and our first Cinderella.Also note Shannon in the background. I thought he was a girl.
  25. 25. And our second Cinderella, Shenene Wong.I basically just chose these based on the names.
  26. 26. And the third and final Cinderella, Viola Despret.Their conversation went badly.
  27. 27. Trying to find your Cinderellas again, Prince, or just being a stalker?
  28. 28. KOMEI! OMG, squee, the original monkey! PRINCE! Go make friends withKomei!
  29. 29. He’s kinda creepy though. He stood there and shook his head back andforth really rapidly. *Walk away slowly….*
  30. 30. Ick. Marisa. Good thing I went to a community lot, otherwise I’d haveended up with her.
  31. 31. Yay! Friends! He can be the chancellor of…something…
  32. 32. Komei: I confused. Why is there a giant circle sticking through me?Ah, Komei…
  33. 33. He was actually talking to Prince at the time, and I didn’t realize theterrain thing would show up in pics…*dunce*
  34. 34. And they become friends in the bathroom, because all sims doeverything important in the bathroom.
  35. 35. Komei: Komei finds you funny. HA HA HA HA!
  36. 36. And so Prince went to bed alone for the first night of what he hopedwould only be a short while…
  37. 37. I’d like to point out the awesome Silver Monkey default replacementdinnerware we have here.
  38. 38. Going to work for the first day! I filled some wants before he left.
  39. 39. Prince also heads off. I should note he’s a Leo and a Family sim with aLTW of having 6 grandchildren. He’s in Intelligence.
  40. 40. Grr….Someone knocked over the trash can…
  41. 41. *Please don’t get roaches, please don’t get roaches*
  42. 42. I missed it, but Remington, my favorite man-maid of all time, came andpicked it up. Thank you, Remington! <3Remington: I’m going to go now…
  43. 43. Manny’s favorite hobby is to sit at the computer and check his email overand over again.“Manny has no new email.” “Manny has no new email.” “Manny has no-”
  44. 44. Eventually I have him chat with some random guy online to get it to stop.
  45. 45. Meanwhile Prince invites Komei over again.
  46. 46. Komei: Komei no like food.
  47. 47. Prince started gossiping, over what I don’t know. He started talking aboutViola…
  48. 48. But since he had no dirt on her, just her face was in the speech bubblethe whole time.“Did you hear? Viola is…Viola!”
  49. 49. Komei: Komei is shocked.
  50. 50. I buy a bowling alley for Manny. See how much I love him?
  51. 51. Ah, silver monkeys smustling. Manny’s a pleasure sim, and it’s easy to fillup his aspiration meter. Smustle, play synthesizer, play piano. Instantplatinum.Brought to you by the Stalker cam.
  52. 52. See? Told you so. Now go to work!
  53. 53. Prince is the one who’s really the stalker. He does this constantly!
  54. 54. Hello, Remington.Remington: Can you stop following me?But…Manmaid….Squee!!
  55. 55. No promotion. But it’s okay, we’ll get it tomorrow!
  56. 56. Our resident Silver Monkey Protector gets a soak in the hot tub.
  57. 57. …While Komei and Prince punch each other in the background.
  58. 58. Komei: Komei can’t get out!.Prince: Uh, awkward….
  59. 59. And Manny gets strong on free will. Nice job!
  60. 60. The Music and Dance instructor shows up. She’s named Edith, which isgorgeous.
  61. 61. Manny somehow manages to burn a slice of pizza in the microwave.Smooth.
  62. 62. Meanwhile, it seems Komei is addicted to the bar.
  63. 63. Komei: Komei likes alcohol.Ookay then. Moving on…
  64. 64. They make best friends! Yay!
  65. 65. And the phone calls begin. First with Lilly Kalson, the diva…By the end, their relationship score is 9/0. And because I don’t have picsof the second phone calls, the second was 14/9.
  66. 66. Moving on to Shenene.After, it is 17/9. They had a good first conversation. After the second it is30/17.
  67. 67. Lastly is Viola Despret. Their relationship score is -2/0. Guess who won’tbe winning? After the second one it is 15/-2.
  68. 68. And Komei tries his hand at bowling!
  69. 69. Night Sky, from my Uglacy, is now mad at Manny because he was stalkingher. Le sigh. Another trash can kicker.
  70. 70. I throw a party for the three girls, but no one shows up. I’m pretty sure itwas a glitch… So I have him call the three and invite them separately.
  71. 71. Shenene, of course, comes.
  72. 72. So does Lilly.But Viola refuses, and is now out of the running.
  73. 73. I have him scope room, and Lilly lights up. His relationship panel has 1bolt for her and -1 for Shenene. But in the little pop-up, it says “Sheneneis HOT!” I’m so confused. Shenene has his turn-ons (make-up and hats).Uh-oh. I fear another rebuild may be on its way. Glitches, please stop!
  74. 74. I have him scope room again, and at least this time Shenene lights up.But the bolts remain the same. Le sigh.
  75. 75. Everyone was congregating around the bar and not talking, so I delete it.Then Mr. Bartender gets mad and leaves, because I no longer have a bar.O.o Angry Mr. Bartender.
  76. 76. As he storms off, I hope they will actually communicate.
  77. 77. Turns out not. Shenene heads to the dance sphere.
  78. 78. And Lilly goes to the hot tub.It’s never good when the blur covers your face.
  79. 79. Prince is starving, so I let him get a quick plate of watermelon.
  80. 80. Then Shenene heads to the bowling alley.
  81. 81. It was an awful party.
  82. 82. And the trash can got knocked over again.
  83. 83. Prince is crying, but then I remember I can let them stay till midnight. Sohe invites them back over till then.
  84. 84. Geez, Shenene’s a violent person.
  85. 85. And also a bad dancer.
  86. 86. This time Lilly heads for the dance sphere.Gosh Prince, can’t you interact with them at all?
  87. 87. She’s really good at the dance sphere. Maxed body, I suspect.
  88. 88. They go home later, without a single interaction by Prince. He did try toflirt with Shenene a few times, but kept getting blocked somehow.
  89. 89. Both are invited over for the second party. Lilly’s score after the first onewas 12/12.
  90. 90. Shenene’s was 28/28. We’ll see how the flirts go.
  91. 91. We have to use a Charm, because that’s all Lilly has available. ButShenene rejects it.
  92. 92. Lilly accepts it, however.Scores are now: Lilly, 12/12 (no change. Huh?) and Shenene, 22/27.
  93. 93. Komei’s also really good at the dance sphere. In my game, he’s a Captainhero. Interesting.
  94. 94. This is as good of a place as any to tell you that, without a doubt,Shenene is the Cinderella. So let’s go find her!
  95. 95. Here we are at the Silver Monkey Portal of Doom lot, which I spruced upa bit with skilling objects and a bed. I have a community skilling hack, butforgot that I hadn’t yet installed community sleeping.
  96. 96. OMG. This teen cashier is named Zion! SQUEEE! *name-nerd*
  97. 97. I see Viola, but, le sigh, she is not my Cinderella.Despret (lol) now, aren’t you?
  98. 98. Okay, so I’m new to freetime, but man I love the idle interactions!
  99. 99. Oh joy. Crumplebutt’s here.After a while I couldn’t find her. Had she left?
  100. 100. Nope. I found her in the mouth of the monkey, knitting away.
  101. 101. Yes, Silver Monkey of Doom! Eat Crumplebutt!To be continued in part 2!