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Lean Startup for Entreprise Innovation. Jumpstart innovation through customer empathy, rapid experimentation and data-informed innovation.

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  • search (measure progress/decisions (SUCCESSion metrics, list below)Agile Engineering/DevelopmentDesignThinking /Customer (support experiments, legal, branding, etc.)
  • . Pick one small team, YOUR TEAM, and get started.(hack-a-thon type event to exposure (share the positive results after)
  • AME Innovation Summit

    1. 1. Lean Intrapreneurs Lean Startup for the Enterprise Brant Cooper Author, The Lean Entrepreneur Partner, Moves the Needle
    2. 2. Myth of the Startup Visionary Eureka! $ BuildLaunch Success!
    3. 3. Myth of Corporate Innovation Eureka! $ BuildLaunch Dead Pool! Idea Laundry List Exec Team Culls Bus Unit Mkt Reearch ROI Pitch Dead Pool
    4. 4. What are the Two Questions that Kill Disruptive Innovation? What’s the ROI? When will I see it?
    5. 5. The Innovation Continuum Known Unknown Execute Search $ Learning
    6. 6. “Old School” Innovation The Lab in the Wilderness • Scientists creating new technology • Separate from core business • Mythical “visionary” selectively invests Innovation never sees light of day
    7. 7. “New School” Innovation Turn Business into a Startup • Open floor plan makes room for Scooters • Pizzas, free cola and nerf guns • Innovation as marketing buzzword Core business adversely affected
    8. 8. Lean Intrapreneur “Local” experiments Big experiments Customer co-creation Customer empathy Data informs ROI Data informs new opp Eliminate Waste Executing Eliminate Waste Learning
    9. 9. Landing Page Test
    10. 10. The Mechanical Turk
    11. 11. Sell it First
    12. 12. Preventing Core Asset Abuse HR Poor resource allocation Abuse of free time Employees misallocated Marketing “Experiments” tarnish brand Funnel disruption Legal Credit card abuse Non- compliant T&Cs Sales Disrupt current activity Damage relationship Support Phone lines light up Broken links
    13. 13. (0) Tech Innovation (1) Segment Passion (2) Scalable Business Model (3) Leverage Core Assets 4 Phases of Startup [Measuring progress]
    14. 14. Intrapreneurship Mindset • Allocate resources to search • Senior Executives know how to lead search • Teams have the ability to do it • Corporate Support Systems in Place • Culture (HR, employee willing, etc.)
    15. 15. In Spirit of Lean Startup – GO! • Start small from the bottom up • Make it harmless and fun • Expose to senior executives • Get a few teams doing it (both product and functional) • Update your Capabilities, Systems & Culture Answer: Apply lean to your innovation process!
    16. 16. Thank You! Lean Intrapreneurs Brant Cooper Moves the Needle @brantcooper Slides:
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