Rave Infosys – Software Solutions, E commerce, Web Design, CMS, iPhone App


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Rave Infosys, an offshore development company provides Software Solutions, E Commerce Solution, Content Management System, iPhone app, Social Network Service, Lead Management Systems, Offer Management, Promotion Management, iPhone Application Development, Web Design Services, Affiliate Management System.

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Rave Infosys – Software Solutions, E commerce, Web Design, CMS, iPhone App

  1. 1. Rave Infosys Inc. is a quality oriented IT firm that provides end-to-end ITsolutions to the corporate, government and non-profit sectors. Our Services Ecommerce Applications CMS-Wiki-Blogging Mobile Application Development Offer And Promotion Application Social Networking Integration Lead Management Systems SugarCRM Development Services Affiliate Management System Web Designing Internet Marketing Services Enterprise Application Magento ServicesDevelopment
  2. 2. Ecommerce ApplicationsWe provide an effective B2B Ecommerce application & B2CEcommerce application solutions.Our distinguished features are as follows: B2B Ecommerce Application B2C Ecommerce ApplicationDevelopment of two-way knowledge Appropriate integration of varioussharing networks while website Ecommerce applicationsdevelopmentProper implementation of Designing and Development of B2Cknowledge and information PortalmanagementIntegration of various enterprise Proper implementation of E-CRMapplications solutionsAppropriate management of content Customization of various Ecommerceand document solutionDevelopment of tailored Ecommerceapplications Visit our Ecommerce Application Section for more Information
  3. 3. Projects Under EcommerceFollowing are some projects related to Ecommerce web developmentapplications in which we have worked on:Broadway Store Features • Updated title, meta description & keywords tags. • Added proper H1, H2 and H3 tags. Technology Used • OsCommerce, PHP, Apache, MySQL HDCable Features • Multiple store integration at the single shopping cart (eBay , Amazon & Playtrade). • Separate module for the product uploading & downloading. Technology Used • Magento, PHP, MySQL • Payment Gateway: Paypal, SagePay Visit our Portfolio for more Information
  4. 4. Mobile Application DevelopmentOur mobile application development team consists of highlyexperienced IT professionals delivering premium and pioneeringmobile solutions in accordance with the fast growing global marketand satisfying the needs of our clients as per their mobile appsrequirement. Services under Mobile Application Development iPhone Application Development iPad Application Development Android Application Development BlackBerry Application Development J2ME Application Development Symbian Application Development Visit our Mobile Application Development Section for more Information
  5. 5. Projects Under Mobile ApplicationFollowing are few Mobile Application Development projects showcasing ourexpertise : Towne Realty Group- Short Hills, NJ Real Estate Features • Order choice (Random and alphabetic) • Google Ad integration Technology Used • iPhone - Mac OS X 10.6.6, Xcode 3.2.5, Objective C 2.0, SQLite 3.0 • Android - Android 2.2, Java (Android), Eclipse 3.6 E-FlashFeatures • Micron to Mesh Converter, Air Flow Calculator • Rotary Airlock Selector, A ContainmentTechnology Evaluator Solution Used • iPhone: Mac OS X 10.6.2/ 10.5.8, Xcode 3.2.3/ 3.1.4, Objective C 1.0 and SQLite 3.0 • Android: Android 2.2, Java and Eclipse 3.6 Visit our portfolio for more information.
  6. 6. Social Networking IntegrationRave Infosys can develop cutting edge social networking applications andalso build applications for various Social network platforms like Facebook,LinkedIn, Orkut and Twitter. Application development for major social networkplatforms: Facebook, Linked In, You-tube, Orkut and Twitter Customizing Social Networking Applications Custom widgets for various social networks of socialnetworking system RSS Feed Integration Cross integration of social engine applications with webportal and small device applications Social Networking Integration Personal Blogs Private and Community Messaging Visit our Social Networking Integration section for more information.
