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TMI iPad Presentation for ITHS
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TMI iPad Presentation for ITHS


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. IPad2 care and feeding Jeff Branzburg Romana BertolottiTeaching Matters, Inc.
  • 2. Register the iPad• power on• plug it in• Follow on screen instructions• Use your DOE email address• Use your school address
  • 3. DOE Wifi• SSID• password• Proxy •
  • 4. DOE Email
  • 5. Working with the Home Screen• Rearranging icons • tap, hold, drag• Creating folders • tap, hold, drag icon on top of another icon• Close app • double tap Home, tap and hold icon in bottom row, click red minus sign• Delete app • tap and hold icon, click x in upper right corner• Home button • tap to return to home screen, double tap to access list of all open apps, from home screen tap to access search
  • 6. Keyboard shortcuts• tap and hold: • Comma for apostrophe • vowels • y, s, l, z, c, n
  • 7. Gestures
  • 8. Native Apps• Native Apps • Safari • Mail • Photos • YouTube • Notes • Maps • iPod • Calendar
  • 9. The App Store• Free apps• Paid apps• Educational apps
  • 10. Books• iBooks• Kindle• Nook• Google Books• Freebies!
  • 11. Camera• Photos• Videos• FaceTime
  • 12. SnapGrades•
  • 13. Add SnapGrades to Home Screen
  • 14. iPad as a Teacher Productivity Tool• iWorks ($)• Quickoffice Connect ($)• Documents to Go ($)
  • 15. Useful Utilities• DropBox - Share files between devices, Make a public folder• EverNote - Capture text, web page clippings, photos, screen shots, voice memos• Dragon Dictation - Speech recognition, Send to email, SMS, etc• QuickVoice - fast audio recording
  • 16. Collaboration Sources• (blocked!)•••
  • 17. Find My iPad• To setup Find My iPad, tap the settings icon on your iPad 2.• Tap on Mail, contacts and Calendars.• Add a MobileMe account.• Enter your Apple user ID, the same one you use to buy in iTunes. If you do not have an account the tool will walk you through creating one for free.• Verify your email by clicking on the link Apple sends you.• Go back to the MobileMe screen in Settings, and click the switch to “ON”
  • 18. PassCode• Tap Settings.• Choose Passcode Lock form the right side menu.• Tap turn Passcode on.• Enter a 4 digit Passcode that you will remember, ,but not something as simple as 1234. For help, use the letters to spell out a four letter word.• Enter the Passcode a second time to verify.• Choose how long you want the iPad 2 to wait before the Passcode turns on and locks the device.• When you turn your iPad on next, you will be prompted to enter your Passcode.
  • 19. Lockscreen Message• Open the iPad Notes app.• Type a short message with your phone number and email including reward info.• Take a screenshot of it by holding the power button and home button at the same time.• Open the Photo app.• Open the screenshot you just took.• Tap on the image, choose the action icon in the upper right.• Choose “Use as Wallpaper.”• Zoom in or out and move the image until it is where you want it to be.• Tap “Use as Lockscreen.”
  • 20. Teach with your iPad•
  • 21. Accessibility• VoiceOver: Apple’s gesture based screen reader• Zoom: Which provides full screen magnification up to 500%• White on Black: reverses the screen for higher contrast• {Settings --> General --> Accessibility}
  • 22. iPad + Velcro = and Velcro
  • 23. Some iPad Resources• iPad and Velcro• Palm Beach County iPad Pilot Project http://• IEar Education Apps Review• IPads in Education iPad_in_Education/Welcome.html• Teach with your iPad http://• iPad Schools
  • 24. Stylus (optional)○The iPad requires a stylus onethat reproduces the electricalqualities of your finger ■ the Pogo Sketch stylus is priced at $14.95 ■ make your own http:// v=4YE8rGuLCtU ■ Use a pen, some metal foil, and Scotch tape.
  • 25. Hints• Lock screen orientation
  • 26. Hints• Tap to scroll back to top of page
  • 27. Hints• Close programs running in the background by double tapping the home key. Hold your finger down on the app youd like to close until it starts wiggling. Then tap the red minus icon to close.
  • 28. Hints• Press the home button from any screen to jump directly to your main screen. Press it again to go to Spotlight search, which is universal search of your phone.
  • 29. Hints• Take a screen shot by pressing the home button and power button at the same time. Youll see a flash and your shot will be saved in the Photos app.
  • 30. Hints• If an app freezes on you and wont close, reboot your iPhone by holding down the home key and power button for about six seconds until you see the Apple logo again.