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Weather article

  1. 1. Name: ___________________ # _____ Date: ____________________February 22, 2011 Current Event: Weather Article, 3rd Grade This week you will be looking for a current event that is about how the weather could beaffecting our community or some other part of the world. The story you choose can be abouthow the weather has been affecting Benicia or some of the cities nearby, or even how theweather is affecting somewhere else in the world. Remember to choose a story that is no morethan 2 weeks old. Although local newspapers are great for finding information about thingsgoing on close to where we live, you may want to choose a larger and more widely knownnewspaper like The New York Times for stories about places further away. Many newspapershave online versions that they update daily if you do not subscribe to a newspaper. Anothergreat place to look is the public library. They subscribe to many different newspapers and alsohave internet access available. After you have chosen your story complete the form on the back of this page to helpyou organize your thoughts. Your writing will need to include a summary of the article or story,explain why the article is important or who it will affect, and tell about why you chose this story.After filling in the organizer on the back, you will need to rewrite your information into twoseparate paragraphs. One paragraph for your summary, and another paragraph for yourother information. Your final copy should be written in ink or typed. Have fun and happycurrent event hunting!Remember: • A summary is a paragraph that includes only the main details of the article. Only include the information that is the most important and leave out the smaller details. • The story or article you choose must be current! You cannot choose a story that is more than 2 weeks old. • Your current events are due Friday. When you turn them in they should include a completed back page, the article or story / information about the news program, and a final copy of your information that is written in ink or typed. • Have a parent proofread your writing to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. • Your organizer is your rough draft. You do not have to write a rough draft after filling in the organizer if you don’t want to.
  2. 2. Name of Newspaper or Other Source: ______________________________________________Date of Article or Story: ___________________________________________________________Title of Article or Story: ___________________________________________________________Summary (remember to just include the main points!): __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can attach another sheet of paper if you need more space.Why was this story important and who will it affect the most? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Why did this story interest you? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • Make sure a parent or other adult proofreads your work before you do your final copy!