  7. 7. Projects Under Social Networking We have so far worked on many Social networking projects. Following are some example:Babes and Billionaires Features • Live chat system • Send a flirt Technology Used • Zend Framework, Symphony Library, Doctrine Library, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, equerry • APIs Used: Media Player Plug-ins NFi StudiosFeatures • Managing Multiple Users, Categories & ProductsTechnologyLibrary Management • Product Used • API: Twitter and 4Info for sending SMS • Zend Framework 1.5, Doctrine, Scriptaculas, Smarty. Visit our Portfolio for more Information
  8. 8. SugarCRM Development ServicesWe have expert SugarCRM developers that can deliver leading edgeSugarCRM solutions for organizing and managing various businessprocesses. Smooth access from Internet to the system Integration of new applications and modules Establishment of business processes Architectural scalability at reasonable cost Reduction in implementation cost Well-timed professional support Customization according to client’s needs Visit our SugarCRM Development Services Section for more Information
  9. 9. Projects Under SugarCRM Following are a few of many SugarCRM related projects we have worked on:NLI CRM Features • Leads module • User roles Technology Used • PHP 5, Sugar CRM 5.5.4 Lead ShopFeatures • PHP5, Sugar CRM Version 5.0.0b (Build 3150), Word Press MU 2.9.2, Post Affiliate Pro 4, MySQL. • Payment Gateway: Authorize.Net, PayPal, LinkPoint (Inactive) • API: Dot Leads service object Visit our portfolio for more information.
  10. 10. Web DesigningRave Infosys offers web design solutions ranging from personalwebsites to comprehensive corporate company’s websites andextending from static websites to dynamic database enabledwebsites such as ecommerce websites. Alluring and fascinating websites for variety ofpotential businesses Corporate identity packages together with logodesigning, graphic designing, ecommerce webdesigning, flash designing, SEO web designing andbanner designing. Redesign and refurbish static & dynamicwebsites Portfolios, case studies and photo galleries aswell Visit our Web Designing section for more information.
  11. 11. Projects Under Web-DesigningTake a quick look at some of our Web designing related projects:Eyes in Motion Features • Div based CSS website Technology Used • HTML, Photoshop CS3, Dreamweaver CS3, CSS2 Lead ShopFeatures • Flash animation • Div based CSS siteTechnology Used• HTML, Photoshop CS3, Dreamweaver CS3, CSS2, jQuery Visit our portfolio for more information.
  12. 12. CMS-Wiki-Blogging We are proficient in recommending the appropriate framework for each client to best suit the present and future needs of your enterprise.Some of the CMS we are capable of handling are: Media Word Press Joomla Wiki DrupalOur CMS skill set includes: Changing and Creating new themes Creating and Adding new plug-ins Multiple Blogging system Creating and Adding new custom widgets Mod rewrite functionality for WordPress Integration of Blogs with Web Portal’s Accounts Visit our CMS-Wiki-Blogging Section for more Information
  13. 13. Projects Under CMSFollowing are few CMS related projects that showcase our capabilities:Universal One Healing Features • Group forum & One voice blog • Private messaging Technology Used • PHP, MySQL, Word Press • APIs Used: Facebook and Twitter Wonder DadsFeatures • Login Feature • Google CheckoutTechnology Used • PHP, MySQL, WordPress • API: Flickr, Facebook and Twitter Visit our portfolio for more information.
  14. 14. Offers & Promotion ApplicationRave Infosys has strong expertise in developing Offer and Promotionmanagement application.Our Offer & Promotion Management Application Expertiseincludes: Alluring and fascinating websites for variety of potentialbusinesses Traffic Partner Management Manage multiple Offer, Promotion & Campaigns Manage multiple Data Partners CPA (Cost per Acquisition) Management Pixel Management Auto Redirection Module Dashboard Feature for each member Dynamically managing multiple COREG paths URLs Visit our Offers & Promotion Application section for more information.
  15. 15. Projects Under Offer and Promotion ApplicationFollowing are some of our offer and promotion application projects :American Brand Survey Features • Gift Voucher Redemption • Managing Data Partners Technology Used • ASP.Net, C#.Net, Web 2.0, MySQL Royal SweepsFeatures • Strong Admin Panel to manage Promotions and Offers • Managing Data PartnersTechnology Used • PHP 5, MySQL, AJAX Visit our portfolio for more information.
