Ally, Grace california!!
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Ally, Grace california!!






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Ally, Grace california!! Presentation Transcript

  • 1. California!!By: Gracie V. and Ally C.
  • 2. General Information!•The nickname is “The Goldenstate.”•Capital of California isSacramento.•This state entered the Union onSeptember 9, 1850; the 31ststate.•The state song is, “I Love You,California.”•The state bird is the Californiavalley quail.•State animal is the Grizzly bear.•The state marine mammal is thegray whale.•The state flower is the GoldenPoppy.•The state mineral is Native Gold.
  • 3. Animals!Although theCalifornia GrizzlyBear is extinct, it stillis the state animal.The Kangaroo Ratis one of manyanimals that callsCalifornia theirhome.California Gray fox.California cougar.
  • 4. Weather!!Hot and drysummers!Rainy or semi rainywinters!Every year, CresentCity gets 80 inchesof rain. San Diegoonly receives 10inches of rain eachyear. In 1913, DeathValley set a recordon the hottesttemperature in thewhole U.S. whichwas 134 degrees.
  • 5. History!When the Europeans came toCalifornia, 300,000 Natives hadalready inhabited the area. TheNatives from years and yearsago have populated the areaaround 10,000 years andmaybe more. The Natives hadmore than 100 differentlanguages and dialects. Afterthe Mexican war, the GoldRush began. In 1852, about $80million of gold had beenmined.
  • 6. Population!In California, the totalpopulation is 33,871,648people. 49.8% of the state aremales, and 50.2% are females.13% of Americans live inCalifornia. Hispanics make up25.8% of the state. Much of thepopulation are born in countriessuch as Mexico, Germany,United Kingdom, and Korea.55% of the residents were bornout of state!
  • 7. Tourism!Fisherman’s wharf is apopular tour site. Walt Disney Concert Hall inLos Angeles is a great site! Square! state capitol!
  • 8. Sports!Many sports occur inCalifornia which include:Surfing, volleyball,basketball, sail boating,skiing, bobsled and manymore!
  • 9. Famous People!•Tiger (Eldrick) Woods- professional golfer!•Marilyn Monroe- actress!•Michelle Kwan- figure skating champion!•Joe DiMaggio- baseball player!•Richard M. Nixon- 37th president!
  • 10. • Picture – Sacramento , California• Picture- Golden Poppy• Picture- Grizzly bear•• Picture- California gray fox• Picture- kangaroo rat• Picture- Californian cougar• Picture-sun• Picture-rain•• Picture- beach volleyball• Picture-TigerWoods• Picture-sailboat• Picture-surfer• Picture- basketball• Picture- Richard M. Nixon• Picture-Joe DiMaggio• Picture- MarilynMonroe• Picture- Michelle Kwan
  • 11. capitolWalt Disney Concert HallGhirardelli Square