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Pay Per Click Advertising - Advanced Strategies



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Learn how to tap in to this ever-growing advertising opportunity to improve your bottom line. Pay-Per-Click advertising offers huge benefits over traditional marketing avenues. Costs can be extremely low and you can easily control your budget. Plus, PPC advertising offers detailed analytics you can use to truly understand how effective your campaign is. With sophisticated tracking, you can figure out your return on investment.

In this presentation, you will learn:

1.) How to create themed ad groups so that you pay pennies per click rather than dollars.

2.) How to set up advanced targeting using geo-location so that you can target a particular country, state, or even city.

3.) How to use "negative keywords" to avoid unprofitable clicks.

4.) How to increase your quality score so that your ads get special
treatment - you'll pay less per click and get ranked higher in the listings.

5.) How to closely measure your campaign so that you can understand your ROI - and take steps to improve it.

Getting started with Google Adwords is easy, but without a firm understanding of these advanced strategies, you could easily overpay and underperform. Learn the strategies that will help you maximize ROI and get the most out of PPC advertising.



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    Pay Per Click Advertising - Advanced Strategies Pay Per Click Advertising - Advanced Strategies Presentation Transcript

    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544Pay Per Click AdvertisingAdvertising with Google Adwords to Expand Your Reach
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 Table of Contents1. What is PPC?2. Why Should I Use PPC Advertising?3. Organizing your PPC Campaign.4. PPC Best Practices 1. Quality Score 2. 10 Ways to Optimize your Budget 3. 5 Ad Writing Tips
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544What is PPC?
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 PPC (Pay Per Click)n PPC - Advertisers only pay when their ad is clicked.n Usually refers to search engine PPC campaigns. n Google Adwords n Yahoo Search Marketing n Microsoft AdCenter
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 10% of Clicks90% of Clicks
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544Google Adwords
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544Google Adwords - Key Termsn Campaigns - How you organize your Ad Groups.n Ad Groups - How you organize your keywords. Keywords in the same Ad Group trigger the same ad text (or creative). Its best to group your keywords thematically so you can target ads toward each theme, product line, or promotion.n Creatives - The different executions of your ad. Every word change is a different creative. Typical to run two to four creatives per Ad Group.
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544Why Should I Use PPC??
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 4 Reasons to Use PPC1. Easily control your budget.2. Advertise to highly targeted prospects.3. Easy to closely track and measure results.4. Synergies with your organic SEO campaign.
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544Organizing your PPC Campaign
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-15445 Steps to an Organized Campaign1. Set Goals2. Select Keywords3. Develop Ads4. Track Results5. Revise
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 1.) Set Goalsn What results are you looking for? n Increased traffic n Increased conversion rate n More leads
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 2.) Select Keywords1. Expand Keyword List (Brainstorming)
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 Google Keyword Toolhttps://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 2.) Select Keywords1. Expand Keyword List (Brainstorming)2. Refine List 1. Selectively choose likely ‘conversion’ keywords. 2. Consider competition and price.3. Group into thematic ad clusters.
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 3.) Develop Ads1. Clearly state customer benefits.2. Include keywords in the headline.3. Clearly state the call to action.4. Test multiple creatives by Ad Group.
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 4.) Track Resultsn Tight integration with Google Analyticsn Track revenue earned per keyword. n Locate highly profitable words. n Locate unprofitable words.
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 5.) Revisen Good Adwords campaign management requires frequent revision.n Monitor results closely to control spending/ maximize earnings.
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 PPC Best Practicesn Quality Scoren 10 Ways to Maximize your Budgetn 5 Ad Writing Tips
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544Quality Score
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 What is Quality Score?Quality Score - An algorithm used in the Pay PerClick advertising platforms for ranking the relevancyof landing pages to their corresponding PPCadvertisements and keywords. Higher quality scoresindicate a stronger correlation - thus giving thecustomer what they are searching for.
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544Components of Quality Score1. Click-through Rate. Landing Page Quality2. Ad/Keyword Relevancy. 15%3. Landing Page 1. Relevancy Keyword Relevancy 25% Click Through Rate (CTR) 60% 2. User Experience 3. Loading Time
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-154410 WaysTo Maximize your Budget
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-154410 Ways to Maximize your Budget 1. Track Conversions
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-154410 Ways to Maximize your Budget 2. Separate Search from Content Network
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-154410 Ways to Maximize your Budget 3. Separate Desktop from Mobile
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-154410 Ways to Maximize your Budget 4. Use Broad Match Sparingly
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 Match Type Will Match... Matching Examples Words anywhere in phrase What is broad match? Misspellings Broad Match Broad matches are easy. Pluralizations Generic match Synonyms The exact phrase anywhere What is phrase match? “Phrase Match” in the search query Phrase match is more specific [Exact Match] Only the exact search query. exact match Words with “+” in front must exist somewhere in the search What is a Modified search broad query?+Modified +Broad query, or a close variant Modified broads are new. (misspelling, etc.). Will not match synonyms.
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-154410 Ways to Maximize your Budget 5. Use Geolocation Targeting
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-154410 Ways to Maximize your Budget 6. Create Negative Keyword Lists
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 Negative Keyword Examples Penny Pinchers Job Seekers Researchers DIY• free • career • about • craft• discount • careers • definition • crafts• discounted • employment • diagram • create• cheap • hiring • history • hand made• clearance • intern • what are • how to• inexpensive • interns • what is • make • internship • making • internships • job • jobs
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-154410 Ways to Maximize your Budget 7. Provide Relevant Target URLs.
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-154410 Ways to Maximize your Budget 8. Take Advantage of Site Links
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-154410 Ways to Maximize your Budget9. Take Advantage of Site Extensions by Linking your Account with other Google Products
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544http://www.google.com/intl/en_us/products/submit.html
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544http://www.google.com/places
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-154410 Ways to Maximize your Budget 10. Don’t Always Target Position #1
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544Courtesy of Marketing Centricity
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-15445 Ad Writing Tips
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544Analysis of Adwords Ad
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-15445 Ad Writing Tips 1. Include a Call to Action
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-15445 Ad Writing Tips2. Experiment with Dynamic Keyword Insertion
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544{KeyWord:Title Case Keyword}{Keyword:First caps keyword}{keyword:lower case keyword}
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-15445 Ad Writing Tips 3. Use of Punctuation
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 5 Ad Writing Tips4. Experiment with different offers/ benefits.
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 Offer/Benefit Examples1. Free Shipping2. Rush Shipping3. Unlimited Warranty4. Quality Guarantees5. Low Price Guarantees6. 20% Off
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-15445 Ad Writing Tips5. Use Display URLs effectively.
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544yourdomain.com/Keyword-Here
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544 Conclusionn A well organized PPC campaign may be an effective means of increasing business.n Use in conjuction with other marketing efforts, including email marketing and organic search engine optimization.
    • hello@wojodesign.com (989) 750-1544Questions?hello@wojodesign.com