  16. 16. Lead Management SystemWe have strong experience in developing Lead management applicationand can help you identify the type of leads that are generated and numberof leads getting converted into sales. Our Lead Management System Expertise includes: Centralized Data Collection Multiple real time lead communication techniques like email, fax, SMS Ability to filter data on different parameters Effective Lead Capture forms Alerts & Reminders Payment Gateway integration with Linkpoint, Authorized.Net & PayPal Centralized Data Collection Multiple real time lead communication techniques like email, fax, SMS Visit our Lead Management System Section for more Information
  17. 17. Projects Under Lead Management SystemWe have worked many lead management system development projects.Following are some example :Direct Diabetic Source Features • Lead generation landing pages. • Integration of Affiliate Management Technology PAP System- Used • PHP, MySQL • APIs Used: Dot Lead verification, Dialer posting Contractor LeadsTechnology Used • PHP5, Sugar CRM 5.0.0b (Build 3150), WordPress MU 2.9.2, Post Affiliate Pro 4, MySQL • PG: Authorize.net, Paypal, Linkpoint (Inactive) • API: Dot Leads service object Visit our portfolio for more information.
  18. 18. Affiliate Management SystemWe are dedicated in providing affordable Custom affiliate management systemwith selected Affiliate networks and can also manage multi Affiliate networksand software.Our Lead Management System Expertise includes: Off the shelf Affiliate Management Systemcustomization as per your needs Cross-Campaign Management Integration of Various Commission Levels, Types andRates Integration with Accounting System for Commission andRefund Management Theme Management Multi-tiered Affiliate Management Banner and Link Management (Direct and In-direct) Integration with Shopping Carts and other Web Portals Visit our Affiliate Management System section for more information.
  19. 19. Projects Under Affiliate Management SystemSee below a few affiliate management system related projects we haveworked on: Blue2Green Features • Affiliate Management System • Google Map API Technology Used • For Facebook and Website Portal: PHP, JavaScript, Facebook API’s • For iPhone: Objective C, PHP and JavaScript Lead ShopTechnology Used• PHP5, Sugar CRM Version 5.0.0b (Build 3150), WordPress MU 2.9.2, Post Affiliate Pro 4, MySQL.• Payment Gateway: Authorize.Net, PayPal, LinkPoint (Inactive) Visit our portfolio for more information.
  20. 20. Internet Marketing ServicesAs an internet marketing company, Rave Infosys has a proven trackrecord to reach on top rankings, retain them and continue to buildupon our clients’ online and offline presence.Our Internet Marketing Services Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services Link Building Services SEO Copywriting Services Pay Per Click Viral Marketing Content Writing Email Marketing Affiliate Marketing Visit our Internet Marketing Services section for more information.
  21. 21. Enterprise Application DevelopmentRave Infosys is highly competent with both programming anddatabases which is the most important component of Enterpriseapplication integration services.Our Expertise in Enterprise ApplicationDevelopment includes: Multitent SAAS Systems Specialized industry custom e-commerceapplications Integration with disparate systems using ESB PAAS and SAAS product development SMS and IVR integration GIS and GPS enabled system Email Template Management Report Management Scheduler/Cron Job Management Visit our Enterprise Application Development section for more information.
  22. 22. Projects Under Enterprise Application Development Some of Enterprise Application Development related projects we have worked are listed below: Build Proposal Features • Automated Proposal Process • Accurate Tracking and Control Technology Used • Java, Spring Tool Suite 2.7, MySQL 5.5, Tomcat 7.0, Spring 3.0, Hibernate 3.6. Textango Features • Understanding the flow of the application • Coded on every layer of the architecture Technology Used • Java, STS, Tomcat 6.0, Spring, Wicket, Hibernate, Maven, Android SDK Visit our portfolio for more information.
  23. 23. Magento ServicesWe have team of highly qualified and talented Magentodevelopers & designers which can efficiently work in a variety ofMagento development areas in accordance with the requirementsof the client.Our Expertise includes: Magento Customization Magento Ecommerce Development Magento Website Design Magento Template Design Magento Theme Design & Integration Magento Module Development Magento Module Integration Magento Website Redesign & Enhancements Visit our Magento Services section for more information.
  24. 24. Contact UsFeel free to contact us in case of any queries.Corporate Office Mailing Address Indian Office Mailing AddressRave Infosys Inc. Rave Infosys Inc.8271 NW 125th Ln, 193 – 193 A, Greater Brijeshwari,Parkland, FL 33076 United Piplyahana, Indore- 452016States. India.Email: contact@raveinfosys.com Email: contact@raveinfosys.comPhone: +1-866-948-8384 Phone: +0731-6465068, 4005068Fax: +1-866-948-8394 Visit our Website at http://www.raveinfosys.com