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The BRIT Awards: Successfully Orchestrating a Social Media Campaign

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World-leading content creation and design agency Somethin’ Else used Brandwatch Analytics to manage, segment and monitor millions of mentions for the biggest event in the UK music calendar, The BRIT …

World-leading content creation and design agency Somethin’ Else used Brandwatch Analytics to manage, segment and monitor millions of mentions for the biggest event in the UK music calendar, The BRIT Awards.

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  • 1. Case Study/ Somethin’ Else Using Brandwatch Analytics to successfully manage the social campaign for a world renowned music event
  • 2. Headquarters: London, England Audience: Brands, Broadcasters & Content Publishers Industry: Content design and creation agency. Website: www.somethinelse.com Services: Somethin’ Else create things millions of people watch, listen to and play with every day on their computers, radios, devices and televisions. Brandwatch services: Social Media Monitoring, Social Analytics Creating content that sings Somethin’ Else, a content, design and creation company, specializes in both talent management and original content across games, interactivity, radio and TV. The organization designs and creates content for the way the world works now - things millions of people watch, listen to and play with every day. They work with clients around the world including Channel 4, Virgin, Red Bull and Porsche. Somethin’ Else were tasked with cultivating all video, online and social content for the BRITs 2014, with a key target audience of 16-35 year olds. The BRITs are a pop music awards ceremony, the British equivalent of the American Grammy’s, held annually in London. The awards are broadcast live on TV and radio. The BRITs 2014 were no exception. On the night of the awards ceremony the appearance of One Direction, not once but twice on stage saw conversation on social channels skyrocket to intergalactic volumes. The biggest spike came when a certain Harry Styles, the housewives’ favourite, failed to make it to the stage on time to accept their first award. Harry was otherwise engaged in the bathroom leaving his four other bandmates to accept the award in his absence. Using an agile social strategy, Somethin’ Else were able to quickly tailor content to react to events as they unfolded on the night. We’re living in a world where consumers demand quality content. We want to be inspired, and engaged with in more creative, original and convenient mediums, and meeting those demands can be challenging. Sounding out success The best creative agency in the world could produce a groundbreaking piece of content, but unless you can prove or demonstrate the value that content generated, what is the point? Results are the trophies everyone wants to win. Somethin’ Else had three main objectives they needed to deliver on, all centered around social media and engagement. • Increase engagement on social channels and The BRITs official Facebook and Twitter pages • Increase number of followers on all social channels. • Increase and encourage use of official #BRITs2014 We know the 16-35 year old demographic are the most active online so getting the content in front of them isn’t the hard part. The challenge is getting the audience to engage, respond, share and comment on the hard work crafted by Somethin Else. In order to achieve its three main objectives Somethin’ Else would need to measure and monitor the performance of the content. Managing content around such a popular event and with such an active audience demanded the analytical power of an advanced social listening platform. The BRITs, as a live, televised event was always going to see high levels of conversation, across multiple social channels. Keeping track of that volume of conversation and being able to monitor across all sources required a powerful analytics product. Somethin’ Else chose Brandwatch Analytics as their monitoring, listening and analytics platform for the duration of the project. Somethin’ Else: A BAFTA Award winning content agency Key Results/ Case Study/ Somethin’ Else At a Glance/ Somethin’ Else Background/ Challenge/ • Increased the number of followers on the @BRITAwards account by 49% in just 7 days • Generated over 1 million audience interactions from 284 tweets posted on the day of the event • Tracked and helped inspire over 4 million online mentions of the awards, including 2.3m uses of the official #BRITs2014 hashtag Increased followers by in 7 days 49%
