Nrf13 brasil varejo vencendo em um mundo com menos paredes


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Nrf13 brasil varejo vencendo em um mundo com menos paredes

  1. 1. 14/01/2013 TEARING DOWN THE WALLS: Winning in a “wall-less” retail world PRESENTED BY: Bryan Gildenberg Chief Knowledge Officer, Kantar Retail Anne Zybowski Vice President, Kantar Retail Miguel Almeida Vice President eCommerce, Walgreens AGENDA • Tearing Down the Walls • Winning in a “Wall‐less” Retail World  • In‐Depth: Walgreens Omni‐channel Strategy2 Macro, Shopper, & Information Forces Execution: I ran out of room or I couldn’t do it Macro Forces Shopper Information ROI: I want  to carry  more, but  I’ve run out  of cash3 Source: Kantar Retail analysis 1
  2. 2. 14/01/2013 Brand Positioning Falls into 4 Families: 4Es Must become broader than SKUs & categories sold These quadrants reflect strategies more  so than channels,  though store size  obviously correlates  quite strongly with  strategy here4 Source: Kantar Retail analysis Fast Forward 50 Years… New Efficiency Amazon tears down walls of the store Macro Forces Shopper Information Execution:  Technology and transportation  change the art of the possible  ROI: Jeff  Bezos unpacks the  power of  unlimited  non‐physical  assortment5 Source: Kantar Retail analysis With Digital Retail Driving Change….  Boundaries again get dramatically altered Dynamic pricing,  limited inventory,  alternative  revenue streams6 Source: Kantar Retail analysis 2
  3. 3. 14/01/2013 None of the 4Es Positionings Can Fend Off New economics & efficiencies of post‐modern landscape RETAIL’S FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM TO SOLVE IS NO LONGER ABOUT WHAT SKUS AND CATEGORIES I SELL It’s about Must understanding the need states retail remove was using SKUs and categories to the walls! optimize… and finding new positioning7 Source: Kantar Retail analysis Rebuilding Value Proposition Without Walls Need to rebrand these ideas around concepts that stretch beyond the store (or retail)8 Source: Kantar Retail analysis AGENDA • Tearing Down the Walls • Winning in a “Wall‐less” Retail World  • In‐Depth: Walgreens Omni‐channel Strategy9 3
  4. 4. 14/01/2013 Creating New Shopper Moments: 4 Capability Clusters10 Source: Kantar Retail analysis Small is Not Necessarily Convenient “These are big box experts trying to  drive a small box solution through  efficiency. These stores are actually the  polar opposite of convenience” Confectionery supplier after visiting  Tesco Express & Sainsbury’s Local,  March 201211 Source: Kantar Retail analysis Convenience: Improving the NOW Balancing 4 factors  Ease and Speed Quick In /Out One‐Stop Shop Impulse Stock Up Immediate Planned Easy Access Familiar All four factors are present at all times – different retailers balance them differently; the mix defines the store model12 Source: Kantar Retail analysis 4
  5. 5. 14/01/2013 NOW Format Innovation: Click & Collect France is leading the way “We have the ambition to make the largest e‐ commerce business in France” Ludovic Duprez, co‐founder13 Source: Kantar Retail analysis, quote from Lineares 2009 NOW: Everyone is a Convenience Store Key skills to look for Differentiated and Focused Stores: • smaller, more convenient, more local, more memorable Multi‐channel: • your best retailer will be engaging your shoppers digitally as well as physically Manage Shoppers Time: • either by making the store experience more efficient, or so absorbing that the  shopper feels the time is well spent • It better be faster, easier – or a LOT more fun14 Source: Kantar Retail analysis Experience is Not Just About Pretty Stores Experience must have a purpose: closing the sale15 Source: Kantar Retail analysis and store photos 5
