PRO BTP Using social listening to get closer to its audience


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PRO BTP is one of the pension and insurance leaders in France, providing social welfare services to employees, self-employed, pensioners, apprentices and businesses in the construction and public buildings sector. PRO BTP offers services such as pensions, savings, healthcare, insurance, social action and vacation support to its 3.5 million members.

Download this case study to understand how PRO BTP, used social listening to get closer to their customers and:
- Increased customer satisfaction by quickly responding in an efficient and personalised way
- Used social insights to build a marketing strategy relevant to their audience
- Uncovered how they could be more visible in a competitive market

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PRO BTP Using social listening to get closer to its audience

  1. 1. Case Study/ PRO BTP Using social listening to get closer to its audience
  2. 2. Company: PRO BTP Headquarters: Paris, France Audience: Employees, self-employed, apprentices, retirees and businesses in the building and public works Industry: Social welfare services Website: Services: Health, pensions, contingency funds, savings, holidays, insurance Brandwatch Services: Social media monitoring and analysis Key Benefits • Improved online response time, turning frustrated customers into brand ambassadors. • Swiftly directed online comments to appropriate departments, streamlining internal processes. • Gained a better understanding of customers’ needs and produced effective and relevant content. Background At a Glance/ PRO BTP interacted on a case-by-case basis providing quick and relevant information agencies 114 Case Study/ PRO BTP The Goal Take control of its online reputation In 2012, PRO BTP realized its members were turning to social networks frequently to discuss their services. Wanting to ensure it was close to their members, the organization launched its own social accounts. Before long it transpired that just being present on these platforms was not enough — PRO BTP wanted to measure the impact it was having, as well as gain a better understanding of the conversation about it, so it could intelligently adapt its communication. After making use of reports produced by agencies, the group decided it needed to be more independent in order to make the most of social data. PRO BTP needed a monitoring platform that would be able to scan through millions of sources to: • automatically monitor relevant mentions on social media • analyse, segment and map all mentions • manage their online reputation by engaging directly with their clients With this in mind, PRO BTP discovered Brandwatch Analytics. “Brandwatch was the most intuitive tool we came across. The support provided by our dedicated account manager was invaluable in helping us set things up.” — Virginie Driot, Editorial Manager The Challenge Provide fast, personalized responses PRO BTP’s editorial team started using Brandwatch Analytics to gather and analyze social conversations about the brand on a daily basis. The team is now able to identify which mentions are comments about the company in general, or questions about a component of the company-wide range of services. They can route these to the right teams, and directly answer each of these enquiries. “We wanted to interact with each individual by providing bespoke and relevant information to help assist our members. Handling this much data without a social media monitoring platform would be a slow, tedious and potentially impossible task.” — Virginie Driot, Editorial Manager The Solution Bespoke support across the whole customer journey The editorial team made significant use of the Alerts functionality in Brandwatch Analytics. Every time PRO BTP is mentioned, directly or indirectly, in an online conversation, the team is alerted by email allowing them to respond directly to members as soon as possible — ideally within the hour. “Our system allows quick and personalized answers, thanks to an internal data validation process. We transfer the case to the relevant department when required so they can get directly in touch with the customer. This helps improve our online reputation and creates a dynamic and close relationship with our members.”— Virginie Driot, Editorial Manager Through the Alerts system, the team picked up on a negative conversation about one of the brand’s holiday resorts on Le Guide du Routard, a very popular French travel website. “One of our members was complaining about his stay on the travel guide’s forums. We managed to deal with this negative feedback in a few hours by speaking with him directly. We then arranged to meet him in a branch. By quickly addressing this customer’s feelings and working directly with him, we turned him from an unhappy customer to one of our most vocal brand ambassadors.”— Virginie Driot, Editorial Manager Case Study/ PRO BTP
  3. 3. Brandwatch Analytics offers a wide range of possibilities. Searches are customizable to create results specifically tailored to your business and interests. Case Study/ PRO BTP Granular topic analysis The digital team do far more than just responding to questions onsocial media. Using the Categories and Rules features in Brandwatch Analytics, PRO BTP can easily categorize mentions into the different sections of their services allowing them to get accurate information about each one of their products. PRO BTP can compare the share of voice for every different service of the company, understanding which topics or services are being talked about the most, by who and why. With that information, the company can identify which part of their activity needs more attention, information or promotion. Quickly sharing data across the organization Social media provide a huge amount of information and is a good indicator about the current status of the market. Insight from social data is valuable in places far beyond the editorial team. Different departments within the organization also make use of the metrics and reporting available in Brandwatch. According to the relevant business needs, the editorial team can create an account for any staff member, enabling them to consult real-time dashboards set up by the editorial team. “Weaimtoimproveourranking onsearchenginesbyutilising keywordsusedbyour members,andadaptingour strategyaccordingly.” Virginie Driot, Editorial Manager Monitoring the landscape PRO BTP operates within an extremely competitive industry. To stay ahead of the competition, the group uses Brandwatch to compare the share of voice for each of the companies operating in their market, but also compares page type conversation to uncover which websites its competitors are mentioned most frequently on. Benchmarking against a much-talked about competitor helps PRO BTP enhance its own online presence, and gives it a better understanding of the current market and its landscape. Another important part of social listening is to identify the most influential media outlets and members of the community for each service. The team is then able to utilize this knowledge to improve its visibility by being active where it matters, and growing a network of influencers. Social intelligence at the heart of a global strategy/ Adapting communication to the audience Community managers pay special attention not only to what is said but how it is said. The team dissects the tone and vocabulary used on social media to adapt its own communication in a way that resonates most strongly with its audience. By keeping track of trends, topics and naturally-occurring themes in the organic conversation, the brand can develop targeted, relevant marketing content. This tailor-made, hyper-relevant approach to communication positions PRO BTP as an expert among the community it is aiming to target. Virginie Driot and her team are not stopping there. They’re planning to use the insights gained from Brandwatch to progress in other areas, including SEO. Case Study/ PRO BTP
  4. 4. About/ @brandwatch | Brandwatch Blog | Brandwatch Facebook Page “Brandwatch Analytics allows us to assist our members in an unique and personal way, helping us transforming frustrated customers into vocal brand ambassadors.” Virginie Driot Editorial Manager PRO BTP One of the pension and supplementary leader insurance in France, PRO BTP provides social welfare services to employees, self-employed, pensioners, apprentices and businesses in the construction and public buildings sector. The group is equally managed by companies’ and employees’ representatives and invests all profits in social activities. PRO BTP rests upon a professional network of 114 branches and 170 mobile advisers supporting all of the group’s services: pension funds, savings, health, insurance, social action and vacation. PRO BTP counts 5000 associates, nearly 3.5 millions members and more than 200 000 subscribing businesses. For more information, please visit Brandwatch Brandwatch is the world’s leading social intelligence company. Its social media listening and analytics technology platform gathers millions of online conversations every day and provides users with the tools to analyze them, empowering brands and agencies to make smarter, data- driven business decisions. Acquiring social influencer analytics firm PeerIndex in December 2014, Brandwatch continues on its aggressive business trajectory following on its most recent round of venture funding to the tune of $22 million. The Brandwatch platform, ranked highest in customer satisfaction by G2Crowd in the Spring 2015 social media monitoring report, is used by over 1000 brands and agencies, including Cisco, Whole Foods, Whirlpool, British Airways, Sony Music, Papa John’s, and Dell. Brandwatch. Now You Know.