  • 3. Case Study/ Somethin’ Else Successfully orchestrating a social media campaign/ Using Brandwatch Analytics, Somethin’ Else were able to monitor the success of the campaign from start to finish. The Facebook and Twitter Channels feature allowed the organization to track their owned media channels and the performance of content over time. The intelligence gleaned from Brandwatch also enabled Somethin’ Else to react, in real-time, to conversation as it happened, ensuring that The BRITs media presence on their social channels was in tune with activity happening on the night. Somethin’ Else were also able to identify, using the Brandwatch Channels feature, how The BRITs community had grown over the duration of the project and how positively they responded to the campaign. This in-depth owned media analysis, alongside the earned media analysis Brandwatch also monitors, gave Somethin’ Else a greater understanding of the campaign‘s success, helping to prove the ROI of their social activities. Following the evening ceremony, Somethin’ Else, using Brandwatch Analytics, were able to easily identify which tweets and hashtags used on the night had the most impact and were the most effective. Solution/ Fine Tuning Fans Creating wonderful content isn’t going to win many hearts unless you have someone and somewhere to share it. Growing and nurturing an online community requires dedication, hard work and platinum content. Somethin’ Else had terrific success developing the @BRITAwards Twitter following. Somethin’ Else were able to increase the number of followers on the @BRITAwards account by 49% in just 7 days, securing over 350,000 followers by the end of the ceremony. This was a colossal increase (Fig 1). Encouraging an Echo Somethin’ Else creates content people watch, listen to and play with. Their work wins awards and this year they were winners of the BAFTA for Production Company of the Year. They are content-creating connoisseurs. The content published for The BRITs generated over 1 million audience interactions from 284 tweets posted on the day of the event, including 708,885 RTs and 577,329 @mentions. The most successful tweets on the night of the awards ceremony contained either a picture or Vine, proving that rich media content drives significant levels of engagement. Managing the Masses The BRITs is a huge event: the biggest music awards ceremony in the UK. The show saw performances from Beyonce, Katy Perry and the Arctic Monkeys. Somethin’ Else capitalized on the popularity of the event with rich content-driven activity alongside an agile social media presence on the night. This combination yielded impressive results. Using Brandwatch Analytics Somethin’ Else was able to track and helped to inspire over four million online mentions of the awards. The consistency of this approach saw the official hashtag #BRITs2014 used 2.3m times, meaning it was included in over half of all Twitter mentions of the awards. Summary The results and volume of activity on the night of The BRITs were truly impressive. Being able to manage, segment and monitor millions and millions of mentions would not have been possible without the most powerful monitoring product on the market. Brandwatch Analytics has enabled Somethin’ Else to represent the success of the campaign with impressive numbers. Results/ Harmonizing earned and owned media channels Fig. 3: Top Tweeters 19th FebFig. 2: Top Hashtags 19th Feb 0 27K 55K 82K 110K 137k 247K 278K 308K 340K 370K 401K 21 FEB20 FEB19 FEB18 FEB • NET Followers • Total Followers * Full twitter data captured post event 17 FEB16 FEB15 FEB Fig. 1: The work Somethin’ Else produced resonated with fans* Top Tweeters @britawards @onedirection @niallofficial @harry_styles @zaynmalik @real_liam_payne @louis_tomlinson @articmonkeys @elliegoulding @beyonce Top Hashtags #brits2014 #britsonedirection #bestfansintheworld #1d #brit #bestsongever #vo5music #britselliegoulding #britsjohnnewman #pricelesssurprises
  • 4. About/ Somethin’ Else Are a content design and creation company making things millions of people watch, listen to and play with every day. Games, radio, interactive content, brand solutions and talent management. Their team is 70 strong: producers, developers, agents and business people. By the numbers, they’d be the UK’s largest independent radio production company, and a significant digital agency — but they don’t think those terms capture their approach or ambition. For more information, please visit www.somethinelse.com Brandwatch Brandwatch is one of the world’s leading social media monitoring and analytics platforms. Its technology gathers millions of online conversations every day and provides clients with the tools to analyze them, enabling brands and agencies to make smarter, data-driven business decisions. The company has won awards for its technology and renowned corporate culture, and regularly wins accolades for its impressive growth. The Brandwatch platform is used by over 900 brands and agencies, including organizations such as Dell, PepsiCo, Whirlpool, Kellogg’s and British Airways. For more information, please visit www.brandwatch.com @brandwatch | Brandwatch Blog | Brandwatch Facebook Page