Wheelchair occupant restraint systems


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Wheelchair occupant restraint systems :- http://www.safehaven-usa.com/wheelchair_occupant_restraints.htm

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Wheelchair occupant restraint systems

  1. 1. Wheelchair Occupant Restraint Systems
  2. 2. Wheelchair Occupant Restraints • Safe Haven’s 40 years of experience designing and fabricating wheelchair tiedown systems makes us your logical choice when choosing the wheelchair occupant restraint system that will work as a system with your Safe Haven wheelchair securement straps. • Offering wide variety in Wheelchair occupant restraints and Wheelchair occupant restraint systems which are compatible with every wheelchair accessible vehicle. • SafeHaven products are always easy in use and easy in installation. Manufacturing from many years.
  3. 3. Occupant Restraint Systems Three Types of Wheelchair Restraints to Secure Wheelchair. •Tie-downs: Tie-downs are used to keep a wheelchair in place while the vehicle is in motion. • Manual Restraints: These restraints require attaching the restraints to the wheelchair and then manually tightening them to provide a secure and safe ride with the wheelchair. • Electric Locking Systems: These are excellent devices that provide the best in safety, dependability, and convenience.
  4. 4. Wheelchair Restraints for Handicap Vans • These restraints provide additional protection while handicap vans are in motion. • This provides the best possible security for the wheelchair occupant. • For the safety of all persons in the handicap van, quality restraints should be used to secure a wheelchair that is stored inside the van, or one that is occupied while moving.
  5. 5. Occupant Restraint Systems Occupant Restraint Systems provide a wide range of options, allowing you to select the products that are best suited for the needs of each user and the layout of each vehicle. Lap Belts Shoulder Belts Integrated Combination Belts Occupant Restraint Accessories
  6. 6. Lap belts are available with floor attachment fittings that include L-track fittings, hooks that snap into the rings of our wheelchair securement straps equipped with the Tie Back rings, coupler links that attach to the housing of our retractable Wheelchair tie downs, or anchor plates that can be secured to a floor section not already having floor anchorage.
  7. 7. Wheelchair Occupant Restraint Systems •Safe Haven seat belt extenders can be custom made to work with your Safe Haven occupant restraint system. Seat belt extenders provide additional lap belt length when required. • The Buckle Mast is a recent innovation and offered only through Safe Haven. Our Seat Belt buckle mast is a ridgid mast that holds the seat belt buckle up off the floor in a position where the wheelchair bound passenger can attach the lap belt with out any aid. • Safe Haven Wheelchair Occupant Restraint systems meet the standards set forth by FMVSS 209,. 302 & SAE J2249 standards.
  8. 8. Wheelchair Occupant Restraint Systems Tie backs have snap hook ends to connect D-ring. Includes extra female buckle for shoulder strap. Overall length is 80".
  9. 9. For More Detail About The Wheelchair Occupant Restraint Systems CALL ON 1-800-421-8700 OR Visit Safehaven-Usa.Com