How Sky News Arabia Uses Brandwatch [Case Study]


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Read this case study to learn how Sky News Arabia uses Brandwatch social monitoring & analytics. More info:

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How Sky News Arabia Uses Brandwatch [Case Study]

  1. 1. Case study/Sky News ArabiaSky News ArabiaTransforms SocialAnalytics into CompetitiveEdge and IncreasedEngagement
  2. 2. Founded: 2012Headquarters: Abu Dhabi, UAEAudience: Households across the MiddleEast and North Africa, andArabic-speaking viewers fromaround the worldIndustry: Media/BroadcastingWebsite: www.skynewsarabia.comServices: 24-hour rolling Arabic newsin HD quality via broadcast,online and mobileBrandwatch services: Social Media Monitoring& AnalysisThe Goal/Innovating News Coverage Within an Entrenched Media MarketLaunched in May 2012, Sky News Arabia provides an important voice in the Arab world by setting a new standard forfresh, fast and independent news.Through the full integration and delivery of news across broadcast, mobile, online and social media platforms, Sky News Arabiagives viewers the news they want, when they want, where and how they want it.To stand out from established competitors in the pan-Arab news market, Sky News Arabia has instituted a “sense-and-respond”news model—a strategy that capitalizes on multiple, varied online interaction points with the public to excel in three main areas:1. Fast coverage that is first to the air waves2. Credible, unbiased journalism that is well-conceived and innovative3. Content that is highly accessible and responsive to viewer needsThe Challenge/Applying Optimal Social Analytics to Arabic LanguageFor Sky News Arabia, the ability to “sense-and-respond” to viewers via social media is a critical component to increasingviewer-to-viewer engagement, and gaining extended market reach.According to management, social media presents one of the best means for understanding viewer behavior and interests, andbetter understanding how they perceive Sky News Arabia reporters and stories.“Do viewers see us as independent? Are we getting the stories right? We need to know these things to win over viewers,” saysFares Ghneim, Communications Manager at Sky News Arabia.To put it into practice, the Sky News Arabia team needed a social monitoring and analytics platform that could easily and quicklycapture and analyze social conversations.As an Arabic news outlet, Sky News Arabia is keenly aware that social media is growing at a phenomenal rate in its core markets.In fact, the Middle East region is second only to the United States in terms of the number of daily video uploads to YouTube.This compelled the news organization to focus on a social media monitoring solution with local Arabic language support. In addition,Sky News Arabia needed a solution that could track and measure the success of its own social media activities as part of overallsocial analysis.“Our challenge was to find a tool that really delivered two core pieces of functionality,” says Ghneim. “We wanted to measurehow viewers felt about our news coverage, and at the same time, analyze which of our types of posts and tweets generate thehighest engagement.”With that in mind, Sky News Arabia prioritized a list of key criteria to meet their requirements:• Full Arabic language capability for social monitoring and analytics• Broad listening capability across all social media channels relevant to Sky News Arabia• Deep analytics to help uncover viewer interests, dislikes, unanticipated trends, etc.• Streamlined and easy-to-use reporting to allow front-line managers to surface important findings quicklyGhneim and his team felt that a product with all these capabilities would be worth the investment, as the eventual gains in viewersatisfaction combined with the organization’s ability to provide the right mix of news outreach would far outweigh the cost.The Solution/High Value, Flexible Functionality and SpeedAfter evaluating several vendors, Sky News Arabia chose Brandwatch social monitoring and analytics.According to Ghneim, “Brandwatch is a very powerful, very versatile tool that gives us an enormous amount of options and flexibilityin measuring and evaluating our social media data. In short, the combination of the language support and the functionality, plussurprising value for the depth of capabilities, made Brandwatch a winner for Sky News Arabia.”Sky News Arabia:A News Organization on the RiseKeyBenefits/Case Study / Sky News ArabiaAt a Glance/• Increased viewership by thousandsper day by engaging and adaptingto viewers• Leveraged analytics insights to helpreporters apply social media practices• Gained competitive edge byestablishing relevance amongsocial/mobile viewers• Streamlined sense-and-respondoperations to remain the fastest sourceof news in the MENA region1000sof extra viewersper day
