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Teacher Orientation
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Teacher Orientation


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Brief orientation specifically for new teachers.

Brief orientation specifically for new teachers.

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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  • 1. Media Center Orientation 2008-09 Welcome CCMS! CCMS Library Media Center Brenda Branson, Media Specialist Magaly Thalacker, Assistant
  • 2. Resources Available
    • Fiction, nonfiction, and reference
    • Reference titles, periodicals, newspapers in the DISCUS Database
    • Professional Collection
    • Jackdaws
    • Discover Magazines
    • Videos and audiobooks
    • Print magazines
    • Magazines via DISCUS
  • 3. Equipment You’ll Find Available
    • Digital cameras
    • Book binding machine
    • Laminating machine – in workroom
    • Flip digital video cameras
    • Flash drives
    • Laptop mobile lab
    • CD Players
    • 35 mm camera
    • Document cameras
    • Portable screen
    • Scanner – computer
    • Listening centers
  • 4. Services we can provide:
    • ETV/ITV playback
    • United Streaming video/image database
    • DISCUS – online reference library
    • How to:
      • Create a Photostory
      • Record a Podcast
      • Create a blog
      • Set up a videoconference
      • Add photos to our Flickr account
      • Create a Wiki or add to ours
  • 5. More ways we can serve:
    • Storytelling sessions that coordinate with your lessons
    • “ Booktalking” new titles or curriculum related titles
    • Information seeking skills/research based
    • Recommending curriculum related books and media
    • Designing webquests
    • Integrating various Web 2.0 software
  • 6. Our Expectations for You
    • We have important info to share with you – check our blog and read our emails for updates and announcements!
    • Ask for help if you need it!
    • Schedule classes in advance – this helps us better prepare materials and information for your students, even if you’re doing the instruction.
  • 7. Our Expectations for All Users
    • Food and drink are not permitted at the computer stations. Please help us enforce this policy.
    • Please continue the great job you have done of taking care of our media center!
    • Push in chairs and throw any trash before you go---this helps us prepare our library for use during the next period.
    • We love conversation, but use a voice that is respectful to the needs of other library patrons.
  • 8. Student Policies and Procedures
    • Our library hours are 7:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.
    • We are open at recess to students who have obtained lunch passes from the media center. Students may come to work on academic assignments or to read quietly.
    • Students are welcome any time during the day in small groups with a signed pass from their teacher.
  • 9. FYI: Student Policies and Procedures
    • Students may check out up to two books of THEIR CHOICE for a two week loan period. They may check out additional books for a class assignment.
    • Students may not check out books if they owe fines or have overdue books.
    • Use of computers for academic assignments takes priority over all other computer use if scheduled in advance; students are expected to follow all rules of the CSD Acceptable Use Policy.
    • Students are expected to leave all computer settings as they are including desktop background, screensavers and desktop icons. Only library faculty may make changes.
    • Students should sign in for all media center visits unless they are part of a scheduled class.
  • 10. FYI: Student Policies and Procedures
    • Students may print black and white copies if required for an assignment.
    • Our printers are not equipped to print class handouts. We cannot allow students to print class sets of handouts for presentations.
    • Color copying is not offered at this time due to expense.
  • 11. Student Privileges
    • Students are welcome to talk and converse as long as they do so in a manner that does not disrupt library activities or distract other students.
    • Puzzles and board games are available for students to enjoy during non-scheduled class time.
    • Students do not need a pass to visit the library in the morning or after school to exchange books or work on an assignment, but should always check with the media specialist in advance if planning to stay after school.
  • 12. CCMS Library 2.0
    • Our blog:
    • School library webpage:
    • Wiki Sequels Site – popular books and their sequels:
  • 13. CCMS Library 2.0
    • Flickr
    • CCMS Pathfinders – helpful websites related to curriculum topics:
  • 14. Again, Welcome to CCMS!
    • Please let us know how we can help you!
    • We look forward to working with you during 2008-09!