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Scaling for social change
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Scaling for social change



Published in Business , Economy & Finance
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  • 1. “The Big Idea: Scaling”3/15/12   UWB  Social  NTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     SOCIAL  E Sector  Cer4ficate  Program  3/15/12   1   DRAFT  
  • 2. About Me•  Co-­‐Founder  and  Execu4ve  Director,  Global  Brigades   Associa4on  and  Empowered.org  •  Program  Manager,  Social  Enterprise  Leadership  Cer4ficate  at   University  of  Washington  Bothell   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  Cer4ficate    3/15/12   2   DRAFT  
  • 3. What is a Social Enterprise? CSR ≠ SOCIAL ENTERPRISE SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  Cer4ficate    3/15/12   3   DRAFT  
  • 4. What is a Social Enterprise?An  organiza4on  that  u4lizes  market-­‐based  business  principles  to  achieve  pro-­‐social  goals.  Examples:    3/15/12   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     4  
  • 5. Today’s Agenda1.  Does  nonprofit  mean  you  don’t  get  paid?  2.  Dis4nguishing  for-­‐profits,  social  enterprises,  and  non-­‐profits  3.  The  shareholder  vs.  stakeholder  dilemma  4.  What  is  the  best  en4ty  structure  for  your  organiza4on?      5.  Decentralized  vs.  centralize  d  organiza4ons  6.  Scaling  for  social  impact  7.  Q/A  3/15/12   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     5  
  • 6. Does Nonprofit Mean No Money?3/15/12   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     6  
  • 7. For-profit vs. Non-profit vs. SEFOR-PROFIT ADVANTAGES•  Can sell equity to shareholders –  Can do an IPO –  Raise capital by conventional methods•  Less government regulation / audits•  More flexible business models (c-corp, LLCs, LLPs, etc…)•  Easier to get loans•  Profit-based culture•  Higher compensation structures3/15/12   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     7  
  • 8. For-profit vs. Non-profit vs. SENON-PROFIT ADVANTAGES•  Tax deductable receipts•  Access to donors and grants•  Access to volunteers•  No taxes•  Mission-based culture•  No share-holders3/15/12   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     8  
  • 9. For-profit vs. Non-profit vs. SESOCIAL ENTERPRISES•  Can either be for-profit or non-profit•  Double or even triple bottom line•  Element of charitable programming/mission driven•  Can leverage mission-based culture to: o Market your company o Retain and attract talent•  Have a market-based revenue model that is more sustainable than grants/donations alone•  Ideally all profits are circulated back into mission without shareholders.3/15/12   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     9  
  • 10. The Stake-holder/Share-holder Dilemma WHAT COMES FIRST: MISSION OR PROFIT? If you have to appease shareholders, how do you prioritize your beneficiaries of your programs?3/15/12   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     10  
  • 11. What’s Right for your Organization?DO THE ANALYSIS•  Who are your stake-holders? Do they care about social responsibility?•  How compelling is your competitive advantage? –  Do you need grants or other donor based start-up capital? –  Do you need volunteers? Tax incentives?•  Is it worth it to give up equity?•  What is going to yield the MOST social impact?•  Do you have relationships with influencers that could be a impactful board of directors?3/15/12   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     11  
  • 12. Scale for Social ChangeGlobal Brigades’ Vision: To improve equality of life, by igniting thelargest student-led social responsibility movement on the planet. 3/15/12   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     12  
  • 13. Centralized vs. DecentralizedRecommended  reading…    “The  Starfish  and  the  Spider”     3/15/12   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     13  
  • 14. Global Brigades Org Chart 2012 SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  Cer4ficate    3/15/12   14   DRAFT  
  • 15. Social Enterprise Certificate Social Enterprise Leadership Certificate June 17-September 11, 2012 Where: Bellevue, WA http://www.uwb.edu/business/nondegree/socialenterprise3/15/12   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     15  
  • 16. Int’l Internship with Global Brigades Sustainable Development Internship July1-31, 2012 Where: Honduras, Panama and Ghana www.globalbrigades.org3/15/12   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     16  
  • 17. Questions? Feel free to contact me at: Steve@globalbrigades.org3/15/12   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE     17