  3. 3. StreamliningOperationsTime is of the essence in the news world.Sky News Arabia takes full advantage ofBrandwatch to remain swift and to getquality coverage out fast.“Having data aggregated in one placemakes it much easier to analyze theinformation and to focus on what’simportant rather than spending timemanually collecting information,”says Ghneim.Since adopting the Brandwatch platform, Sky News Arabiahas achieved its initial social media goals and improvedin several key areas;Case Study / Sky News ArabiaObjective Measuresof PerceivedNews QualitySky News Arabia applies theBrandwatch data in creative ways toarrive at viewer satisfaction ratings.With unabashed goals of maintainingneutrality and credibility, the organizationhas appointed an independent EditorialAdvisory Committee that carefullyreviews Brandwatch analytics data tomeasure individual reporter performanceand organization-wide performanceregarding news accuracy, relevance,fairness, and other criteria. “The beautyof Brandwatch is that we feel the love orthe hate very quickly – instantly in fact.This gives a good measure of how ouroutput is received, so the digital world isnow a proxy for our broadcasts.”02 03“Our objective is to getthe news out first. If thatmeans a correspondentwho is in the middle of theaction tweets about theevent before he reportsabout it on air, then so be it,”Ghneim explained.More Effective andContinuous ViewerEngagementLeveraging Brandwatch, Sky NewsArabia can delve into the detailsbehind social media.Rather than simply counting volumes,such as “total tweets”, the organizationcan understand qualitative dynamicsbehind the numbers.Managers now understand which tweetsgenerate the highest buzz, which topicsget re-tweeted most frequently, and whodoes the re-tweeting.“This type of information allows us tolisten to our users and adapt what andhow we post on social media channels,”says Ghneim.05“Brandwatch helps uskeep an eye on whatthe others are doingto ensure that we remainahead of the game.”Ultimately, Sky News Arabia wantsto track and measure the successof all its social media activities.Multiple uses &benefits of BrandwatchSocial Analysis/04Quality Analysis ofSky News StaffReportingLeveraging Brandwatch to measure eachindividual reporter’s performance enablesmanagement to conduct qualityassessments on individual reporters andthe news reporting team as a whole.Says Ghneim, “The goal is not to be apoliceman, rather it is to make better useof social media across the board.”Through periodic reviews in whichreporters glean knowledge fromBrandwatch analytics, Sky News Arabiacan help its reporters continuouslyincorporate new best practices intotheir reporting and public interactions.For example, recently reporters havebeen trained about the impact oftweeting during live coverage of certainevent types.Quick-HitCompetitiveIntelligenceUtilizing keyword queries, Sky NewsArabia can track its key competitionand measure their relative socialmedia success and penetration.This is a significant advantage thatBrandwatch provides by enabling themto manage the data in one place.“Although we are the new kids on theblock, our use and integration of socialmedia into the news room is muchbetter than that of our competitors,”says Ghneim.01
  4. 4. About/Sky News ArabiaSky News Arabia is a 24-hour,Arabic-language rolling newschannel broadcasting in HD qualityfrom Abu Dhabi.A joint venture between Abu DhabiMedia Investment Corporation andthe UK’s BSkyB, the channel offersfresh, fast and independent newsacross multiple media platformsincluding live streaming of itsbroadcast on the internet and viadedicated mobile applications.Sky News Arabia operates 17 bureausin key cities across the region as wellas international bureaus in London andWashington DC. The channel alsodraws upon sister channel Sky News’global network of bureaus, ensuringcomprehensive coverage of regionaland international events.BrandwatchBrandwatch is a leading providerof social media monitoring andanalytics solutions.More than 700 global brands andagencies use Brandwatch, relying ona broad range of social coverage andhighly reliable, spam-free data tomonitor online conversations. As aresult, organizations can glean insightsaround their brand interests, conductmarket research, predict markettrends, and more actively engageinfluencers, customers and prospects.A global company, Brandwatchis headquartered in Brighton, UKand has offices in the United Statesand Germany.For more information, please | Brandwatch Blog | Brandwatch Facebook Page" The beauty of Brandwatchis that we feel the loveor the hate very quickly –instantly in fact. This givesa good measure of howour output is received, sothe digital world is fastbecoming a proxy forour broadcasts.”Fares GhneimCommunications ManagerSky News Arabia