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Andrea Bruce
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Andrea Bruce


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Powerpoint: Andrea Bruce

Powerpoint: Andrea Bruce

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Bio
    • Andrea Bruce (formerly Andrea Bruce Woodall)
    • Freelance photographer who has worked for The Concord Monitor and The Washington Post
    • Has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in photojournalism and was named “Photographer of the Year” by the White House Press Photographers Association three times.
    • Graduated from the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • 3.
    • “ People have an immediate reaction to photos – empathy. It’s the most simple and powerful way to tell a story.”
    • Andrea Bruce Woodall, on why she chose to be a photojournalist instead of a reporter.
    -Faffe, Harry. “Bullets and Bombs Are All in a Days Shooting.” Washingtonian. 2004.
  • 4.
    • Ingushetia is one of Russia's poorest and most restive regions. The ongoing military conflict in neighboring Chechnya has spilled into Ingushetia, and the republic has been destabilized by corruption and a number of high-profile crimes.
    • © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 5. Ingushetia
  • 6. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 7. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 8. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 9. Iraq: Seven Years of War
  • 10. BAGHDAD, IRAQ. A US Marine loses his calm while capturing suspected Syrian fighters in April 2003. (photo by Andrea Bruce/The Washington Post)
  • 11. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 12. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 13. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 14. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 15. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 16. In War’s Wake: Prostitution in Iraq
  • 17. BAGHDAD, IRAQ. Lit by an oil lamp, Halla prepares herself for the night. Widowed in the initial days of the Iraq war, she turned to prostitution to support her family. (photo by Andrea Bruce/The Washington Post)
  • 18. BAGHDAD, IRAQ. Halla entertains a customer in her Baghdad apartment. (photo by Andrea Bruce/The Washington Post)
  • 19. BAGHDAD, IRAQ 2003. Halla gets a kiss from her son Iaad Hameed, 4, while her two year-old drinks from a bottle. Halla’s husband, the father of her two children, was killed in the violence surrounding Baghdad during the initial days of the U.S. invasion in Iraq. (photo by Andrea Bruce/The Washington Post)
  • 20. The Widows of Varanasi
  • 21. In India, hundreds of widows populate the city of Varanasi--most live in charity homes. Many are homeless. They are left in this holyHindu city after their husbands are cremated on the Ganges River. They exist in the shadows of daily life--going unnoticed--and are expected to devote the remainder of their lives to the memory of their husbands, without whom, according to their traditions, life loses meaning. (September 2005) © Andrea Bruce
  • 22. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 23. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 24. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 25. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 26. Kashmir Earthquake
  • 27. Over 86,000 people died and 3 million people were left homeless by the earthquake that shook the Pakistani and Indian regions of Kashmir. Preoccupied by the news of other natural disasters, the international community was slow to respond to the 7.6 magnitude earthquake. Harsh winter conditions and mountain landslides hampered relief efforts in many areas. Survivors from remote villages hiked for days, carrying injured and dead family members to the Pakistani town of Balakot where helicopters eventually arrived to airlift people to better medical facilities. (October, 2005) © Andrea Bruce
  • 28. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 29. © Andrea Bruce Woodall
  • 30.  
  • 31.  
  • 32. “ I love my job—whether I'm home in the US or abroad. But the main reason I do this is to spread empathy among our readers in the US. I want people here to have an interest and a connection to people from very different cultures, religions and geographies. Traveling abroad as a photojournalist allows me to do this.” -Andrea Bruce Woodall