The Future of Social Intelligence


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The world of business is a rapidly shifting landscape.

The ever-increasing amount of human interactions and data flowing through social networks has increased visibility for brands and simplified brand research. Online ratings and review sites have gained significant prominence. Social networks have become a podium for brands. Businesses can use smart networks to access ingenious ideas and funding.

But how will these continuing changes affect businesses’ futures?

Slides by Will McInnes, Chief Marketing Officer,

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  • So what’s been great over the last day and a half is that we’ve heard great case studies about what’s happening now.

    Because of that, I am hoping to provoke your thinking about what might be coming next.

  • We have over 1000 clients
    We have over 200 staff
    Brandwatch was launched in 2007
    Located across 5 offices in 3 countries (Brighton, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Stuttgart).
    2013: Over 100% year on year growth
    Highest score in the Customers subcategory in Forrester Wave report on Enterprise Listening (based on customer satisfaction, customer base and churn)
    Highest rating for customer satisfaction in G2Crowd report, from reviews from verified LinkedIn members - 97 percent of users rated Brandwatch 4 or 5 stars
  • About me – digital, social, passionate about how all of this changes the whole world that we live in, and so wrote a book called Culture Shock.

  • Sometimes it’s good to think about what a word really means.
    I want to talk about intelligence.

    Unpacking that – ACQUIRE and APPLY
  • Isn’t it staggering how the world has changed in the past 20 years?
    Think about even the last 10 years.
  • I want to put our work here in context. I want to try and position what we do in the context of the world. A world being digitised, a world in flux,

    Think about the many world’s you sit across now, in parallell.
    Think about the networks and groups you are connected to.
    How they overlap
    Where they do and don’t connect.

    And within that, think about knowledge, about learning, about intelligence

    Where Education is being ipadded and new global political movements being networked.

    How many people have used Wikipedia this week?
  • How far we’ve come. Think about the knowledge now available to us.
    The vast power of the network.
    At our finger tips.
  • As my friend Tim said, ‘now that’s a scary family photo’.
    I talk about information being at our finger tips, but of course it’s soon going to be in front of our eyes.
    Soon we won’t stumble down the road staring at our hands, but instead drift distractedly across the street starting into the middle distance :-)
  • From: small groups / partial networks

    We’ve moved from a world where the information we could access came from either direct, ‘offline’ social neworks, or trusted expert sources.
    small group of peopl
  • To a world where vast pools of smart data are available to us.

    What about LinkedIn endorsements? Soon what people say about us will be more important than what we do.

    Complete strangers now inform some of the biggest decisions of your life.
  • From learning in classrooms like this (which is still incredibly fortunate if you live in rural India), where the further you are from the nation’s capital, the lower the quality of your teaching. Where the materials are dated. Where the teacher and the materials effectively throttled the available knowledge available to you.
    (MIT has 58m)

    Self-directed learning. Visual learning. Hundreds of millions of hours of learning consumed. Free. Online.
    You need a computer and an internet connection and a brain. From there it’s up to you.

    We are moving from a world of intelligence and learning that is JUST IN CASE to JUST IN TIME.
  • Confident in making my predictions. Social intelligence forecasting.
  • Moving from our intelligence and social media insight being from what happened.

    Yesterday’s fish and chips paper (fish and chips wrapped in newspaper) would be awesome actually for the British reference.
    Ditch titles throughout.

    It was disposable
    It was transient
    It was the past, a throwaway, gone.

    From: what happened
  • And the risk with looking at data of any kind, including retrospectively, is that we can spot patterns that don’t exist.
    Correlation is not causation.
    Otherwise all the US government needs to do to get more doctorates is encourage people to eat more mozzarrella cheese…
  • To what’s going to happen next?

    ‘Don’t skate to where the puck is, skate to where it’s going to be’

    what’s about to happen Intent to purchase
  • Brandwatch customer eg.

  • Signals Beta
  • From small pockets of social…
  • When phones first came out, only customer care had the phones.
    Could you imagine everyone else not having phones.

    Social is a medium, not a discipline.
  • And in the same way we’re seeing engagement being distributed, so too do we need the underlying intelligence to be better distributed.
  • From passive, inert data in our inboxes or reports that don’t quite get the attention they deserve.

    Isn’t it sad? All of that good work, not being applied.
  • To recognising the power of data when it gets into the right hands – good or bad.

    So that it’s so powerful, so potent, that people can’t help but be compelled to act on it.

    When the right (or wrong) intelligence gets into the right (or wrong”) hands, action follows.
  • Hence this move that we’re experiencing towards putting social data on walls, in operations centers and the C-suite, in people’s hands.
  • From focusing on what we know we don’t know.
  • From what we KNOW we don’t know to what we DON’T know we don’t know

    In our own analysis in 2013 we found 3.6%% of all conversation online is about brands.
    96% is about everything else.

    Tracy Bell’s ‘I love BRAND X but’ and ‘I hate BRAND X but’

    This same bank have two ads ready to go, and play one – see the reaction and then play the next one.
  • So that is where we are heading.

    So what would be a more outrageous future, after this next phase?
    Where are we heading after THAT?
  • The computing power in an iphone 5 is over 1000 times faster and has more than 250,000 storage than the computing power on the Apollo 11, when men landed on the moon.
    Moores law says this

    Brandwatch Phds

    Computing power stat about servers

  • What call to action?

    Haven’t figured this out yet!
  • The Future of Social Intelligence

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