What’s new in DotNetNuke 6.2


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Presentation to the South East Queensland DotNetNuke User Group, March 22, 2012

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What’s new in DotNetNuke 6.2

  1. 1. What’s new in DotNetNuke 6.2? Bruce Chapman iFinity Software SEQDUG Meeting, Mar 22, 2012
  2. 2. What’s the big deal with 6.2?• Original 6.0 release (codename :Hadrian) July 2011• 6.0 : UI Improvements, but few new features• 6.1 : Mobile device support• 6.2 : Social + Services Layer
  3. 3. Main New Features of 6.2• Integrated Social Networking features into core – integration of ActiveSocial into platform• New MVC based Service Layer for building services
  4. 4. Social Features• Journal Module – Interpretation of Facebook status updates• Member Directory – Listing of site members• Social Groups – allows for sub-groups within the site• Messaging – member->member messaging
  5. 5. Journal Module• Similar to Facebook, allows for Status updates posted by site users• Allows for text updates, photo + attachments• Set privacy per Journal post• Administrator : allow photo/attachments, posts per page and length of posts.• Developers: can post Journal items through Journal API
  6. 6. Journal Module
  7. 7. Member Directory• Essentially a list of members on the site• Provides comprehensive search for members• Social actions : friend, follow
  8. 8. Member Directory
  9. 9. Messaging• Member->Member private messaging• Separate from existing DotNetNuke Messaging in User Profile• Provides messages in conversation format, with replies linked together• Can send to groups or individuals• API to allow modules to insert messages
  10. 10. Social Messaging
  11. 11. Social Groups• Social Groups are a public or private way of members to associate• Similar in theme but not execution to Facebook groups• Groups can have a group-specific Journal• Social Groups are in reality extended Security Roles – ie, existing DNN roles with more metadata• Implementation in Current CTP is very sparse
  12. 12. Social Groups
  13. 13. Summary of Social Features• The social features will enable fast building of socially aware applications• Possible uses:• Community sites -> schools, sports clubs,social clubs• Vendor sites -> support, user groups, product suggestions• Niche social sites -> Facebook and Twitter don’t own the entire web.• DotNetNuke will take a big leap over the competition with these features
  14. 14. New Service Layer API• Service Layer – non visual way of interacting with the data stored in a DotNetNuke site• Comprises of : – Authentication: ensuring person accessing data is authorised to do so – Core Functions :Get User Details, Post to Journal, Get Page Details – Extensible : Implement your own Service functions specific to an individual DotNetNuke Module
  15. 15. New Service Layer API• Technology – Based on MVC Service Layer with DNN specific implementation – Includes a Service Route Mapper to easily map requests to individual actions via the Service Url structure• Uses in DotNetNuke 6.2 – All the new social features are ‘AJAXy’ – no postbacks/page refreshes for status updates etc – This will be expanded in future versions for more tasks
  16. 16. Service Layer API Possibilities• DotNetNuke modules can be opened up to more than one device/platform• Creates a large new field for innovation in delivering paired web/desktop/mobile apps for DotNetNuke• Allows for implementation of new web programming paradigms, like Knockout.js• Effectively renders the Webforms model of DotNetNuke irrelevant
  17. 17. Other new 6.2 Features• Tab Hierarchy management – uses Sql 2005 CTE features to improve speed.• SSL Offloading (PE only) – allows for network load balancing devices to enforce SSL• Secure user settings – automatic encryption/decryption of personal details• Profanity Filter for input text (also removes markup)• Profile enhancements – Read only for user, public/private/friends visibility.
  18. 18. How does 6.2 affect you?• Site owner : think about how to leverage social features for your site• Solutions Provider : you can now start looking at combined mobile/desktop/web solutions for clients• Developers : check compatibility for existing code, leverage new social and service layer• Designers : large demand for social optimised skins and page layouts
  19. 19. Release Schedule• CTP 1 : Feb 20, 2012• CTP 2 : April 2, 2012• Beta 1 : Apr 23, 2012• Beta 2 : May 14, 2012• RC : June 4, 2012• RTM : June 30, 2012Estimated release dates only, check dotnetnuke.com for accurate timelines
  20. 20. What to do with 6.2• Check with vendors for compatibility• Talk to designers about specific page designs for Journal, Profile pages• Download CTP and Beta versions and test out upgrade process• Get involved in feedback and Easter Egg hunt
  21. 21. Questions?• Slides will be available on Slideshare• Follow me on Twitter @brucerchapman for notification, or check blog on http://www.ifinity.com.au