Yosemite National Park Tour

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  • 1. Madison K., Ellie B., & Brittany J.
  • 2. Yosemite National Park Our first stop is Lower Yosemite Falls. Our second stop is Merced River. Mirror Lake is our third stop. Our fourth and final stop is Half Dome.
  • 3. Yosemite Tour We will be touring Lower Yosemite Falls, Merced River, Mirror Lake, and Half Dome.
  • 4. Lower Yosemite Falls The elevation is 5,000 ft. We will be here for two days.
  • 5. Lower Yosemite Falls On the first day we are going to hike around the falls. On the second day we are stopping at the Yosemite village to tour it on the way to Merced River.
  • 6. Lower Yosemite FallsFlora & Fauna Physical Features When we are in Lower  When we are at Yosemite Falls we will Lower Yosemite see rainbow trout, and grizzly bears. Falls we will see We will see snow paint caves and and black waterfalls. cottonwoods.
  • 7. Lower Yosemite Falls-Merced River We will use our four wheel drive vehicle to get from Lower Yosemite Falls to Merced River.
  • 8. Merced River Our second stop is Merced River and we will be there for 3 days. The elevation of Merced River is 4,000 feet.
  • 9. Merced River Day one we are going rock climbing. The second day we are going jet ski to the group camp. The third day we are camping then packing up to go to Mirror Lake.
  • 10. Merced RiverFlora & Fauna Physical Features When we are at Merced River  We will see a river and large we will see ducks and bald boulders. eagles. We will see Aspen grove and red bud trees.
  • 11. Merced River- Mirror Lake We are horse back riding from the group camp in Merced River to Mirror Lake.
  • 12. Mirror LakeOur 3rd stop is Mirror Lake and we would be there for 2 days.Mirror Lake is 4,000 feet high.
  • 13. Mirror Lake The first day we are at Mirror Lake we are going golfing at a resort. The second day we are going rafting on the lake.
  • 14. Mirror LakeFlora & Fauna Physical Features We will see mule deer and  The physical features are night hunting owls. lakes and it is an Alpine Zone. They have pasque flowers and Purple Loosestrife.
  • 15. Mirror Lake- Half Dome From Mirror Lake to Half Dome we are taking our helicopter.
  • 16. Half DomeWe will be at Half Dome for 2 days.The elevation of Half Dome is 8,842 feet.
  • 17. Half Dome The first day we are mountain climbing. Then the second day we are going hang gliding.
  • 18. Half DomeFlora & Fauna Physical Features We will see soaring hawks.  Half Dome has many There are Mallard plants mountain ranges and and pine trees. woodland zone.
  • 19. Sources Yosemite National Park –David Peterson Google Images www.nps.gov
  • 20. Yosemite National Park TourThank you for coming along with us on our tour! THE END