  6. 6. 14/01/2013 Experience – Part of the WOW Key skills to look for Retailers That Deliver on Experience: • will make the visit more compelling than a website is easy Ability to Execute: • reliably, efficiently, from shelf condition to checkout – in stock and visible on  shelf On Trend: • literally, having the Right Stuff is still vital16 Source: Kantar Retail analysis Right: Local Market Sensitivity & Loyalty Know thy Shopper Block‐by‐Block Analysis  Tesco studies shopping patterns and preferences of  individual neighbourhoods to have the ability to appeal to  local consumers. Tesco offers product mixes and price  ranges that are aligned with local neighbourhoods.17 Source: Kantar Retail analysis; store visitsRight: Engaging Shoppers Via Store Experience Not your typical store loyalty BrandZ: Diagnosis of Bonding Ranked by importance of attribute in category18 Source: Kantar Retail analysis and store visits; BrandZ 6
  7. 7. 14/01/2013 Loyalty: Getting it RIGHT for the Right Shopper Key skills to look for Know and Engage Their shoppers: • whether analytical or intuitive, this is key to all else Collaborative: • Getting the supplier community engaged and aligned is a skill that  attracts investment, and leverages the best of both sides of the desk Masters of Their Own Brand: • the clarity of the brand determines the ability to make decisions19 Source: Kantar Retail analysis Shoppers Actively Creating Own Value Deal‐Seeking and Limiting Will Continue Participation in Shopping Behavior Changes (among primary household shoppers) Plan for  Behavior Changes In Recession 2012 Type of Behavior Taking advantage of good sales/deals 41% 54% Deal‐Seeking Buying only things I truly need 40% 52% Limiting Using more coupons 34% 48% Deal‐Seeking Buying fewer things 33% 42% Limiting Doing more price comparisons before purchasing 33% 38% Deal‐Seeking Shopping less often 31% 34% Limiting Using/keeping items longer before replacing 20% 30% Limiting Buying only items needed in the near term 23% 28% Limiting Shopping more at discount/value retailers 22% 28% Trading‐Down Postponing more purchases 28% 25% Limiting Buying less expensive versions of products 27% 24% Trading‐Down Buying fewer luxury items 35% 24% Limiting Buying more store brands vs. national brands 26% 22% Trading‐Down Trading down to less-expensive brands na 16% Trading‐Down Shopping online for more things na 13% Moving Online Shopping online more often na 12% Moving Online Using smart phone to compare prices while in stores na 6% Deal‐Seeking Switching some purchasing to "auto-replenishment" programs na 1% Moving Online20 Source: Kantar Retail ShopperScape®, February 2010 and October 2011Smart: Harder with a Well‐Informed Shopper Role of in‐store education & experts V21 Source: Kantar Retail analysis & store visits 7
  8. 8. 14/01/2013 Smart: Everyone is a Value Retailer Key skills to look for A Clear Value Perception: • whether price based or based on something beyond price, a retailer must be  worth something Masters of Promotion: • effective marketing that distinguishes the retailer, supports their brand, and is  worth your investment Financially Competent: • It is hard to imagine a retailer who can deliver value without a keen management  of their own finances – either through efficiency (ASDA), cost and margin control  (Tesco), or a better business model (Costco)22 Source: Kantar Retail analysis Must Master All 4 Capability Clusters One is insufficient23 Source: Kantar Retail analysis AGENDA • Tearing Down the Walls • Winning in a “Wall‐less” Retail World  • In‐Depth: Walgreens Omni‐channel Strategy24 8
  9. 9. 14/01/2013 Omni-channel strategy Miguel Almeida Vice-President, eCommerce January 13th, 2013A company founded in 1901With $72B of revenue in 2012 32 9
  10. 10. 14/01/2013 Featured in Jim Collins books With a long history of innovation Stand-alone Pharmacies stores with Multiple Opened linked by drive-thru language First satellite pharmacies Rx labels Take Care 1981 1992 2002 2006 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 1950 1968 1991 1999 2005 2010Self-service First with Point-of-sale Prescription Online Refill by stores child-resistant scanning history online digital photo scan containers In the next 3 years, over half of all retail sales will happen online or be influenced by online channel 3,799 US Online and Web-Influenced Retail Sales 3,636 3,478 ($ Billions) 3,313 3,155 2,977 1,812 1,780 1,771 Non-Web 1,741 1,723 Influenced 1,672 Retail Sales Web Influenced Retail Sales Online Retail Sales 202 226 252 278 304 327 US online and web 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 influenced as a % of total retail sales 44% 45% 47% 49% 51% 52% Source: Forrester Research (June 2012) 10
