How to Make Money Online PDF


Published on In this how to make money online pdf you will learn how to make money online with unique and revolutionary program, probably the best and easy program on the planet.
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How to Make Money Online PDF

  1. 1. How To Make Money With JBP – JustBeenPaid (JBP) ReviewIf you are like most people, you have dreams of a better future. This mayinclude doing something more satisfying than your current job, earning moremoney, living in a bigger house in a better neighborhood, being able to sendyour children to college, driving a nicer car, going on vacation more often, etc.If your current situation is not as good as the future you desire, its most likelynot your fault. Like most people, you may have been raised by your parents,and educated in school, so you would "fit in." You have been "saddled withlimitations." If anything has been holding you back, you now have theopportunity to "break free!"
  2. 2. What You Can Get After You Sign Up JBP members will be able to enjoy a complete "Resource & Solution Center for IndividualSuccess," assisting in the improvement of every aspect of life, both monetary and personal, in newand unique ways.• You can make money with JustBeenPaid starting today for FREE (By registeringwith JustBeenPaid you will get FREE 10 $ loan to start earning today)• Generous Referral Commissions (if you do sponsor people, you can earn a great deal. Theypay 10% on the first level and 5% on the second.). You can get 10 % commissions from yourreferral and 5% commissions from your referral’s referral from JSS – Tripler positions theybuy• No sponsoring required (you can earn a fulltime income without ever having to sponsoranyone!)• You get paid every day and you can withdraw money anytime• You will discover something positive happening every day• Powerful easy to use system• System that is indefinitely sustainable• Live Support (professional team to provide customer support, product development,and improving systems)• Daily web conference• Daily Withdrawals (You can request withdrawals at any time. They are paid daily, usuallywithin 24-36 hours.)• Million Dollar Challenge (JBP offer a $1 million award to anyone who can find amathematical flaw in this system that would prevent this program from being indefinitelysustainable)• Strong Growth (In terms of traffic, is among the top 320 worldwide. To getan idea of how popular this site is in various parts of the world, access Alexa Traffic Chart forJustBeenPaid (Click "Traffic Stats" and "Reach."). Check out the list of countries on this chart byclicking "More" under "Country." Alexa Traffic Chart for JustBeenPaid Take action today and enjoy more freedom tomorrow!
  3. 3. How JustBeenPaid (JBP) Works JBP is also an umbrella program for two main subprograms: JSS – Tripler and JSS program. The way JSS Tripler works is that you buy JSS Tripler positions ($10 worth) paying you 2% perweekdays and 1,5 % per Saturday and Sunday until they mature after 81 days. This means that youwill get 150 % of your initial investment after 81 days in total. Example1. If you invest $100 to buy 10 JSS – Tripler positions, you will get $150 after 81 days.But it’s not the end of your earnings potential. For every 4 JSS Tripler positions you get 1 JSS matrix position which is a $20position and 2 by 2 (2*2) matrix, meaning that under your matrix position there are 6slots. Two on the first level and four on the second level. When these slots are filled by JSSpositions from other members and from you, you will get paid $60.Esentialy there are two ways of earning in JBP. The first is to buy JSS Tripler positions or to findothers who will buy JSS Tripler positions. Click on the link bellow to sign up with JBP JBP Sign Up Access
  4. 4. What makes this system indefinitely sustainable?JSS – Tripler program, JSS Sinergy program and Restart Feature makes this program indefinitely sustainable.Its very important to appreciate that when most high return programs reach a point where their cashflow becomes negative, the owners simply run with the money and the program disappears. Thishas been the history of most (if not all) of the high return programs. Having a "Restart Feature"shows JBP determination to continue to serve their JBP members and show that the JSS-Tripler/JSS-Matrix combination really is Indefinitely Sustainable.The Restart will take place every few months (probably every 3 to 6 months, or when ever itsdeemed necessary). After participating in a Restart, your JSS-Tripler earnings will be reducedinitially... However, your JSS-Matrix positions will increase immediately (beyond what youwould normally be given if your JSS-Tripler positions expired naturally), earning you more laterby paying you rebates of $60 as each matrix fills and cycles.The conversion rate will vary according to a members account size and profits so far. This will bedecided by the JBP management (normally, from 10% up to 50% of any one account participatingin a Restart will be converted into JSS-Matrix positions).New members and those who are NOT in profit will not participate in an upcoming Restarts. During a Restart, you do NOT lose ANY money. It is simply transferred/converted into JSS-Matrixes.
