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  • Engaging in Greener Now business practices and publicizing those practices can attract both employees and customers.Recycling at work is straightforward- if a good system gets in place it’s easy to implement and maintain.Customers prefer to do business with companies that behave in an environmentally-friendly way.Recycling often reduces clutter and improves the working environment. Less clutter also means increased safety at the workplace.Recycling at work helps reduce the environmental impact of your business. Employee satisfaction is heightened, because employees find pride in working for a company that embodies environmental values.Cost effective, simply because it is often cheaper when compared with general waste management and disposal.
  • The average office worker in the US uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. That's 4 million tons of copy paper used annually. Office workers in the US generate approximately 2 pounds of paper and paperboard products every day. (Reference URL: takes 10 liters of water to produce 1 sheet of paper
  • Of all the participants in our survey merely 8% of males (13 out of 166) and 13% of females (24 out of 188) said they will actively seek out a recycling bin.
  • Brandon McGuire Eco. App.

    1. 1. 11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    2. 2. Focus: Eco.• Ecological (• The study of the harmful effects of modern civilization on the environment• Also the view toward prevention or reversal through preservation of the environment• A.K.A Environmentalism11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    3. 3. Purpose & Highlights• “For a Better an Better Tomorrow”• For the American public• Make better choices• To help recycle• Cut down on harmful waste materials• Better one self and the world• While still having fun on your phone• Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    4. 4. Why?• We all have an ecological responsibility• Help preserve the ozone and environment• 1 recycled can = 3 hours of TV• 2003 the U.S. saved enough energy by recycling cans to run 162 billion hours of TV, or about 25 hours of TV for every man, woman and child on Earth.• article/6911/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    5. 5. Why DON’T You Recycle?No room InconvenientIt stinks! AngryDon’t Care! No recycling bins Lazy11/7/2012 Recycling is full Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    6. 6. Benefits of Recycling• Thousands of U.S. companies have saved millions of dollars through their voluntary recycling programs.• Enhances company image• Recycling is easy to do• Recycling increases customer loyalty• Recycling saves space and reduces clutter• Recycling is great for the environment• Increases employee morale• Recycling is cost effective11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    7. 7. Recycling Statistics• Only 66% of the office paper in the United States is recycled. (Soure: EPA)• The average aluminum can contains 40% post consumer aluminum. (Source: EPA)• In 2007, only 6.8% of the plastic generated was recycled. (Source:• 8 out of 10 plastic water bottles become landfill waste. (Source: EPA)11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    8. 8. If a recycling bin is not readilyavailable, I will always seek one out in order to recycle paper, glass or plastic.25 % Males 40% Females11/7/2012 Agree Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    9. 9. Which gender recycles more? 0% 0% Males 41% Females 59% Recycling Footage11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    10. 10. How ?• Your customizable wallpaper with live current tracking position.• Always know where the recycling bins are – Public Trash, Recycling Plants, bottle collectors etc.• Stores and restaurants stared based on their products and how they recycle• Best places to dispose of raw and other hazardous materials – List of nearest recycling plants11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    11. 11. Current Tracking Position11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    12. 12. Layout Stars => Based on how stores recycle Trashcans => Where recycling bins are available11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    13. 13. Layout• Use the Menu button• Find places to dispose of raw materials• Find the best stores/restaurants that recycle• Add Eco App as a live wallpaper – Allowing you to see nearest recycling bins11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    14. 14. Goals & Me• To better the world, by bettering our own selves• Helping environment by more people recycling• Ultimate Goal: Get the American public to all recycle• Become an entirelyrecyclable communityas a whole11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    15. 15. Development Environment• Using app to make aware of the recycling needs, by showing the bins on live wallpaper• Finding places to dispose of raw materials – Computers, batteries, paints, oils, etc.• What stores recycle there waste better – Star rating system, out of 5 stars• Download App from Google Play Store11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    16. 16. Execution Environment• The American Nation• Free App• Propose to: – Recycling Plants – Environmentalists – Government, to help increase awareness of the importance of recycling – Other Companies & Organizations11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    17. 17. References•• /2012/02/29/john-stossel-illegal-everything-awarded-5-out-of-5-stars-from-the-agora-telegraph-a-must-see/&docid=Lc32lTYi23I3CM&imgurl= content/uploads/2012/02/5- stars.jpg&w=2741&h=577&ei=zQ2YUNHXB4jU0gGo_YDgAg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=208&vpy=253&dur=572&hovh=92&hovw=439&tx=352&ty=3sig=109089182390213452512&sqi=2&p age=1&tbnh=40&tbnw=188&start=0&ndsp=11&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:0,i:106•• &docid=iwK2apyFk1wzsM&imgurl= info1.jpg&w=337&h=288&ei=FRWYUMuIPLG40QGm2YDIBg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=109&vpy=338&dur=607&hovh=207&hovw=242&tx=140&ty=83&sig=1090891823902134525 12&page=1&tbnh=140&tbnw=164&start=0&ndsp=24&ved=1t:429,r:6,s:0,i:156•• Baker, Samantha. "Talking Trash: the Influence of Gender and Social Class on Recycling." (2008). DigiTool Main Menu. Florida State University. Web. <>.Abstract- Focuses on the relationship of gender and social classes• Berger, Ida E. "The Demographics of Recycling and the Structure of Environmental Behavior."Sage Journals Online 29.4 (1997): 515-31. Environment and Behavior. Web. <>.Abstract- Signifies the changing world and the increasing awareness that people have on the environment.• Bettie, Julie. "Women without Class: Girls, Race and Identity." University of California Press. Web.Abstract- Helps provide insight on our hypothesis about why women may recycle more than men.• Muller, M., and A. Schienberg. "Gender and Urban Waste Management." GDRC | The Global Development Research Center. Web. <>.Abstract- Detailed description of who recycles and gender influences.• Oates, Caroline J., and Seoniadh McDonald. "Recycling and the Domestic Division of Labour."Recycling and the Domestic Division of Labour 40.3. Sociology. Web. <>.Abstract- Helps us understand how essential recycling at home.• "Recycling Motivation A Look at the Factors Shaping Recycling Habits, Psychology -" College Term Papers - Free College Term Papers, Research Papers Essays, & Book Reports. <>.Abstract- Detailed account of what factors cause us to recycle.11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App
    18. 18. Research and Design for Video• Sample Size- 150• Age Group- 18-27, 28-40, 41+• Gender – 75 males 75 females• (25 surveyors in each age group)• Location-cities/towns in Rhode Island• Survey consisted of quantitative and qualitative data11/7/2012 Brandon McGuire, Eco App