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  • 1. Teen-Parent Relationships By: Bre Needham and Zach Barringer
  • 2. The Survey
    • We conducted a survey of 10 questions.
    • The questions asked about teens relationships with their parents.
    • We surveyed 30 students.
  • 3. How well do you and parents get along?
    • On a scale from 1-5 we found that 64% of teens got along with their parents on a level of 4.
    • 75% of teens surveyed said they have a good relationship with their parents
  • 4. Arguments with Parents
    • On average 61% of the students surveyed said they get in an argument with their parents once a month.
    • 64% of teens surveyed said that these arguments were caused by school or other factors.
  • 5. Open Door Policy
    • 71% of teens said they have and open door policy with their parents.
    • In the open door policy 52% of teens said they talk about sports, 32% said they talk about the media, 60% talk about issues with friends, and over 80% said they talked about both school and work.
  • 6. Social Network
    • 64% of teens surveyed said that their parents are not on a social network.
    • Of the students that said yes, 28% feel their parents have it to check up on them.
  • 7. Texting as a Good Thing
    • According to 53% of teens who text credit texting for improved relationships with their parents.
    • 51% of parents surveyed by say they now communicate more with their teens because of texting.
  • 8. Tyler Millers Relationship with his Parents
    • Pressured to do well in school by his parents.
    • Closed door policy.
    • Many arguments.
    • Not a good relationship especially with his father.
    • Therefore, Tyler would fall under the 25% of teens who were surveyed that said they had a bad relationship with their parents.
  • 9. What teens want to change in their relationships
    • According to our survey:
    • Have parents be less strict.
    • Have a more open relationship.
    • More trusting relationship.
  • 10. Ways Parents can Improve the Relationship
    • According to parents can:
    • Love and connect with their teen.
    • Monitor and Observe.
    • Guide and Limit their child.
    • Model and Consult for their teen.
    • Provide advocate.
  • 11. Ways Teens can Improve the Relationship
    • According to
    • teens can:
    • Keep communication lines open.
    • Don’t hold grudges.
    • Spend quality time together.
    • “ Don’t sweat the small stuff.”
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