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Noah k and collin h nicaragua


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  • 1. “The land of many mountains and volcano’s”By: Noah K. and Collin H.
  • 2.  Religion- Roman Catholic Founding Date- 1522 Official Language- Spanish Life Expectancy- Male: 66 / Female: 71 Their flag colors are “Blue andWhite” Currency- Cordobas (C$) or Peso’s and insome places U.S. dollars and credit cardsare excepted. Shoreline- 1,040 kilometers (Km)
  • 3.  The RepublicGovernment is lead by Presidents. President’s are elected for a single six year term. In 1987, the Nicaraguan constitution organizes the government into three independentcountries. The “Judicial System” consists of several levels of a legal system based on a civil law. The Legislative branch is a composure of a one-chamber National Assembly. The National Assembly means that representatives are elected for six years.
  • 4.  Nicaragua is mainly an agriculture type ofcountry. They have lots of land and are devoted tocoffee. Cotton is one of Nicaragua’s major export’s. The cotton industry has decreased nowbecause it caused soil to erosion andpollution from the pesticides within thecotton. Bananas are grown in the northern and thewestern part of Nicaragua.
  • 5.  Current Population- 5,869,859 people 63% of the population are classified as“Urban Inhabitants”. 70% of people identify themselves as“Mestizos” which means people of Spanishand Indian descent. Race- 9% Black, 17% White, and 5% Indian Most Nicaraguan’s are poor 5,400,00 people speak Spanish inNicaragua.
  • 6.  The Spanish arrived in Nicaragua in 1519 In 1524, the Spanish begun growing crops in therich soils of “Lake Nicaragua’s” shore. “Leon and Granda” fought to be the capital ofNicaragua, but no one won so they choseManaguaas as the capital. Nicaragua became fully independent in 1838. The American Army surprised attacked Nicaragua. WilliamWalker was Nicaragua’s first president. In 1912, Nicaragua restored peace with the UnitedStates.
  • 7. o Nicaragua is 49,998 square mileso Nicaragua’s highest elevation point is “Piko Mogoton” with theelevation of 6,913 feet.o Nicaragua is slightly larger than NewYork.o It has many mountains and volcano’s over its vast land.o Nicaragua borders Honduras to it’s north, the Caribbean Sea to it’seast, Costa Rica to it’s south, and the Pacific Ocean on it’s west.o Nicaragua has many volcanoes within it’s borderso Nicaragua’s most active volcano is “Cerro Negro”.
  • 8.  The average temperature in Nicaragua is80 F all year Nicaragua’s greatest annual precipitation is297 inches and it’s lowest is 46 inches Warm, moist trade winds sweep acrossNicaragua’s lowlands and east mountains. Nicaragua’s rainy season goes from May toOctober. In Nicaragua’s rainy season, it rains in theafternoons usually or in the evening. High temperatures or high humidity canmake it uncomfortable in Nicaragua.
  • 9.  The typical meal in Nicaragua is eggs ormeat, beans and rice, a salad, tortillas, andsome fruit. Some other food that people in Nicaraguahave in their typical meal are Bajo-beef, plantains and cassava. Also, vigoron-cassava, pork skins, and coleslaw. For a beverage they have a drink called“Tiste” which is made from caco and maize.
  • 10.
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