  5. 5. A Few Words About Creator Of JustBeenPaid (JBP)Frederick Mann is the main designer of JustBeenPaid (JBP) and he is glad to be able to provide youwith the means to become a Successful Online Moneymaker! He has an extensive background asauthor and entrepreneur who has been involved in several successful businesses, and it appears thathe is also mathematical genius who created this program which is probably the best indefinitelysustainable program for making money on the planet. His purpose is to provide all JBP members tobecome financial free and to become more successful in all areas of their life’s.His greatest achievement is finding a way to make a high-return program indefinitelysustainable. Over the years, there have been thousands of high-return programs. Typically their fatehas been that at some point the program owners "run with the money" and the program disappears.Members then lose whatever they had in the program before it disappears. As far as I know, he isthe only one who has solved this problem. Make no mistake - JBP is NOT "just another HYIP" Click on the link bellow to sign up with JBP JBP Sign Up Access
  6. 6. The Necessary StepsSTEP 1. Complete the sign up process• Sign up with your gmail addressAfter submitting the initial sign-up form, open your email inbox and look for a confirmationmessage and click on the link you get in that email. New window will be opened and in thatwindow click on the link Proceed with my registration. Enter your password. Check theMembership Agreement box and then click on Submit button. Save you member details. Thesecond message will be sent containing your membership details. Allow your web-browser to saveyour password, then it will automatically enter your login details every time you visit thispage. Dont forget to add to your Contact list.STEP 2. Claim your free 10 $ loan and start earningLog in to your JustBeenPaid MEMBER AREA from the link you find in your JBP emails.Bookmark this page so you can find this page easily. When you click on the link for your JSSTripler account for the first time you will get message like: Congratulations! You have just received your first $10 to spend in JSS-Tripler!When you go for the first time in your JSS Tripler or JSS account once again you will need to checkmember agreement and confirm your memberships.STEP 3. By JSS Tripler position from your $10 loanRefresh the page to confirm the one JSS Tripler position has been processed. You will get an emailconfirming your position has been placed, usually within an hour. After receiving the email, logback into your member area. All JSS Tripler transactions will be showed at the bottom of yourFinancial page (scroll page down).STEP 4. Setup your payment processorsIts a good idea to have at least 2 payment processors and always use gmail addresses for a securityreasons.
  7. 7. STEP 5. Fund your main JSS accountFunds are deposited and withdrawn via your main JSS account. JSS is a short forJustBeenPaids Synergy Surf. Your balance will be shown on your JSS Financial page as well as onyour home page, as soon as your funds have been deposited. When your funds are in your JSSAccount, you can then transfer them instantly into your JSS-Tripler account and purchase JSS-Tripler positions.STEP 6. Transfer funds from JSS to JSS-Tripler and then purchase JSS-Tripler positionsSTEP 7. Access your free gift "Upgrade Your Brain"STEP 8. Upgrade/Renew to LEVEL 1 statusUpgrade to level 1 when your first 4 JSS Tripler positions mature. You can upgrade to level 1 bymaking payment from your main JSS account.STEP 9. How to access JBP Web Conferences and other helpful JBP pagesOn the home page, under HELP in the top left corner, youll find some very helpful links toJBP pages... On Web Conference page youll find everything you need to know about JBP WebConference, plus the access link. When logging into the conference room its important that you donot use your JBP member ID for security reasons. Simply use a name of your choice! Type yourcomments or questions here. Please be polite and patient and do not enter Non-JBP URLs. Allmembers are welcome to spend as much time here as they want. The longer you stay the more youwill learn about JBP! All JBP members can enter at anytime for FREE. Here youll find aselection of recorded web conferences. You can listen to these at your convenience by clicking onany play button.• Listen to JBP owner Frederick Mann, every Thursday night Click on the link bellow to sign up with JBP JBP Sign Up Access
  8. 8. Frequently Asked Questions And ComplaintsDo I need to make a payment for being JustBeenPaid member?** No. JBP is FREE to join. The company will actually loan you $10 just to start.I dont know anybody to promote the business to!**Thats OK, because you are not required to sponsor or recruit anyone in order to get paid.I dont want to sell anything!**Me neither. That’s why I love JBP, because you are not required to sell anything in order to getpaid.I dont feel comfortable giving up all my personal information!**I completely understand that, but all that is required to be member of JBP is your full name andemail address e-mail). Thats it.I dont have any time to work the business!**Well then you will be happy to know that it literally takes less than a five minutes per day towork the business. Metter of fact, even if you don’t login all day you can still earn money with JBP.I dont have a computer!**Thats fine. Does you cell phone has an internet access? You can work your business throughyour cell phone. You can also use some public computer, like in internet cafe or public library.How old do you have to be to join JBP? **There is no age limit for being a member of JBP, but in order to access your money, you willhave to set up an account with a payment processor or money exchanger. Most payment processorsand exchangers require you to be at least 18 years old. However, if you are between the ages of 13to 17 years old, you can open an account with Solid Trust Pay having limited access.Is the company a Ponzi scheme?No. Even though JBP has similar traits to other HYIPs (High Yield Investment Program), due to theJSS Tripler, JSS matrix program and Restart feature JBP is indefinitely sustainable.
  9. 9. What is the legitimacy of company?**JBP has a US patent for all of their programs. Their products are e-books that focus on SuccessTraining. There are many reviews and testimonials from members who have claimed that they havebeen paid by JBP.Can I only work the business in certain locations? What if I move to a location where thecompany doesnt exist?**Well, you dont have to worry about that, because JBP is an international company with worldwide access. So as long as you can be online you can work the business. Well there you have it. This is a true "NO BRAINER" because you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain! Click on the link bellow to sign up with JBP JBP Sign Up Access And dont worry, you can thanks me later. :) Because as soon as you join, I will contact you and give you my skype username, so I can help you and guide through this program in more personal manner. Best wishes! Branko Zecevic