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Bird habitat report
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Bird habitat report



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  • 1. Name: _________________ # _______ Birds and Their Habitats Report Due: October 15, 2013 Assignment Explanation Check Off 1. Choose one type of bird. Any type of bird is fine. Consider some of the unusual types that live in habitats different from many others. Consider: Woodpecker, Hummingbirds, Pelicans, Flamingos, Cactus Wrens, or Toucan. 2. Research your bird. Visit the city library, read books, read science magazines, watch a DVD, look on the internet. 3. Write one to two pages of information. You may handwrite it very neatly in ink or type it on the computer. Information to include: description of bird, habitat, lifecycle, diet, uses to people. 4. Include an original drawing of your bird in its natural habitat. Use color and add detail to your picture. I like your artwork the best! 5. Include a map showing where your bird lives. You can highlight an area on a world map, or draw a map of your own. 6. Present your report in a folder. Decorate the folder in the theme of the report and include the title and your name. 7. Include a title page. When the cover is opened, this page will show the title, your name, grade, school, and date. 8. Include a bibliography. List some of the resources you used to research your report. Put this page at the back of your report. (Over Please)
  • 2. All reports will be shared in class, so make sure that you are an expert on your bird! You may make a poster to use with your presentation if you want, but it is not required. Neatness, quality of information, creative presentation, knowledge of written material, and all requirements completed = A Please look over your child’s work before turning it in to check for spelling errors and neatness. If you have questions please ask!