  11. 11. 14/01/2013 Customers are connecting with brands and retailers differently More than 50% of mobile phones are now smartphones Tablet ownership reached 19% of adult population68% of online adults have a facebook account ; including over 50% of adults over age 68 56% of social networkers have liked, followed or became fan of a brand, product or company We engage with millions of customers via our online properties and channels Web Mobile Social 6,600,000 3,200,000 42,000,000 visits per week visits per week reached per week Our multi-channel customers are more valuable Average annual spend, Average Annual Spend per Customer Source: EDW, eComm Analysis in $USD 2011 6X 4X ($) 3.5X Store ONLY Store Store Store + + + ONLINE ONLINE MOBILE + MOBILE 11
  12. 12. 14/01/2013 What omni-channel means for us Our Strategy Give our customer …Whatever she wants …Wherever she wants …Whenever she wants The Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow of What, When, and Where 24 hour pharmacy Pharmacy Photo 8,000 stores Worksite pharmacies One hour photo What Product reviews Where Take Care Clinics When Daily Living Drive-Thru 5-7 day shipping Kiosk yesterday “where we were” The Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow of What, When, and Where Auto-ReOrder Contact Lenses In store mapping Immunizations 1 hour web pickup Creative Photo Products 8,000 stores 24 hour pharmacy Pharmacy Photo Worksite pharmacies One hour photoPharmacy Chat What Product reviews Where Take Care Clinics When Drive-Thru Daily Living 80,000 new products Mobile Kiosk 1-2 Day Shipping Prestige Beauty Tablet today “where we are” 12
  13. 13. 14/01/2013 The Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow of What, When, and Where Consumer Health Tools Personalized Content International Auto-ReOrder Contact Lenses In store mapping Immuniations 1 hour web pickup Creative Photo Products 8,000 stores 24 hour pharmacy Pharmacy Photo Worksite pharmacies One hour photoPharmacy Chat What Product reviews Where Drive-Thru Take Care Clinics When Daily Living 80,000 new products 1-2 Day Shipping Mobile Kiosk Prestige Beauty Tablet Same Day Home Delivery Boots Private Label Site to Store tomorrow “where we’ll be” Our Team Success in Omni-Channel requires achieving best in class experiences both online and offline Offline Online Convenience of great locations Extensive product assortment Strong and relevant product selection Personalized offers Customer “Well” experience Fast shipping User experience Omni-Channel Seamless integration across all channels Several fulfillment options to meet all customer needs Omni-channel marketing messages 13
  14. 14. 14/01/2013 We have been remodeling our stores …building best in class ecommerce capabilities… …and innovating in social, local and mobileSocial Local Mobile >2MM in-store Top 10 Facebook Fans mapping mobile shopping app >100K Exclusive Twitter Followers Foursquare Refill by scan partnershipNative Facebook Passbook QuickPrintsApps for Photos Geofencing 14
  15. 15. 14/01/2013 While seamlessly connecting our physical and digital channels In Store Web Pickup Shopping Same Day Home Site to Store Delivery eCommerce Commercial The challengesPricing modelsTechnology & OperationsChannel conflict 15
  16. 16. 14/01/2013 The key learningsBe user centricTest & learnInnovate across the value chain “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”. - Albert Einstein - Thank You. 16
  17. 17. 14/01/2013PRESENTED BY:Bryan GildenbergChief Knowledge Officer, Kantar Miguel Almeida Vice President eCommerce, Walgreens Miguel.Almeida@walgreens.comAnne ZybowskiVice President, Kantar 17